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    Nick Griffin Speaks
    Activism; Posted on: 2009-07-16 13:12:04 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    History made as Nick Griffin makes first speech to the European Parliament

    See Nick Griffin's maiden speech HERE

    by BNP News

    No one in the European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECRG) in the European Parliament should hypocritically condemn Iran for the use of violence in its elections when the British Conservative Party endorses UAF violence against their opponents in this country, said Nick Griffin MEP [Member of the European Parliament].

    Making his maiden speech in the European Parliament, Mr Griffin started off by referring to a previous speaker, Dr. Krisztina Morvai, chair of the Movement For A Better Hungary, who condemned the EU for speaking out about human rights abuses in Iran while ignoring those in Europe.

    “I served as a monitor at commemorations for the 1956 Revolution in Budapest last year and I can confirm that Dr. Morvai is right to criticize those who fret about Iran while ignoring human rights abuses here in Europe,” Mr Griffin said.

    “I trust that no Members of the ECRG here will be hypocritical enough to condemn Iran for the use of violence in elections, when David Cameron is among the sponsors of UAF, an organization of far-left criminals which routinely deploys intimidation and violence against nationalist dissidents in Britain,” he said.

    “The same is true of five current Labour, LibDem and Tory MEPs, marked with the shame of supporting the use of British taxpayers’ money to fund their own militia, which breaks up opposition meetings and attacks their opponents with bricks, darts and claw hammers.

    “But my main point is this: However well-meaning, and even justified, criticisms made here of Iran may be, they will be exploited as war propaganda by the powerful vested interests that stand to gain from a military attack on that country. Neo-cons, oil companies, construction corporations and the Wahhabi Mullahs of Saudi Arabia all want to see the sovereign state of Iran destroyed by an aggressive war.

    “Not even European liberals are naive enough to fall for lies about “Weapons of Mass Destruction” again, so human rights are being drafted in as a new casus belli.

    “Do not add the voice of this place to the warmongers’ chorus for a third illegal and counterproductive attack by the West on the Muslim world.

    “Or, if you must, do not leave the war, which hypocritical rhetoric will help to justify and unleash, to the usual brave British cannon-fodder - 18-year old boys from the Mersey and the Thames and the Tyne.

    “Instead send out your own sons, to come home in boxes, or without their legs, their arms, their eyes or their sanity. Or mind your own business!”

    Mr Griffin was given slightly more than the two minutes normally allocated for speeches in the parliament in terms of a concession allowed for maiden addresses.

    News Source: Nick Griffin

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