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    Roy Beck's Advice for the Upcoming "Jobs Summit"
    General; Posted on: 2009-12-01 14:31:55 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Sign-up to be able to send out NumbersUSA faxes to your representatives letting them know how you feel about immigration.

    by Roy Beck of NumbersUSA

    Nobel-award winning economist Paul Krugman can't figure it out.

    So, I doubt that he or any of the other hot-shot business and academic experts at Pres. Obama's jobs summit Thursday will bring up the fact that hundreds of thousands additional Americans could be working a year from now by changing immigration quotas (FOR FREE).

    I'm just an humble former newspaperman, but if Obama had invited me, I would have made the suggestions shown below..


    But first, a word about Paul Krugman's myopia as displayed in his recent New York Times column.

    "Failure to act on unemployment isnít just cruel, itís short-sighted. So itís time for an emergency jobs program."
    -- Paul Krugman

    I agree entirely! This is an emergency. In an emergency, you consider suspending even things you love. And I don't care how much the President or Krugman love immigration, they need to set that love aside in favor of their greater love (and concern) for the 16 million Americans actively looking for a job who can't find even a part-time job.

    Krugman recommended a number of ways to drive the U-3 unemployment rate well below its current 10.2% level.

    "All of this would cost money, probably several hundred billion dollars, and raise the budget deficit in the short run."
    -- Paul Krugman

    But there is no other way, Krugman said.

    Well, there ARE other ways. I do not have the expertise to say whether any of Krugman's expensive proposals are a good idea.

    But I DO have the expertise to know that there other ways.

    I would offer Pres. Obama the same testimony I gave to the House of Representatives before Thanksgiving and tell him that he could make sure that hundreds of thousands of additional Americans could be working a year from now at zero or near-zero cost to the government, the taxpayers or the swelling deficits.

    All Congress has to do is cut immigration quotas. My suggestions would be virtually free to implement.

    In addition, I would recommend (as found at the beginning of my testimony below) some relatively inexpensive ways to drive millions of illegal aliens out of their jobs over the next few years. If my suggestions were followed, there could easily be yet another half-million or more segment of Americans with jobs a year from -- and far more than that two or three years down the line

    News Source: NumbersUSA


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