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    News/Comment; Posted on: 2009-11-09 19:25:48 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    So with the increased White anger towards Obama and low Black turnout turning blue and purple states red, what is the Republican Party’s new strategy? It’s decided to return to the tried-and-true strategy of pandering to minorities!

    In my last piece at Taki’s Magazine, I discussed the unprecedented phenomenon of a few Republican Party pollsters and strategists admitting, most times begrudgingly, that winning more White votes might be more effective than pandering to minorities (That is, they’ve awaken to what VDARE.com has called “The Sailer Strategy.”)

    The backlash of White voters against Gatesgate put Obama’s approval ratings into a freefall.  A few Republicans realized this, and it looked like the Stupid Party’s IQ might breach room temperature. Obama & Co. gave Whites even more reasons to oppose him with the Van Jones and ACORN scandals.

    The most craven and humorous example f this can be found is the redesigned GOP.com, the official website for the Republican National Committee. The Republicans’ uncool stationwagon of a website has gotten a “Hip Hop Makeover” and been transformed into the pimped-out ride the party needs to achieve victory. Originally, Michael Steele had a blog on the site called “What Up?” (but apparently this title became too embarrassing, even to groveling Republicans, and was replaced with the less jiggy “change the game.”)


    News Source: takimag


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