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    A Failing Grade
    Opinion; Posted on: 2009-09-21 13:45:20 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Is America Coming Apart?

    By Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.

    ...How well have officials in the General Government scored on their “preambular report card”—that is, how well is the General Government serving the purposes for which the Constitution was adopted, as set out in its Preamble?

    The answer is a uniform “F” across the board. Consider the Constitution’s goals, one by one:

    1. To “form a more perfect Union”. In fact, today this country is more divided than ever before along political, economic, racial, ethnic, social, regional, and even religious lines.

    2. To “establish Justice”. In fact, almost invariably when an individual is standing up against some form of usurpation or tyranny by public officials in this country, the only connection between the Judiciary and Justice is that both words happen to begin with the letter “J”. And why does “the land of the free” have probably the largest per capita population of prison inmates in the world? Either America is home to a mass of truly lawless people, or many of the criminal laws themselves are basically unjust, and individuals are being packed off to lock down in droves for behavior that does not warrant such punishment.

    3. To “insure domestic Tranquility”. In fact, the present volcanic eruption of Tea Party rallies, raucous Town Hall meetings, and the recent massive demonstration in Washington is evidence that the common people who make up this country, who do the real productive work, and who should benefit most from the operations of their own government, are simply fed up with monkey business as usual in the Disgrace of Columbia.

    4. To “provide for the common defence”. In fact, this country’s Armed Forces have been committed to serial and apparently endless military adventures across the globe, none of which advances “the common defence” of this country—or, if it does, no plausible explanation for that connection, and no reasonable justification for the cost in lives and treasure, have yet been presented. This is not “defence” at all, but instead imperialism. And if whom it really serves is anyone’s guess, that the primary beneficiaries are not the American people no one can doubt.

    5. To “promote the general Welfare”. In fact, the merest survey of the rapidly deteriorating economic condition of this country today proves that the economic and social welfare of average Americans is the farthest thing from the minds of politicians in Washington. At base, the entire banking and financial mess is the inevitable product of the existence of the Federal Reserve System—the incestuous coupling of bank and state, legal-tender fiat currency, and the never-ending monetization of public and private debt, all of which are thoroughly unconstitutional.

    News Source: News With Views


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