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    Will Whites Establish Their Own State In Africa Again?
    Opinion; Posted on: 2007-06-06 07:33:59 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    What will future African states be like?

    by Jan Lamprecht

    I was watching the news the other day and man alive and having a darned good chuckle. If you thought you've seen the worst of post-colonial Africa, think again. Colonialism and Apartheid were extremely beneficial for Africa. Those were the best systems Africa ever had because everything that has come afterwards has been a miserable failure. Africans are dying like flies and the others who aren't dying are migrating away to White countries where they then claim to be victims of racism!

    Human are tragedies coming to Africa which will leave be far greater than anything seen to date. Even blacks will be longing to be colonization again –if they manage to survive the coming famines. After the elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the various sides are re-arming for war again. A massive war is brewing between Ethiopia and Somalia. In southern Africa, the UN is delivering only about half of the food it was promised, so Zimbabwe and other socialist countries in the region are starving.

    Here in South Africa, the ANC is driving tens of thousands of black taxi drivers and owners out of work. Blacks will end up with less transport which will be more costly in the next few years once the ANC regulations come into effect. The ANC has not even the most basic understanding of economics, and neither do leaders of any sub-Saharan African country.

    In the end, people will start stealing and killing on an even grander scale.

    Whites were the best thing that ever happened to Africa and watching the new levels of intense chaos proves it. Many Whites who were driven out of Africa see this as a payback. In the coming years, it will be hard to report all the troubles as hell will break out in one African country after another.

    Remember, prior to the white man:
    1) There were far less blacks in Africa (a fraction of the number we currently have).
    2) They were extremely poor barely eking out an uncertain living.
    3) Disease killed them in vast numbers.
    4) They were very much governed by the whims of the weather.

    The unnatural success brought to Africa by the pioneering whites is disappearing and Africa is returning to its tribal state. In another 50 years, and virtually all the progress of the three centuries of colonialism will be completely wiped out.

    What will future African states be like?

    Most of the nations will be underdeveloped and rural (far more so than now), with people living in huts, much like they did in past centuries. They will live by hunting animals or through subsistence agriculture. The populations of the countries will be a fraction of what they are now. In the midst of largely undeveloped black nations will be a few cities and lots of slums. The handful of cities will contain some advanced technology, but not much. Most of the infrastructure which whites built will be gone. The governments won't fully control their own territory. Much of the continent will be lawless. The primary infrastructure in any black country will simply be based around mining or oil and gas production as built by foreign investors. There won't be much agriculture anywhere in Africa, as most blacks will return to the "bush".

    The only remaining question is what will the whites do? Will the whites carve out an African country for themselves? Remember the Boers created the Transvaal and Orange Free State Republics by entering into a vacuum where blacks no longer lived in significant numbers.

    Full Article
    News Source: GlobalPolitician.com


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