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    US Has No Intention of Leaving Iraq Ever
    News/Comment; Posted on: 2007-06-07 07:55:18 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    "It seems more likely that the two party system will be overthrown in America before the Israeli ordered occupation of Iraq comes to an end."

    by Ian Mosley

    It’s not just the monstrous U.S. Embassy that Bush is building in Baghdad which indicates that the United States has no intention of leaving Iraq in the lifetime of anyone reading these lines. The cat is pretty much out of the bag on the eternity deployment. Rummy’s replacement, the colorless flack Robert Gates, has confirmed that Iraq is effectively a US territory now.

    Yahoo News reports “US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday the United States is looking to a long-term military presence in Iraq under a mutually agreed arrangement similar to that it has long had with South Korea.” (We’ve been in South Korea for almost sixty years now. Some of us know grandfathers younger than that.) “Gates told reporters here that plans still call for an assessment of the US surge strategy in September but he was looking beyond that to the type of military presence the United States will have in Iraq over the long term.”

    So in other words, in the administration’s mind, withdrawal of any kind simply isn’t being considered at all in spite of the daily butchery in the streets and in the desert.

    According to Yahoo, Gates babbled: “‘What I’m thinking in terms of is a mutual agreement where some force of Americans — mutually agreed with mutually agreed missions — is present for a protracted period of time… The Korea model is one, the security relationship we have with Japan is another,’”

    What Gates doesn’t mention is the fact that there is no ongoing insurgency in South Korea or Japan killing one hundred American soldiers every month, and the fact that both of those countries are stable and productive, Westernized societies. The fact that Iraq is a Middle East hell hole and deathtrap, seems to have escaped our illustrious Defense Secretary’s notice or maybe he just feels better pretending not to see such things.

    Any Iraqi puppet government such as the present Maliki regime will agree wholeheartedly to a U. S. presence in Iraq, since the American troops are the bodyguards who protect Maliki and his cohorts from their own outraged countrymen, who rightly consider them to be collaborators and traitors. Many of these Iraqi collaborators have one goal in mind: To get enough money in a Swiss bank account so they can flee to a neutral country before they die in a fiery car bombing.

    Leaving aside all the other complexities of the Iraq occupation, under no circumstances whatsoever is George W. Bush ever going to order the withdrawal of a single soldier from Iraq. To do so would be to admit that he made a mistake, and we can’t have that now, can we? He is going to dump this mess right into the lap of his successor. If that successor is John McCain or Fred Thompson, then we will get four more years of the same blind neocon stubbornness. If the next president is Rudy Giuliani, he will sit behind the desk in the Oval Office and gibber like a deranged monkey with indecision. If Hillary Clinton becomes president, as it most likely will be, then the war will continue and be expanded, because Hillary rides in the hip pocket of the Israel lobby. When Israel says jump, Hillary Clinton says “How high?”

    It is entirely possible that this whole bizarre and pointless Middle East fiasco will last for this entire century, and that no one now living will ever see the end of it. It seems more likely that the two party system will be overthrown in America before the Israeli ordered occupation of Iraq comes to an end.

    News Source: WhiteCivilRights.com


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