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    Napolitano and Homeland INsecurity
    Audio; Posted on: 2009-04-19 04:33:05 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    by John Young
    (Audio here)

    Her mis-, mal- and nonfeasance in office is a greater risk to human life than any anti-illegal-immigration group will EVER be.

    Welcome to Western Voices, I'm John Young of European Americans United.

    While we have long advocated various governmental reforms, I have never seriously considered the possibility that the federal government of the United States might be slated for extinction. After all, an entity with its own armies, stockpiles of nerve gas and who knows what sort of nightmarish weaponry is unlikely to go anywhere. It's a 500 pound gorilla who gets to sit wherever it wants. Let's face it, any maniac who believes the federal government could ever be removed through force has no practical conception of either reality or the depths of depravity to which an embattled system will reach in pursuit of self-preservation.

    And I still have no question about whether or not this heavily-armed corporate entity known as the federal government will continue to exist for the foreseeable future. It's pretty entrenched, has unlimited resources, and is sufficiently morally bankrupt that it really wouldn't think twice about killing innocent people to secure its existence as long as the cost-benefit analysis of such an activity looked favorable.

    When I speak of the extinction of the federal government, I don't speak of its physical extinction. Rather, I am speaking of its extinction as an entity seen by most of the people in this country as having a right to rule that is truly sanctioned by the people. Rather than being a defender of our liberties, as originally envisioned; it will come to see the people who are most supportive of its founding ideals as an enemy. The federal government is quickly entering a phase where the people of the United States will regard it in the same way as the people of the U.S.S.R. once viewed their government: as a despotic usurper that must be tolerated because of a practical monopoly on the use of force. In other words, the federal government of the United States is quickly losing its legitimacy in the minds of the Americans who matter.

    On April 15th, 250,000 Americans who matter -- Americans who work hard, speak English, obey the law and are net taxpayers -- peacefully demonstrated in various capitols all across the country in protest against corporate give-aways, budget deficits that threaten our very civilization and taxes that are spiralling out of control. One of these Americans, who was interviewed among a 1,500-strong demonstration in Boston, declined to identify himself stating that he feared government retribution in the form of an IRS audit.

    This is where we stand. Law-abiding citizens of this country are afraid to be identified as protesting government policies for fear of retribution. This, dear friends, is most assuredly NOT the sort of future that our forefathers spilled their precious blood in order to secure for their posterity.

    Today is April 19th. Back in 1775, 234 years ago today; the "shot heard round the world" was fired at the Battle of Lexington Green; inaugurating what would become the Revolutionary War and the founding of the most innovative, successful, prosperous and free nation the world had ever seen.

    Quite a number of events led up to the Battle of Lexington Green -- matters had been simmering for a long time. The British government had seen fit to grant monopolies to certain corporations in dealing with the colonists, and to use those corporations as an avenue of tax collection. The British government had likewise seen fit to engage in all manner of tyranny painstakingly enumerated in Thomas Jefferson's famous Declaration of Independence. But the proximate cause of that battle was that a force of troops had been sent to deprive the colonists of their means of self defense: their guns, gunpowder, and musketballs.

    Our forefathers understood, even though they had not yet decided upon a break with Great Britain, that once their firearms had been confiscated, they would be powerless to secure even the most basic of liberties; and that the right to keep in bear arms is, as the NRA so eloquently states, America's First Freedom from which all others flow. Our founding fathers knew that only a tyrant or a criminal ever had reason to fear an armed citizen.

    So on that fateful day of April 19, 1775; somewhere between fifty and seventy-five men stood in formation at Lexington Green, awaiting the soldiers of the most advanced army of the world in the pre-dawn light. These men were farmers, lawyers, shopkeepers and other ordinary men who mustered extraordinary courage. Statements of events are somewhat contradictory, but it is well established that many gave their lives that day, and on many days thereafter, so that their children and children's children would have a chance to know freedom.

    And it is with this in mind that I'd like to share with you several statements from a report produced by our Department of Homeland Security and some of the so-called "Fusion Centers" created by the Department of Homeland Security in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. These Fusion Centers, which number in the dozens, are regional intelligence-gathering units comprised of local and federal law-enforcement agencies, select non-governmental agencies, and others. Their original purpose was to coordinate and share intelligence information in order to prevent another 9/11. However, by admitting non-governmental organizations into their mix, they were quickly corrupted by leftist organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. In this way, valuable law enforcement concern and effort become misdirected into the pet projects of special interests and thereby leave us vulnerable to further attacks.

