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    Freedom and the "Obamanation"
    Activism; Posted on: 2009-04-01 17:54:00 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Obama's real agenda slowly unfolding

    by Alex Lee

    The US president, together with his Secret Service protection team, is holding up traffic in the UK capital as the leaders of the G20 gather to discuss the state of the world in the London Docklands. This piece submitted by a Maryland based Civil Liberty supporter is a timely pointer that President Obama represents the same global elite and vested corporate interests as his hapless Texan born predecessor.

    As an American, I find myself lucky to have witnessed (and survived) the recent presidential election. As far as I can tell, no other election in the relatively brief history of my country has caused such a worldwide stir. To be honest, I suppose most of the presidential elections that I’ve witnessed have been interesting. I was old enough to remember the election of President Bill Clinton, but beyond that, I was just a toddler. So I’ve lived through eight years of Clinton and eight years of Bush. The era of Barack Hussein Obama has begun.

    I am a conservative American. I’d bet that the image which comes most immediately to mind is that of an evangelical Christian, since that’s the image which is painted most often by the mainstream media. “Hardcore conservatives” as the media portray them are often just very religious people, usually of European descent.

    I, however, am not that particularly religious, although I am of European descent and care deeply about my culture and heritage. This naturally means that my politics lean to the right on the American political scale, and on some issues, even farther to the right than those “hardcore Christian conservatives” that the media love to talk about. This means that I did not support Barack Obama for the US presidency. This does not mean, however, that I voted for John McCain, for reasons that I’m about to describe.

    I would wager that most people, both in the United States and abroad, would assume that I support the Republican Party because of my conservative viewpoints. However, any serious educated conservative will tell you that the Republican Party has lost almost all of its credibility for true conservatives. It has pandered nearly exclusively to the religious demographic in the past decade with issues such as abortion and gay marriage, and upon the nomination of John McCain and following the election of Barack Obama, has tried to “broaden its constituency” by pandering to typically leftist demographics, such as minorities and college-aged people.

    This means that conservatives like me in America who want a limited federal government based on our Constitution and an end to both economic and social engineering by the government essentially have no party. I personally voted for Chuck Baldwin for President. Chuck Baldwin was the presidential nominee of the Constitution Party, and was endorsed by Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. Ron Paul was the Republican Party’s last chance to revive its traditional American conservatism. Now most conservatives like me admit that it may be time for a new political party.

    What we want is mind-bogglingly simple. We want to shrink our bloated central federal government back to its Constitutional limits. The United States Constitution outlines the few large, important things that the Federal government is allowed to do, including (but not limited to) the right to wage war, defend the citizens of the United States, and levy taxes and tariffs. Such was the vision of America’s founding fathers, direct descendants of the first British colonists; such was the goal of the world’s first constitutional republican democracy.

    Federal expansion

    My fellow conservatives and I believe that America’s founders would balk at our government today. Ron Paul, a Congressman from Texas, maintains that the level of expansion undertaken by the US Federal government, especially in the past fifty or sixty years, has done more harm than good for society. Social Security is a good example. Social Security, which was intended as a temporary measure for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal program, remains in effect today, and according to government sources, is the world’s biggest government welfare program on the planet and costs more than the US military in federal government expenditures. And are the American people at large really benefiting from this program? Some experts claim that the decline of the so-called “baby boomer” generation from the Second World War will mark the beginning of the end for sustainable Social Security because the size of the generations claiming Social Security benefits is much larger than the younger generation supporting the Social Security pot. It’s important to note that the United States government automatically takes a portion of one’s paycheck for Social Security in addition to an income tax for those earning more than a certain amount of money each year.

    Social Security is just one example of the United States Federal government’s actions of questionable constitutionality.

    Another example which is perhaps more alarming is the steady encroachment of the federal government on the private lives of Americans. This comes in many forms, but the most recent and prominent form was in the USA PATRIOT Act, signed into power by President George W. Bush shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. This legislation was created supposedly to combat terrorist threats to the United States. Critics and opponents of the bill, however, claim that it gives the federal government much leeway to essentially spy on law-abiding American citizens. As of right now, this seems to be an unlikely scenario, but the successful implementation of the PATRIOT Act could set a precedent for future presidents to infringe further on Americans’ civil liberties, especially considering the steady swing leftward seen in American politics today. And in the United States, that shift to the political left indicates a larger, overactive federal government. A large, overactive American federal government’s enemy is the traditional American conservative, who wants to rein in that government.

    Criminalizing thought

    So what does this all mean? It would not surprise me if Barack Obama decides to approve hate crime legislation, which would criminalize thought. Period. There are no ifs, ands or buts about this: hate crime legislation criminalizes thought. The United Kingdom should know this fact well, as would people in most of Europe. In both the UK and the EU, people to the right of the political scale’s centre constantly find themselves victims of everything from harassment by members of parliament to state-sponsored harassment and the criminalization of free speech, all because of the war against so-called 'hate'.

    As an American, I am aghast at the treatment of the political right in the UK and in Europe. The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees every American’s right to free speech and association; without such pivotal legislation, Britons and Europeans simply cannot speak freely. I’m especially flummoxed by the fact that radical Islamic imams can preach martyrdom, rejection of the British way of life, and stir up hatred and disdain for Europeans and Christianity with impunity, while people who are trying to save Great Britain and her native population from literal destruction such as the British National Party (BNP) experience the aforementioned persecution. The radical Muslims want nothing to do with democracy or English Common Law, whereas the BNP and patriotic Britons are considered a threat to British national security? Sounds like backwards insanity to me.

    It’s still too soon to determine exactly how President Obama will further erode Americans’ civil liberties. When it comes to governance, though, Obama’s motto (along with Congress, which is now dominated by leftist Democrats) is “more government equals better government.” Anyone who has lived in one of the many failed socialist or communist countries can tell you otherwise, though. It’s the same reason why so many Cubans in Miami vote conservatively: they’ve experienced a government-saturated existence, and they don’t care for it one bit. They know what the steady expansion of leftist government powers means for the future. They know what it’s like to have their every move monitored by government agents who will arrest and harass them if they step outside the official party line, and they no longer want any part of such a society.

    I’m not Cuban, and I may not have lived in a socialist, communist, or fascist state, but I know my history, and I know that freedom almost always trumps government control and oppression.

    Thankfully, there is still hope for all freedom-loving people, be they in the United States, Britain, or on the European continent. There are still plenty of democratic institutions through which we can elect political advocates of freedom; all of what has been done can still be reversed. That’s what I fight for; that's what we all must fight for, before we are no longer able to do so democratically.


    News Source: author

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