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    Man Critical of Obama Case Judge Visited By U.S. Marshals
    Freedom; Posted on: 2009-03-21 16:03:21 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Don't challenge the messiah OR his minions, or else.

    A Washington, D.C., man who believes Barack Obama probably isn't eligible to be president and colorfully stated as much to a federal judge who dismissed a case challenging Obama's residency in the White House says he got a visit from U.S. marshals for his exercise of free speech.

    Jesse Merrell told WND he was reacting to Judge James Robertson's decision to throw out a case challenging Obama's eligibility because the issue had been thoroughly "twittered."

    Merrell sarcastically gave the judge a "good-for-you."

    "How dare people use a flimsy thing like the Constitution to darken your sanctimonious door!" he wrote to the judge. "The insane idea that a blue-gum baboon slashing our Constitution has to prove U.S. citizenship as our silly old Constitution demands is too absurd to consider in the sacred chambers of the tiny tin gods of the Potomac, adorning the royal purple and sipping Jim Jones Kool-Aid.

    "I told your Gestapo goons, of course, that unless the First Amendment had been repealed, or they were there to arrest me, that we had nothing to talk about.," Merrell's letter said ."One of your Brown-Shirt Nazi bullies, however, could not resist threatening me with some obscure law one he didn't know where it was, or when it was created which he said made it a crime to say something that caused a federal judge 'emotional distress.'

    "Emotional distress? What unbelievably unadulterated horses---!" Merrell wrote. "What about the repulsive, stomach-turning 'emotional distress' you black-robed baboons speciously dish out to the American people daily haughtily spitting on our precious Constitution with your nauseating, decency-stomping, judicial-jack--- slobber!

    "If it is illegal for a Constitution-loving citizen to chastise a Constitution-scorning judge, who has spitefully spat on America's consecrated moral bedrock, then the slimy, steel-laden tentacles of unspeakable tyranny are already wrapped tightly around helpless citizens awaiting the final hideous strangulation.


    News Source: wnd


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