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    European Americans United: Action Alert Regarding Hate Crimes Bill S. 909
    Action Alerts; Posted on: 2009-05-11 15:32:36 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    We must move quickly and responsibly. Now.

    Audio Action Alert Version Here

    Senate sponsors and militant leftist supporters of the federal "hate crimes" bill, S. 909, have been caught in a sequence of blatant lies. To the clear omission of other individual groups � including veterans, the elderly and the homeless � S. 909, in its present form, would grant special federal resources and preferred minority status to pedophiles, homosexuals, cross-dressers and � as Democratic sponsor Alcee Hastings recently admitted on the House floor � �a host of other APA recognized "sexual orientations" (i.e., deviant sexual fetishes and perversions).

    Not only is this legislation constitutionally poisonous on First Amendment grounds, AND a flat out violation of the Fourteenth Amendment that requires "equal protection of the laws;" it also shuts off the Tenth Amendment, which clearly limits the federal government's influence in state matters when it comes to powers entrusted by the U.S. Constitution.

    According to Ted Kennedy while addressing "hate crimes" allegedly motivated by so-called "sexual orientation" bias, the bill asserts that existing law is "inadequate to address this problem."

    That's a lie.


    In other words FBI statistics reveal, in the relatively few cases where bias motivated crimes are committed against homosexuals or cross-dressers, those crimes are fanatically prosecuted under existing law. Victims are indeed granted "equal protection of the laws" regardless of sexual preference or similar tendencies. For example, Matthew Sheppard�s killers are doing life without parole.

    But let�s not kid ourselves. This bill will put a serious crimp in the lawful, peaceful activities of even the most benign European American advocacy groups. If you think things are bad now with respect to the socially acceptable hatred of white American encouragement, education and activism you aint seen nothing yet. As we�ve documented over and over again here at Western Voices World News, the Anti Defamation League, the sworn enemy of ALL forms of European American advisories, is the primary sponsor of this bill. The farsighted undying hatred of free speech here in America by groups, organizations, bureaucrats and their boosters is very real. While US concocted �Hate Crime� laws come to mind, which are actually precursors to Hate Speech laws, forget the fact courts have often ruled that the First Amendment gives government no power to establish "approved views" of various subgroups of the population --which in the case of hate crime laws and affirmative action does exactly that.

    What we're trying to tell you is this:the "neo Nazi" / "white supremacist" / "anti Semitic" Unholy Trilogy will not be allowed to die. They need this beast in order to frighten, coerce and intimidate anyone that decides to reject the politically correct party line. The ADL in particular needs it to promote itself in order to maintain their relevance.

    Another motive to maintain its eternal life has everything to do with media and academic thought control --acting at the level of the subconscious-- before it persuades at the level of the conscious in a manner approved by those who don�t want an honest examination of American history. Why? Because it might reveal that nearly every serious problem that has developed in our society --and to our people-- can be traced to a deliberate removal of the sound principles taught by the Founding Fathers (Manufactured Consent) and has been replaced with an ideology that results in one thing and one thing only: �bringing the current society and culture down through unremitting, destructive propaganda (criticism).�

    You need to help your fellow European Americans recognize that Political Correctness of the sort being pushed by the ADL and Ted Kennedy is Marxism with all it implies: loss of freedom of expression, thought control, our demographic abortion, government corruption, spiritual corruption, the reversal of Nature�s collective order and, in due course, a tyrannical anti white state. Don�t believe it? Then step outside the approved parameters of social discourse and express your ethnic pride in a public manner and see what happens. If afterwords you survive by not losing your job, being blackballed by your neighbors and family or bringing down the bottomless fury of an approved non-white �civil rights� group you will need to get busy educating others to help us break the grip of our enemies.

    Contact your Senators here
    News Source: EAU Board of Directors

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