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    Leonard Pitts Blasted For Anti-White Bias
    News/Comment; Posted on: 2007-06-09 00:38:52 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    This is in response to the horrible "double standard" of Leonard Pitts' comments ("Tennessee case ugly in many ways," News, June 5) regarding two innocent victims murdered in Tennessee.

    By Curtis Maynard

    It amazes me that people like Leonard Pitts can turn this tragedy into such a race issue. How dare he say first of all, that white people are not oppressed? Personally, I am a single mother raising two minor children and I am not qualified to receive any free health care coverage. I have no health care at all. I am employed and working to raise my children, however, I have been told I do not qualify for health care, any food stamps or any type of assistance in the city of Chicago or for that matter from the state of Illinois. Whoever murdered these two young people should be penalized to the extreme. It is true that had it been an African American person murdered by "white" people, this would have been called a "hate crime" all over the news and the newspapers.

    I am appalled by Leonard Pitts who believes all "whites" have it so much easier and better than any other race in this country. This is an absolute lie! Our taxes pay for the system of welfare and health care coverage for all others and yet I who have survived ovarian tumors as well as breast tumors cannot get my necessary mammogram every three months as required because I cannot afford it. How dare he take the tragedy of these innocent victims and act as if every "white" person has it made.


    Remember Don Imus?

    Our readers are encouraged to contact the Miami Herald and demand the termination of Leonard Pitts.

    News Source: rense.com

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