    The way such organizations work their corruption is fairly simple. Public servants in various law enforcement agencies suffer from two problems. The first is that the bright, hard-working and conscientious among them are over-worked, given inadequate resources, and stopped by bureaucratic nonsense at every turn. The second is that almost all agencies of that sort are disproportionately staffed by administrative support personnel who are affirmative action hires, stupid, entitled, or lazy. In dealing with both extremes, these non-governmental special interest groups step up to the plate with pre-made so-called "research" and so-called "intelligence" pre-formatted into ready-made reports, model legislation and so forth that can be lifted in their entirety; thus making the government types look good and reducing their workload. Thankful for the welcome relief provided by these special interest groups, the government employees don't look their gift horse in the mouth.

    This technique, by the way, is one of the ways that AIPAC-affiliated think tanks and Big Business get whatever they want from Congressmen who all-too-often vote for legislation they never even read, much less composed. And these Congressmen are rewarded later with multi-million dollar no-show jobs, chauffeured limousines and other perks.

    Because the Fusion Centers and the Department of Homeland Security are refusing to reveal the authorship of their reports, the Thomas More Law Center has filed a lawsuit demanding the revelation of that information. This is very worthwhile as evil requires the cloak of darkness, and the Thomas More Law Center is poised to bring their arc-light to bear.

    On February 20th of this year, the Missouri Fusion Center (MIAC) that is busily tracking peaceful citizens while ignoring the thousands of actually likely terrorists in our midst, saw fit to issue a report profiling likely "militia" members. This report characterized people who oppose our current Federal Reserve System as "rightwing extremists" who pose a risk of violence. They applied similar labels to those who oppose illegal immigration, the North American Union as proposed by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Universal Service Program, excessive taxation, or further restrictions on our right to keep and bear arms. Most egregiously, the report indicated that supporters of Republican Congressman Ron Paul or Third-Party candidates such as Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin were more likely than most to be involved in militia activity that was likely to turn violent.

    The only source explicitly cited in the MIAC report is the notoriously inaccurate Southern Poverty Law Center, whose left-wing agenda has long included complete civilian disarmament; and every few years they trot out the militia bogeyman, with a few old pictures, as "proof" that the militias in this country constitute a credible threat of violence against law enforcement and that they are dominated by so-called "racists,""white supremacists" and "anti-Semites." These latter terms amount to nothing more than name calling and are the last refuge of a scoundrel with no factual argument to present. The race card, being played in this fashion is getting pretty old and most people are starting to yawn rather than become alarmed when they hear it.

    Another great example of this came just this past week from failed comedienne Janine Garofalo, a trust fund baby who can afford to be a leftist pinko commie because she has never had to earn an honest dollar in her life. Commenting on last week's Tea Parties on television, Ms. Garofolo demonstrated her towering intellect by describing the participants in these grass-roots protests as "tea-bagging rednecks" and as "racists." She further commented that the Republican-conservative movement had now "crystalized into the white power movement." She is trying, quite unsuccessfully, to convince people that anyone who protests massive deficits and looming tax hikes is somehow a racist. Well, I can guarantee you that if a decent African-American who wasn't a communist -- someone like Walter Williams -- had been elected; you wouldn't have seen those Tea Parties; and most Americans know that. The race card, for all but a few people that she doesn't need to convince anyway, is falling on deaf ears.

    Anyway, a few years back I attended a public militia event just so I could see with my own eyes what the SPLC was talking about. I had never been involved with a militia, so inquiring minds wanted to know. I wanted to see if I could find a racist.

    Well, the first speaker was a gentleman named Leroy Crenshaw; a very eloquent and decent African-American who has testified before Congress and whose message of support for the U.S. Constitution was well received by a crowd of about 150 people in the small church where the meeting was held. The next speaker was Aaron Zelman, representing an organization called "Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership" or the JPFO. He performed a stirring reading of Thomas Jefferson's Kentucky Resolution. I can name these two gentlemen because they are public figures, and because they can both verify that they have spoken at meetings of militia organizations.

