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    Supremacy and Diversion
    Audio; Posted on: 2009-04-11 17:50:17 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Life is tough, but it's tougher if you're stupid. - John Wayne

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    With the condition of the economy being in such lousy shape, I understand that’s its very difficult for even the most dedicated European American race realist to stay focused on his or her forward looking self-confidence in support of the future of our people. It seems like things are becoming more and more expensive, more people are losing their jobs, taxes continue to erode what little buying power you have; and all the while president Obama and his fellow criminals (Reps & Dems) in the District of Corruption continue to raid the public trough. Broken states are cutting back on their local and regional expenditures; and even cancer clinics and health care facilities are closing, too. Believe me when I tell you I share your misery. We all do here at European Americans United. But I have to say even the sorry state of affairs in which we live should not delay what needs to be done on behalf of our people. In fact, as things become manifestly more uncomfortable – and it will – it would be in everyone’s best interest to remember when we declare: “Do what you can, wherever you are, with you have.”

    Why? Well because the people and organizations who work nonstop to ensure our displacement in the land of our European founding fathers don’t believe in taking a breath. They regard victories and setbacks as just another day in the mill; driven ever forward by their Frankfurt School anti west politically correct hatred. Trust me when I tell you the so-called anti racists and open border advocates -- whose influence can be observed in the media, most levels of government and seats of higher learning – know on some level at least that we are all distracted. Moreover, America’s subversion specialists could care less about the state of the economy because even in boom periods they are just as active as they are now.  So from now on keep in mind nothing that requires exertion is trouble-free even under the best of circumstances.

     Sometimes I think we as a people have developed a psychological filter against universal dishonesty, that slow-acting toxin infecting the lifeblood of our folk (which is not to say we need to behave with austere self denial like the Taliban—not by a long shot). But while many of us understand what is happening to our demographics, our culture and our people it stands to reason that, while it doesn’t actually result in contempt for our problems, familiarity does breed at least a paralyzing amount of laziness to act, does it not? In other words we can see people going about the task of simply trying to make it in today’s economy but with blinders on; trying to gain an economic foothold in the hopes that things will somehow just get better. And then when they least expect it, a new and more grievous outrage takes them by the short hairs and forces them to smell the putrification. Or a new level of negativity we all have faintly perceived around the edges for a certain amount of time abruptly gets in our collective face and cuts up the mind’s filtering system. That’s the way things have been going for a very long time and we’ve become used to it. However, facts on the ground cannot deny the moral social political and economic transformational impact that is killing us here in America, in much the way variants of the same democratic sickness is killing our ethnic brothers and sisters abroad.

    So where am I going with all this blather? Well, it’s like this: As the demographic decline of European Americans – which is causing our cultural, political and moral decline – continues, I am observing a corresponding debasement in everything else such as our standard of living, our political process and global standing. In other words race matters; and it’s not only stupid but also dangerous to be suckered into believing that it doesn’t. While the founding fathers never put it into clear-cut terms, no matter what anyone else says, the United States was founded under a widely held assumption that it was going to be nation derived from the freedom seeking people of Europe. It was to be founded upon the bedrock of thousands of years of our people’s genetic development which in turn created the best traditions and philosophies Europe had to offer. And it worked exactly the way it should up until about a half a century ago before our enemies, conservative and liberal alike, pounded into most people’s skulls that America’s success is achieved through ethnic “diversity”; that it somehow maintains our identity as a “unique people” --for crying out loud -- who love “democracy” which is just another word for classlessness!  Therefore, while we are not allowed to clearly state that a small number of relatively sensible or talented non-whites does nothing to abolish their entire races dismal failure inside a European based society, the powers that be continue to enforce their classless supremacy.

     So remember this as you continue to do what you can, wherever you are, with what you have: While representative government has been and always will be superior to other forms of government, and we urge all of our members and supporters to remain a thorn in the side of DC’s oligarchs, more critical than that is the demographic survival of the very people who created that form of government. Only a sucker, a liar, or a crack head would ever believe we are going to remain a Jeffersonian nation even if we become something akin to a mestizo Asian African stew of overcooked diversity. Also, there's nothing worse that the pathetic mewlings of European Americans saying, "I'm not a racist."  Who taught them to be so defensive anyway; and more importantly why were they taught to be so self defensive. Was it because of Hitler? Give me a break. Hitler didn't cause the kind of anti-European-Americanism we see today. Hitler was simply used to justify a pre-existing anti-European American push that was already beginning to feel its oats before the war; he was and continues to be used as a lever to capitalize on induced mass guilt; used to pry open the multicultural mess we have today. Therefore, in similar fashion to the likes of a multitude of non-white racial activists, we have to strike back and attack the accuser, with a charge of anti-white supremacy. That’s right, supremacy.  In various ways I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    They call us supremacists as though we spy on innocent citizens. But we don't do that - they do.
    They call us supremacists as though we try to silence dissenters. But we don't do that - they do.

    They call us supremacists as though we would disarm the innocent and make them victims of criminals and government forces. But we don't do that - they do.
    They call us supremacists as though we seek to eliminate freedom on the Internet. But we don't do that - they do.
    They call us supremacists as though we are targeting innocent people for ruin. But we don’t do that – they do.

    Therefore a vigorous well placed personal attack on your accuser will definitely change not only the conversation but your accusers’ perception --not to mention an audience’s perception-- of who you are and what you stand for inasmuch as nonwhite and Semitic groups are allowed to work on behalf of their own people often at taxpayer expense. And since they have always operated this way in the best of times and the worst of times I don’t see them stopping anytime soon. That’s why a well placed personal attack on your accuser is the best way to throw a wrench into their works. It will open people’s eyes with a kind of X ray vision as they begin to see they have been lied to; that today’s economic meltdown and cultural decline is directly related to the loss of traditional European American influence and demographic numbers. Did I mention the US Census Bureau predicts white Americans are going to be the new minority on or before the year 2043? You bet we have.

    And so in conclusion: as the veil of distraction becomes threadbare, we must continue to resist the diversion of today’s economic and cultural decline by going on the attack. No, I’m not saying its okay to allow your personal situations to fall apart at the expense of activism. But what I am saying is we all need to stay focused on the fact that on behalf of our demographic brothers and sisters we all must operate from a position of strength, knowledge and willpower. Like I said at the beginning of today’s talk, with the condition of the economy being in such lousy shape, I understand that’s its very difficult for even the most dedicated European American to stay focused on his or her self-confidence in support of the future of our people. But you know as well as I do that our enemies are coming from a position of claimed supremacy as they embarrass by example and legislate through deceit, to eventually cut off European Americans from their past and blind them to a future they would otherwise not agree to. And they believe they are going to be even more effective as things get worse. Let's prove them wrong. So get busy, stay busy, and tell us how it’s going.

    Thanks for listening.

    “Who is Frank Roman?

    News Source: author

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