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    Video: Gang Initiation Caught on Tape
    News; Posted on: 2007-06-08 17:46:25 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Mentally disabled European American dies after attack.

    To those who hate.

    The first part of my message is this: European Americans and their counterparts around the world are waking up. Hundreds of thousands of us are beginning to understand that you, the puppeteers of multiracialism have never been interested in "justice" or "equality" as you claim to. We've finally figured out that your goal all along is to marginalize our people overall; perhaps thoroughly wipe us out, giving us no other alternative but to merge with -- and eventually disappear into -- the great brown swamp of Third World biomass. No smokescreen legislation, intimidation, or sugar-coated propaganda can disguise your sick and hate distended faces. Certainly European Americans United understands that not everyone is in a position to confront your messianic social or political distortions. After all, people like politicians, university professors, and law enforcement personnel have careers to worry about and can’t reveal the obvious truth. They know how with no trouble they can be brought to their knees with your insidious influence over the mass media.

    I know you are convinced that America's founding people’s doom is a foregone conclusion. I know you would like to destroy European Americans of good will who actually have the "audacity" to organize on our own behalf without your consent. This, in spite of the fact, that millions upon millions of non-whites are given your hypocritical blessings to do just that.

    For the creation of our grand nation, our ancestors relinquished their tribal differences and intermarried: English and French, Irish and Italian, Swedish or German, Polish, Dutch all merged over the generations to produce the European American, an entity which has become the envy of the world. Unfortunately, you consider us to be your deadliest enemy. Admittedly, our activist people around the world including the United States, Europe, Australia and Canada have been in a state of dejection for quite some time now; your monolithic efforts have indeed paid off. But you already know the awakening is ongoing as more and more of us now understand what you -- the crooked lawmakers, corrupt cops, and “minority” advocacy groups -- are doing to us. We reject your religion of political correctness. We reject your charges of hate, we reject your lies. We are regaining our dynamism. Soon many of our people will help segue’ our nation into a place fit for real Men of the West. European Americans United has that very goal in mind.

    And by the way, the second part of my message to you is this: There is nothing you can do to stop us.

    Video Here

    News Source: Live Leak


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