    The nature of these speakers should tell you that the Southern Poverty Law Center is nothing but a gang of opportunistic liars. I can absolutely guarantee you that a bunch of so-called "white supremacists" would never invite an African American to address them, any more than a bunch of so-called "anti-Semites" or "neo-Nazis" would invite a Rabbi to their meetings. I saw it with my own eyes, spoke with these men personally, and these gentlemen can certainly verify their presence.

    To top it all off, the flag adopted by that particular militia included not just the Christian Cross, but the six-pointed star of David as well. It certainly wasn't what one would expect from the SPLC's breathless reports.

    So -- what's going on here? What is going on is the SPLC is a bunch of totalitarian nutjobs who will never rest until this nation is reduced to utter despotism. Patriotic Americans -- especially those who would consider picking up a rifle in defense of liberty in the gravest extreme -- scare them to death. The SPLC is aware that the Federal Reserve stands against liberty, and needs to be abolished. The SPLC knows that illegal immigration is bankrupting this country and subjecting our people to a textbook case of genocide through territorial expulsion. The SPLC knows that 99% of all militia activity poses no risk to either government employees or the general public. But their role is to exaggerate, obfuscate and take facts out of context in order to present reports that make it sound like there are 850 militia groups in this country, all of them armed with tanks and preparing to re-enact the Third Reich. New to this current report, they stated that militias would be specifically targetting law enforcement officers when there is absolutely no truth to that allegation. But they needed to fit that in, so that they could impress upon law enforcement officers a mindset that would compromise their sense of justice.

    Let me tell you how the SPLC does this so you aren't caught unaware.

    The SPLC employs a variety of scumbags whose job it is to infiltrate various groups and provide intelligence. If the group they are investigating isn't giving them anything juicy, then they figure out how to invent it. After all, if they don't come up with anything juicy all those reports that they provide to the FBI aren't worth much.

    Here's how it happens.

    You are attending an anti-illegal alien rally when a guy says to you: "do you support the second amendment?" and maybe you say "Certainly!" He'll say: "Well, you know they are gonna take our guns away." And maybe you give back the popular cliche' "They can have it when they pry it from my cold dead fingers." Well - guess what? For purposes of an SPLC intelligence report, that's sufficient for them to state that anti-illegal-immigration groups plan violence against law enforcement personnel. Really! I certainly hope someone with half a clue and more than three brain cells over at the FBI is listening to this podcast; because they aren't getting their money's worth out of the SPLC, that's for sure. Worse, the SPLC's political agenda is diverting law enforcement resources into chasing innocent people while plenty of very dangerous people escape scrutiny. This puts our nation at risk.

    When the MIAC report on militias was released; it raised a furor among the millions of people who had supported Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin -- and it was eventually retracted in its entirety. But that //does not change the fact// that the Missouri state police and the Missouri governor are letting Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center do their thinking for them. Retracting a flawed statement that was a transparent attempt to direct the forces of an armed government against ordinary citizens who were supporting mainstream political candidates for political reasons is not enough. The Missouri governor needs to fire up his brain and do a little bit of thinking for himself, and realize that letting a hate-filled maniac like Morris Dees do his thinking for him can ultimately be very hazardous to his political career and the well-being of the citizens he serves.

    You know, when I first encountered the MIAC report, I referred it to some friends of mine in various branches of law enforcement. They pretty much told me that real police ignore this stuff already, that it doesn't represent official policy -- so I shouldn't be worried. Maybe, maybe not. But when the next shoe dropped in the form of a report issued by the Department of Homeland Security, I knew not only that I had reason to be worried; but that the very legitimacy of the U.S. Federal Government was on the brink.

    In fact, looking at the Department of Homeland security report, I was reminded of something that Aaron Zelman told me at that militia meeting. You see, at the time, the message of the JPFO was new to me; and I had never considered the linkage between gun control and genocide. Mr. Zelman told me that I should devote some thought to the fact that the greatest carnage of the twentieth century was always enacted by an organized government -- and never by armed individuals or even paramilitary groups. He ran off a list that included Mao, Stalin, Hitler and many others. In every case of genocide in the past century, it had been preceded by widespread disarmament of the civilian population.

