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    The Black Messiah
    Race; Posted on: 2009-07-26 17:36:51 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    97 percent of Black people approve of the job Mein Obama has done in his role as President of the United States, which is a jump from the 96 percent of Black people who voted for him on that holy day, November 4th.

    The United States of America in July 2009 is a much different place then it was in July 0f 2008. For one thing, we live in a land liberated from the racist stranglehold of white people as the glorious day of Nov. 4, 2008 came and washed away the sins of the Pre-Obama America, with the election of Mein Obama.

    November 4th, 2008 is the holy day now for Black people and for many disingenuous white liberals, who view the coronation of Barry "Barack" Hussein Obama with admiration, awe, tears and a day worthy of celebration and holy sacraments.

    They view the man - Mein Obama - with unwavering loyalty and unquestionable belief in his gracious omnipotence. Obama's supporters view Mein Obama the same way that the God-King Xerxes in the film 300, viewed himself: as a divine God, who merely walks among the mere mortals of the world, dispensing wisdom and guidance for the masses to follow.

    It was Xerxes, in 300, who demanded of the traitor, Ephialtes that:

        Unlike the cruel Leonidas, who demanded that you stand, I require only that you kneel.

    However, unlike the fictitious words of Xerxes, Mein Obama has yet to make it mandatory to kneel before him, yet Black people have already fallen to two knees in submission to their leader. Disingenuous white liberals have followed suit, and like Ephialtes, decided to put their faith in a more benevolent faction:

        "Newsweek editor Evan Thomas brought adulation over President Obama’s Cairo speech to a whole new level on Friday, declaring on MSNBC: "I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God."

    Mein Obama stands above the country and looks down upon with incredulous eyes that all of the country - the world - for that matter, hasn't fallen in line with Black people who worship him as a God. After winning 96 percent of the Black vote on that glorious November 4th day, and standing firmly behind the uncooperative Henry Louis Gates in his battle with the relic of Pre-Obama America - white racism - Mein Obama has clearly positioned himself as the leader of Black America only.


    News Source: sbpdl

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