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    Amnesty Update: It Must Not Pass
    Audio; Posted on: 2007-06-04 20:47:08 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    "Truth depends neither on majority or minority; it has its own laws and it succeeds against all majorities, even though they be crushing." -- Corneliu Z. Codreanu

    By Frank Roman and John Young

    Audio Version

    Hello again. I realize I am breaking stride here by posting another broadcast right on the heels of our last presentation on June 3rd, ‘Thinking about Knoxville.’ But my friends, that doesn’t mean my work – OUR work -- is done for the week. I wish it was. But it’s not. So I have taken it upon myself to reach out to you once again, this time with a message of the greatest urgency.

    Now that the Memorial Day recess is over you, our faithful listeners and recent newcomers are hereby put on notice that our alleged representatives in Washington – as we speak – are scheming to replace European Americans with 20 to 40 million illegal Third World mestizos from Mexico and other posterior regions of the southern hemisphere. This is to say they are redesigning the organic make up of the United States by ensuring that it evolves ever more swiftly into something outright alien from the vision of our European Founding Fathers. Of course they keep telling us it’s not an amnesty. They keep telling us the aliens will have to go home first, pay a few fines and then return to become an “american.” But it IS an amnesty; legalizing tens of millions of aliens immediately and inviting tens of millions more to enter legally in the coming years. Not only that their relatives who remained behind south of the border are going to receive the fruits of the sweat of your brow in handouts and benefits, your tax dollars.

    Please recall that we here at Western Voices World News, a subsidiary of the activist group European Americans United, have been telling you for weeks now to get involved. If ever there was time to pick up the phone and call your representatives in Washington the time is now. Certainly, there are a number of hard cases up there who won’t listen because they have to answer to their corporate donors, not to mention they have to keep looking over their shoulders in case some snivel rights group catches a scent of nativism in the air. They also have to keep a sharp eye on their other bosses in the media, the ones who control their public image. At the very least they need to know that you, the rightful heirs of this nation, are watching their every move. Even they experience bad dreams, you know. So here’s what we have.

    According to John Young: At this point, the amnesty bill (S.1348) is scheduled for more debate and possible amendments in the Senate which has already started on Monday June 4th and will certainly continue at least through the coming week. However, some very important (and frightening) information regarding this bill has come to light, emphasizing the fact that from now on, we have to put the heat back on the Senate.

    Most alarming is the fact that, according to Congressman Ron Paul, "There are many other very troubling items buried deep in the Senate’s immigration compromise. The bill explicitly calls for an “acceleration” of the March 2005 agreement between the US president, the president of Mexico, and the prime minister of Canada, known as the “Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of North America.” This somewhat secretive agreement – a treaty in all but name – aims to erase the borders between the United States, Canada, and Mexico and threatens our sovereignty and national security. The SPP was agreed by the president without the participation of Congress. It should be eliminated, not accelerated!" (Click
    here for the original article.)

    The "Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of North America" is not a binding document, but is instead a roadmap developed by the Council on Foreign Relations for elected officials to follow. Thus, you won't find it mentioned specifically in the bill. The Council on Foreign Relations sees this as a step on the road to a "North American Union." You can read about this right on their

    I looked through S.1348, and the functionality mentioned by Congressman Paul is implemented in and around the following phrase: "... in developing and implementing an immigration security strategy for North America that works toward the development of a common security perimeter ..." North America, incidentally, includes Mexico. So Congressman Paul is indeed correct. Rather than sharing a security perimeter with Mexico, we ought to deploy our troops to our common border.

    So S. 1348 is even worse than we expected. Not only does it setup a guest worker program and a massive amnesty, it contains no triggers related to enforcement whatsoever AND erodes our sovereignty by creating a partnership with a country that is actually invading us with criminal gangsters.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is a deadly serious situation. If this law passes, our children - not even the unborn ones, but those already living - will inherit a third world America complete with narco-terrorist-controlled territory, unrestrained violence on the part of the powerful and the complete erosion of everything that makes our sacred country worthwhile. The importance of defeating this legislation cannot be overstated!

    So, starting now you need to call both of your Senators everyday AND send them an email!

    1. Use George Soros' money. He's behind the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, an umbrella organization of folks who essentially hate everything America is, was and ever can be. He has paid for an 800 number that gets you right through to your Senators once you make it through the introductory tirade. Ignore the tirade, get through to your Senators' offices, and leave your messages with the public servants who answer. That number is 1-800-417-7666.

    2. To send your Senator an Email or call them directly, go to the contact page
    here and look up your Senator's information.

    In both cases, make the following points:

    A. NO to a North American security perimeter.
    B. NO to a "pathway to citizenship" for criminals.
    C. NO to the new "Z" Visa.

    To quote Fjordman of the excellent web log Gates of Vienna: “Many Westerners watch with resigned fatalism as we are told by our leaders and our media that this is “inevitable.” But nothing is inevitable. Our societies will collapse, yet we are supposed to stand by quietly and simply observe our own demise. On one hand, the economic right-wing assures us that this unparalleled mass migration will be “good for the economy.” On the other hand, left-wingers attack those of us who are concerned for our cultural survival for inciting “racism and discrimination.” Meanwhile all we desire is our continued existence.”

    Our children depend on you ladies and gentlemen - make those calls. Send those faxes and write those emails! It’s the very least you can do. Under no circumstances shall we sit and watch the insolent, the greedy and the real haters of our people and nation get away with their evil deeds.

    After all, they have bad dreams too, you know.

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