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    'Obamunism Blues' by Adirondack
    Video; Posted on: 2009-04-01 15:17:43 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    A folk musical group called Adirondack, consisting of EAU members, presents for the first time their song with an accompanying video called Obamunism Blues. The lyrics are in the Read More section, below. Pass it on. -- Ed.


    Obamunism Blues
    by Adirondack

    I ain't got no trust fund
    don't run no companies;
    just an ordinary white man --
    just a man on the street.

    Minding my own business
    never done nobody wrong
    Ain't never oppressed nobody
    Or held anybody down

    But then I hear Robert Reich
    Comin' on my TV
    Says the stimulus is for everyone
    'cept for white men like me

    I got the blues
    The white man can't escape them
    when Obama's tryin' to rape him
    I got the Obamunism, Obamunism blues.

    You know about Reverend Wright's
    White hating theology
    The prez learned for 20 years
    How to hate white men like me

    Nobody in his right mind
    would give that man a vote
    Anyone who did
    Must be on dope

    So when I hear Eric Holder
    Say what cowards we be
    But the fact of the matter
    is he's a coward on rape


    Now Obama isn't stupid
    he's got a Harvard degree
    So he knows just what he's doing
    to white men like me

    He's waging war against us
    don't be doubting that
    and if you have an ounce of spine
    you'd start fighting back

    So call your Congress-critters
    Tell 'em what to do
    Then go on the Internet
    and join EAU

    News Source: EAU member


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