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    A Call To The Men of The Western World
    Opinion; Posted on: 2009-04-23 15:32:45 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Men, take back your country!

    by Jillosophy

    I have long said that the reason for the rampant corruption in this country is because men have had their honor & they're rightful power taken from them. They have been taught that all things inherently male and masculine, are wrong - like a crime against nature. And women have been taught the same about their own inherent feminine characteristics - unless of course she is employing those God given talents to subject or manipulate men, under the guise of "e-freaking-quality".

    Of course, it's all relative to the feminists, liberals and leftists, isn't it? No difference between right and wrong. No difference between good and evil. No difference between the Western World and the Third World. No difference between Islam and Christianity.

    Well, screw that. Screw so-called equality. We, males and females, are not equal, but equally valuable for different reasons. Honor the laws of nature. Otherwise, you will be fighting a battle against your own nature, a battle that you & will can never win, where all of us are prisoners of war.

    Men have lost their place in the world with nothing to work for, nothing to sacrifice for, where the strenghts that nature has given them are devalued and suspect at best - so they become corrupt and narcissistic. Hence the fact that we have so few men who are true leaders - true statesmen - and courageous thinkers - in the great tradition of Western societies (when western societies were great). There is nothing for men to fight for anymore when they are the butt of all jokes, when there is NO HONOR IN HONOR anymore. We abandoned them, and here's another law of nature that you can't "psychically will into oblivion" as nature doesn't bow to "progressive" bullying and doesn't need your gratuitous affirmative action: We shall reap what we sow.

    Hey feminists! Hey liberals! Once again, it's your fault that we have useless shrews like Pelosi, Napolitano, Clinton, and so forth along with our Effeminate-in-Chief poised to take us all down. Where have all the cowboys gone?

    The first victims of political correctness - men.

    Men, take back your country! Take back your birthrights and your proper place in society. Nature made you the stronger sex for a reason. Stand up and don't give in to the war the left wages against nature by pitting women against men. Men and women are the perfect team together. That is the law of nature.


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