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    Defaming America's past: Henry Ford and the Eugenics Movement
    History; Posted on: 2009-04-13 21:59:14 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    by Kevin MacDonald

    One result of the triumph of the culture of critique is that Americans must endure constant defamations against the pre-1965 culture of America. A good example is the defamation of Henry Ford (pictured right)-- an icon when I was growing up but now known mainly as an anti-Semite from America's dark past.

    A recent rather egregious example of Henry Ford defamation is an article by Edwin Black promoting his book Nazi Nexus: America's Corporate Connections to Hitler's Holocaust. Black claims that:

    "To purvey this new brand of Jew hatred [i.e., "political anti-Semitism"] to the world, Ford purchased a failed newspaper, the Dearborn Independent, which serialized the Protocols for 91 weeks. His company then published the series as a book, The International Jew. Using the techniques of mass production, Ford was able to escalate the Protocols from a negligible, randomly circulated irritant to a national sensation of 500,000 copies. Devoting the national sales force and the assets of the Ford Motor Company to the task made Henry Ford the first to organize political anti-Semitism in America. Indeed, he was the hero of anti-Semites the world over."

    The problem with this is that The International Jew is far more than a serialization of the Protocols. Indeed, it is not a serialization of the Protocols at all. Rather, it is a series of journalistic articles (of uneven quality) on Jewish issues written by two of Ford's employees, Ernest Liebold and Billy Cameron. Liebold was a college-educated bank president before he became Ford's personal secretary and alter-ego. Cameron was a journalist who subscribed to an early version of the Christian Identity movement that believed the Anglo-Saxons were descended from one of the lost tribes of Israel.

    Black's zeal to discredit Ford even leads him to claim that TIJ was then distributed in Germany where Hitler read it at least two years before writing Mein Kampf. The proof of this is that Hitler refers to the Protocols in Mein Kampf.

    The logic seems to be that Hitler never would have heard of the Protocols except for the nefarious work of Henry Ford who was responsible for distributing it in Germany. No Henry Ford, no Holocaust.

    News Source: The Occidental Observer


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