    I DID devote some thought to Aaron Zelman's message, and while I may disagree with him on a few historical points; I believe his overall thesis is correct. Widespread civilian disarmament is always a prelude to genocide or widespread murder of civilians by direct or indirect means. And the entity that has always done this is not some paramilitary group or an armed civilian -- but government. It is //governments// who have been the purveyors of carnage; and NEVER has that carnage EVER been exercised against an armed citizenry.

    So, just what does this infamous DHS report have to say, anyway?

    Fox News summarized it well in stating:

    "The government considers you a terrorist threat if you oppose abortion, own a gun or are a returning war veteran." The Fox News report quotes Representative Lamar Smith, as saying the report on "right-wing extremism" amounts to "political profiling," and that DHS is "using people's political views to assess an individual's susceptibility to terror recruitment."

    The fundamental premise of the report is that the current economic and political environment are increasing radicalization and assisting the recruiting efforts of organizations that they broadly define as being "right-wing extremists." -- Whatever THAT is supposed to mean.

    In essence, because people are out of work, their homes are being foreclosed at record rates and prices and taxes are escalating; people are understandably becoming more willing to take a hard look at their government and its priorities. This is common sense, and I certainly hope the government didn't pay anyone more than minimum wage for this great pearl of wisdom; as they could have gotten that for free right from our Western Voices World News website. Moreover, anyone with even a basic familiarity with high school history could predict it.

    They become rather disingenuous, though, in referring to the "political environment" because in the DHS report they use this as a euphemism for the fact we have an African-American (or, at least African) President. They are turning a blind eye to the true political environment: our economy is in shambles, income differentials are skyrocketing, people are suffocating under mountains of debt, our government is giving away trillions of dollars to well-connected entities who serve as advisors and even cabinet members, our foreign policy puts everyone else first, our trade policies are dislocating our own people, the true unemployment rate is around 14%, special interests are running the show and taxes are increasing at a time when we can least afford it at every level of government.

    In all fairness, practically none of this got underway under Barack Obama's watch. These problems have been creeping up on us since before the War for Southern Independence, and have only become more entrenched and problematic with every passing year thereafter. And most intelligent people are observant enough to know this. BUT, Barack Obama is President NOW. He wasn't drafted for the job -- he actively sought the job. We worked very hard to obtain the job, and now he HAS the job. And because he has the job, all of these problems now fall upon his lap to solve. Even if he were the most perfect possible President, I wouldn't envy him. Trouble is, not only is he not a very perfect President, but rather than tackling these systemic problems to try to bring REAL and BENEFICIAL change, he has launched an ambitious communist agenda that brings new outrage upon new outrage every day, and promises to not only make these problems worse, but destroy our economy and freedom as well.

    Moreover, opposing the non-replacement birth rates of white Americans, the high velocity of non-white births, open ended immigration from the Third World, and government sanctioned monies given freely to non-white stress groups who lobby bought and paid for politicians is also frowned upon by the hypocrites over in the mis-named Department of Homeland Security. Indeed, anyone who dares to breathe a single syllable on behalf of European American longevity and survival is immediately branded a Nazi with a fully functioning gas chamber in his or her basement. Therefore, opposing the loss of constitutional liberties by the federal government AND opposing the demographic loss of our people, made manifest by the federal government's hypocrisy, exposes a degree of insolence that literally takes one's breath away.

    THIS is the true political environment that the dopes in our Department of Homeland Security are refusing to look in the mirror and observe. The problem, you see, is THEM. And they will never ever acknowledge that they are the real problem. So, instead, they put out reams of paper claiming that the problem people have with Barack Obama is NOT his communist politics and arrogance, or that he is failing to address the failed policies of the past as he promised he would -- but rather the fact that he is half-African. I certainly hope that our government didn't pay anyone even a DIME for THAT ridiculous analysis.

    And then the report talks about so-called "radicalization" and so-called "right-wing extremism" whatever THAT is supposed to be. The whole report is filled with sheer idiocy. As but one example, they identify neo-Nazis with the so-called "right-wing." The trouble is that Nazism is a shortened way of saying National Socialism. That is, National SOCIALISM as in SOCIALIST. For the benefit of any rocket scientists over at the Department of Homeland Security who happen to be listening, SOCIALISM (whether national or international) is a left wing philosophy.

    So, what sort of political views make the list in the DHS report? What sort of political views does the United States government now OFFICIALLY list as making someone likely to become a terrorist?

