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    Banned From Indian Fitness Center Because They're White
    Race; Posted on: 2009-04-04 05:09:48 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    "We enjoyed using the tribal fitness center because there was never anybody in there."

    Effective Monday April 6th Half a dozen health seeking patrons of the Lakeport Tribal fitness center were banned from returning to the facility solely on the basis of their European ancestry. The fact that they were allowed to begin a fitness program was allegedly due to a temporary lack of adhesion to tribal eligibility codes by clinic staff although the recommendation to use the facility was issued by several employed doctors of the clinic. According to the six discrimination victims, their privileges were revoked due to complaints from recognized tribal member not on the basis of any notable disturbance or character conduct but solely on the ethnic makeup of the European American women.

    During the interview some of the ladies giggled in response to quip humor describing the service as "Indian giving" while giving understanding to the tribes needs and why they have in place policies that protect their best interests. The general consensus of the effectively banned women resonated the following statement.

    "We hold little grievance against the tribe for securing a location for their own people, for their own behalf. Instead the grievance we share is that the equality which is promoted by our schools secured us no reservation for our culture, our heritage or habitable domain for lake county's majority demographic. We enjoyed using the tribal fitness center because there was never anybody in there."

    Note Tribal qualifications for membership can be found here.

    News Source: Email

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