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  • 22

    23 Dec.: Black Pack Attacks 13 Year Old, Breaks Facial Bones, Cause Blindness
    Political Correctness; Posted on: 2009-12-29 19:15:15 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Media's political correctness, complicity, run amok.

    (Note: 12-24: The CBS story by Christine Sloan has now been changed, with the victim being identified as "Hispanic" and the gang being identified as "diverse." See my discussion.)

    (Note 12-23 11:30 a.m. A reader has just told me that all the readers' comments at the CBS page have been removed. Fortunately I had copied most of them here yesterday. This is a further lesson that when we see something on the Web of an unusual nature, we should save or copy it.)

    The crime is reported(<here) by CBS News. Notice, with the exception of the headline, the low key manner of the story. This extreme attack took place, but there is zero description of it, except that they "beat up the eighth-grader leaving him severely injured, and he may even lose his sight," and they "jumped him." How were several bones broken in a 13 year old boy's face, requiring reconstructive surgery? How was a boy's eye injured so badly he may lose his sight? Did the attackers take turns holding the victim, David Muneton, while others kept punching him? Did they knock him to the ground and proceed to kick him in the head, in the usual black manner? The reporter, a blonde named Christine Sloan, tells us nothing. While the headline calls the attack "savage," the story treats it as an abstraction.

    Also notice how the strongest expression of outrage quoted in the article is, "He didn't deserve this"--as though there was any question that he deserved it--or as though, if David Muneton had intentionally hit a black girl with a basketball then he would have deserved being beaten to within an inch of his life.

    Meanwhile, race is not mentioned, neither that of the victim nor that of the assailants. The gang are certainly black, from the all-too familiar pattern of their behavior. David Muneton from the photograph of him appears to be white. But, again, except for the silent testimony of that photo, his and his attackers' race is a non-subject.

    Thus, unidentified and unremarked on by law authorities and the media, the black anti-white intifida continues. The comments following the story deal frankly with the racial nature of the crime, showing once again that the closest the truth about racial violence in the modern West gets to the mainstream media is in readers' comments posted after news articles. I have copied all the comments as of about an hour ago. They are strong and I have not edited them.


    News Source: vfr


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