    1. Returning war veterans. The report presents the followings scenario: "... the return of
    military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks. ... Returning veterans possess combat skills and experience ..."

    Yep. There are millions of still-living military veterans in this country, of which I am one. These are people who have given their oaths and put their blood and beating hearts behind those oaths. They are underpayed while in the military, and when they leave they are often screwed by the military when it comes to treatment of their injuries. Yet, they have seldom complained, put their nose to the grindstone and built this country. If our Department of Homeland Security had even the slightest hint of intellectual honesty, they wouldn't even list this category because they know that, per-capita, trust-fund babies in left wing movements are far more likely on a per-capita basis to engage in violence against persons or property than military veterans. I have to say, this is a real slap in the face and an outrage. Trouble is, the folks at DHS are so immersed in their own fantasy world that they can't even see why, having written this, they should hide their heads in shame.

    2. Anti-immigration activists. The report claims that: "Rightwing extremists were concerned ... with the perception that illegal immigrants were taking away American jobs through their willingness to work at significantly lower wages. They also opposed free trade agreements, arguing that
    these arrangements resulted in Americans losing jobs to countries such as Mexico. ... Over the past five years, various rightwing extremists, including militias and white supremacists, have adopted the immigration issue as a call to action, rallying point, and recruiting tool. Debates over appropriate immigration levels and enforcement policy generally fall within the realm of protected political speech under the First Amendment, but in some cases, anti-immigration or strident pro-enforcement fervor has been directed against specific groups and has the potential to turn violent."

    So here we see the official attitude of the U.S. Government. While they grudgingly admit that you have a 1st Amendment right to oppose illegal immigration or NAFTA; they do NOT admit that any of your concerns are valid, instead saying that these are just matters of "perception." And while you may have a right to express your views, they are cause for suspicion that you are part of a militia or a so-called "white supremacist" who needs to be watched lest you become violent.

    You know, illegal aliens kill 12 Americans every day.(1) That means that over the past 8 years, more Americans -- both African and European -- have died at the hands of illegal invaders than have died in an active shooting war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The dingbats over at the Department of Homeland security took great pains to print every possible incident of anti-illegal-immigrant violence over the past decade; and added all together those incidence don't even add up to the number of Americans who die from illegal aliens in a single day.

    The lady -- and I use that term advisedly -- who runs the Department of Homeland Security is Janet Napolitano. She was the governor of Arizona prior to her current appointment. And under her watch as governor of Arizona, she allowed 5,000 illegal aliens DAILY to cross into this country. These illegal aliens have literally BEHEADED Americans, brought in military armament acquired from China, and in sum total have killed more Americans in just the past two years than the sum total of all domestic right and left wing political violence combined since the founding of this country. Yet, she thinks it is imperative to label YOU, who may object to this violence, as the risky person. Her mis-, mal- and nonfeasance in office is a greater risk to human life than any anti-illegal-immigration group will EVER be.

    3. Firearms collectors and self-defense advocates: The report states that: "The possible passage of new restrictions on firearms ...could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups ..." and gives us a hint of gun laws that are waiting to be passed: "On the current front, legislation has been proposed this year requiring mandatory registration of all firearms in the United States. Similar legislation was introduced in 2008 in several states proposing mandatory tagging and registration of ammunition. It is unclear if either bill will be passed into law; nonetheless, a correlation may exist between the potential passage of gun control legislation and increased hoarding of ammunition, weapons stockpiling, and paramilitary training activities among rightwing extremists."

    Gee, do ya think?

    The right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental individual right guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. If our government put HALF as much effort into the Second Amendment as they do into abortion; every thirteen year old child in America would have a machine gun with unlimited ammunition at public expense and without parental notification or consent. Instead, our government is attempting to restrict that fundamental right of self-defense, and has deep concerns about those who oppose their efforts.

    The report also states: "Weapons rights and gun-control legislation are likely to be hotly contested subjects of political debate in light of the 2008 Supreme Courtís decision in District of Columbia v. Heller in which the Court reaffirmed an individualís right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but left open to debate the precise contours of that right. Because debates over constitutional rights are intense, and
    parties on all sides have deeply held, sincere, but vastly divergent beliefs, violent extremists may attempt to co-opt the debate and use the controversy as a radicalization tool."

