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    Racial Honesty and Politics
    Race; Posted on: 2007-05-30 14:03:22 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    "Pretending that the races are equal has been leading America to destruction for the last fifty years."

    by James Buchanan

    By banning people who speak the truth from the political process, our political system guarantees that a high percentage of idiots will populate our government. If they aren’t idiots, then they are deliberate liars, who pretend to believe things which aren’t true (which is possibly even worse than being an idiot). Back during the days of the Founding Fathers, if some crazy White person believed that Blacks were intellectually and morally equal to Whites, he would live out his life as the village idiot. Today, the village idiot with his delusional beliefs can become a city council member, mayor, Senator or even president.

    Most reasonably brave, intelligent people will realize early in life that Blacks aren’t equal to Whites. They will also realize that our society punishes people who tell the truth about a multitude of taboo subjects. The Blacks have a smaller average brain size than Whites. Blacks evolved in an environment where food is available all year round so there’s less pressure to evolve. White people needed to plan ahead and work with each other to get through the snowy winters of Europe. Evolution produced a more intelligent, creative race in Europe. No amount of proof or logic will permit this extremely important truth to get the recognition it deserves, especially in politics.

    While trying to push his amnesty plan, Bush was talking the other day about all the “fine” Latinos in his administration. The most prominent Latino in the Bush regime is Alberto Gonzales, who ruled that torture, warrantless wiretaps and secret prisons were all OK. They may be OK in Latin American countries, but those measures are 100 percent against the Bill of Rights in the US. Mr. Gonzales is an example of a bad Latino, who is corrupting our government, not a model citizen as Bush apparently thinks.

    If our government were made of the most honest, brave and intelligent people that America has to offer, they would immediately acknowledge the differences between the races and how important it is NOT to make citizens out of the 20 million illegal alien Mexicans in the US today. Unfortunately, most Americans think it is more important to be “polite” to the minorities and that it’s rude to say things like Mexicans are bad for America and take more resources than they pay in taxes.

    Pretending that the races are equal has been leading America to destruction for the last fifty years. Race-mixing has gradually been increasing each generation and will eventually exterminate the White Race. The racial equality lie also has led to the current Immigration Bill crisis. If everyone in America were taught (beginning in public schools) about racial differences, there would be no support for granting citizenship to 20 million illegal aliens.
    News Source: WhiteCivilRights.com

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