    You know, they can solve this problem the easy way. Instead of trying to abridge our rights, they can leave us alone and unmolested. But they aren't satisfied with that. Instead, they wish to assault our most fundamental rights as Americans, and then become concerned when we become a bit bristly about the subject.

    People like Janet Napolitano who have 24x7 armed guards and live behind gates and barbed wire don't need firearms. But those of us out here in the real world where the predators that Napolitano released upon us are murdering at least 12 of us a day, need firearms. This shouldn't even be a debate. The only reason it is a debate is the same reason 250,000 right-thinking Americans showed up for TEA Parties on Tax Day: because our government is going against all of its own founding principles. Every time our government goes after our fundamental rights, it compromises its legitimacy in the eyes of people who matter more and more.


    And these three groups are just the beginning. Named in the report are pro-life activists, pro-self-defense activists, anyone who opposes globalism, anti-immigration activists, anyone who opposes NAFTA or GATT, the Federal Reserve, our unsustainable national debt, outsourcing to China and India and so forth. In other words, practically anyone who is unwilling to "go gently into that dark night" of the socialist living death is seen to be a potential terrorist.

    I have no idea what Janet Napolitano and her crowd at the various Fusion Centers are smoking; but whatever it is was provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League, and it ought to be illegal; because it is clearly impairing their judgment. People this far out of touch with reality shouldn't even be driving a car, much less a country.

    And every step of the way, they are contributing to the delegitimization of the federal government. When they dishonor our veterans, they lose credibility. When they target patriotic Americans who want our borders secured, they lose credibility. When they abridge our fundamental rights, they lose credibility. Anytime an American fears identifying himself because of government reprisals, they lose credibility. So far, they have lost so much credibility that the 28 secessionist groups I reported last fall have now grown to 42.(2) When a government has lost so much credibility that people have even given up on the possibility of reform and have cast their lots with secession instead, the damage is pretty deep.

    If there is going to be any chance of preserving this country in the face of the economic and credibility crisis that we face; it lies with moderate, sensible, intelligent and patriotic groups like us at European Americans United.

    So rather than let the SPLC, the ADL, Janet Napolitano and Barack Obama turn this country into six countries; we are putting forward our own agenda of issues over the upcoming year. We are going to hit this issues hard and continuously, and demand a lot of citizen participation in government. By putting pressure on our government to do the right things, we can avert disaster.

    While we certainly have big picture goals, over the next year we are looking at goals that are close to home and easily acted upon. These goals are:

    1. Hold the line on immigration, while denying amnesty to illegals. This will prevent thousands of murders. Advocate more vigorous employer and other enforcement as well as a reduction in H1-B and L1 visas.

    2. Call so-called "affirmative action" and other anti-European-American discrimination into question. This will help improve our economy and reduce the economic factors that figure into radicalization.

    3. Fight to retain our rights to freedom of speech, and especially against so-called "hate crime" or "hate speech" laws which are always enforced against European-Americans but very rarely against others. People seldom resort to violence as long as they have access to true free speech without retribution. Securing our 1st Amendment rights will reduce the odds of people resorting to violence.

    4. Continue to work to strengthen the two-parent European-American family. The children of two-parent families are substantially less likely to find themselves on the wrong side of the law; and strong families also increase economic resiliency of their members.

    5. Focus on fighting further gun control legislation. As the reports point out, preliminary steps to disarm law-abiding American citizens breed distrust of government and leaves them vulnerable to predation. Only totalitarians need to disarm their citizens, so we'll be working to help prevent totalitarianism.

    And with all of these five areas of focus, we will continue to emphasize the inherent rightness and legitimacy of European-American identity while always putting the best interests of European-Americans first in our advocacy.

    We have a very packed and important agenda in front of us; and we're going to need your help to get it done. We need people in practically every element of our advocacy -- so don't just sit around expecting "someone else" to do whatever needs done. You ARE that someone else. It is YOUR job, MY job -- ALL of our job -- to make sure that the blood our forefathers shed 234 years ago today, was not shed in vain.

    This has been John Young with European Americans United. Thank you for joining me again today.

    (1) http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53103
    (2) http://middleburyinstitute.org/currentamericansecessionistgroups.html
    News Source: John Young


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