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    Why Are They Complaining?
    Audio; Posted on: 2009-03-08 17:41:01 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    What else can you expect when the so-called right holds nearly identical views as the so-called left?

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    I’ve been getting a real ‘buzz’ lately over the way the mainstream neocons, talking heads, and commentators have been aghast by the way President Barack Mugabe has been running the country into the ground -- in ways no one could have ever imagined and with a speed that makes them all dizzy. They can't understand a president who would want something like the US economy in its current decrepit state to come about and even get worse. They are saying Barack Obama is now a shock to a lot of desperate people. They are saying things like he and his boss Rahm Emmanuel believes the crisis, the angst and the lack of self-confidence that Americans have about their own country is a good thing so that he can implement a socialist utopia.  Like good neoconservatives opposing liberalism they can’t understand why anyone would have ever voted for Barack Hussein Mugabe Obama when in fact he had the single most liberal voting record during 143 days of work in the United States Senate -- before he announced that he was running for the presidency.  Given his Marxist background and Saul Alinsky ideological underpinning, his hyper liberal voting record, who his friends associates and mentors were in Chicago and the people that influenced him, the neocons have nevertheless been shrieking like hungry crows day and night. Well, I got news for you. It was these same neoconservative blowhards, these same mawkish globalists who actually put Obama in the White House. If its blame they want to assign, they don’t have to blame the average brain dead voter which they themselves helped to spawn. They need to blame themselves.

    After all for the last 60 years – not to mention the last twenty-- it was they, the Limbaugh’s and Hannity’s, the Levin’s the Ingram’s, the O’Reilly’s and the Boortz’s who regularly and without fail demonized and pilloried people like Dr. Ron Paul; a gentleman with a traditional American ideology who actually stood a good chance against Barack Obama. While there was no doubt the so-called left hated Dr. Paul for his traditional views and fiscal conservatism, it is definitely interesting to note how these hypocrites on the so-called right labored in tandem with their so-called enemies on the left to marginalize the only man who was Barack Obama’s polar opposite. Just like they all tore apart Pat Buchanan when he ran on the Reform Party ticket in the 2000 presidential election  and just like they ignored Pastor Chuck Baldwin who was the presidential nominee of the Constitution Party. Indeed, had the neocons exerted even a tenth of the energy they used on Dr. Paul to cast him as a fruit basket rather than an agent of real change he most likely would be sitting in the White House. Clearly then, these devious “right wing” propagandists don’t really want a nation that allows people to use their free will, intellect and ambition in order to uphold and preserve the country of our fathers; by utilizing their talents and abilities to whatever degree they want. In other words the uplifting traits in our people Dr. Paul and others have always stood for they opposed in favor of international tycoons and self serving puppets like John McCain and Rudy Giuliani for crying out loud.  Why? Because these propagandists are talking out of both sides of their mouths. After all, Dr. Paul and his supporters would have really wanted to go to the Fair Tax instead of just talk about it. He would have taken steps to dismantle the Federal Reserve, to withdraw from NAFTA and GATT instead of just talk about it. He would have called to the docket all of the fat cats in Washington and New York who bent the backs of the middle class with millions of subprime mortgages that government regulators forced banks to make to unqualified people in the name of Affirmative Action and “diversity in housing.” He would have urged our manufacturers who went overseas to come home instead of just talk about it. He would have closed the border once and for all and seen to the deportation of millions of Third World squatters instead of just talk about it. In fact he publicly spoke out against abortion, women in the military, the Iraq War, and the need for constitutionally limited government including the sovereignty of individual states and their rights. In short they gave Dr. Paul tee total hell because he and most of his supporters ran on a platform in support of God, the traditional family, and an American Republic; things that do not match the agenda of their globalist sponsors, the military industrial complex and their fellow Neocons in Washington DC.
    Now I ask you: in the face of real conservatism that neoconservatives allegedly support as presented by Dr. Paul, does what I just said sound like the behavior of people who in actual fact opposed the well funded King of Teleprompters, Barack Obama?

    Now as many of my listeners already know European Americans United openly endorsed Dr. Paul to be the next president of the United States and here’s why. John Young said in February2008: “All of the rights laid out in the Bill of Rights weren't new inventions of the United States, but rather hearkened back to English, Greek and Roman laws and traditions of various times […] reserving general legislative authority over the States to their respective local governments, our founding fathers designed a system where differing community norms could co-exist with supportive governments all across the continent. […]The fact that our Constitution has since been twisted beyond all recognition and ignored whenever expedient in order to promote special interests and subject us to social experimentation [is what]what brings us to Ron Paul. […] We have to be realistic here […] having read what Ron Paul has to say… he doesn't have an explicitly pro-European-American bone in his body. […]Nevertheless […] combined with his specific policy proposals, (Dr. Paul) would be an enormous step forward for our people.”

    But as we all know by now it was not mean to be, at least not as far as the northeastern neocon big shots were concerned. Dr. Paul and his conservative vision for America never had a chance. Then again what else can you expect when the right holds nearly identical views as the so-called left? What else can you expect when neocons and rock ribbed leftists both share the religions of equality, of tolerance, of multiculturalism; who believe the right paperwork, a few words of English and the right attitude will make the most primitive Haitian just as resourceful as Thomas Edison or William Shockley? What else can you expect when all sides deliberately and malice aforethought ignore last year’s projection that white Americans are destined to minority status by 2043? Don’t let anyone fool you. The “Fox News right” is thrilled to have a black president no matter what he does. What I’m telling you is our talk masters on the right AND the left are acknowledging that non-whites in America will never be happy as well as equal, even with their top-of-the-food-chain-status which they and their mentors themselves have put into place. Similarly, both neocon Republicans and Marxist Democrats for years have pandered to non-whites and have actually done more for them than Obama ever has, and yet it’s still not good enough. Black and brown, yellow and red paranoia and anti-white bigotry have always been sanctioned by the left hand/right hand media, and it has now borne fruit. So instead of the Limbaughs, and Hannity’s, the Levin’s, Ingram’s O’Reilly’s and Boortz’s of the world seeking out the higher principle of the continuation of Western values and its indigenous Western people, non-whites as a whole have descended into their lower nature of hostility and directed their “revenge” against European Americans. At least on some level for God's sake they know it was they themselves who helped create this situation.

    Like an enabling spouse in an abusive relationship for decades the left/right media and their underlings in the federal government (not to mention the academy) have insisted that we swallow the lie that all men are created equal but others are more equal than others lest they initiate force against us. And now their wish has come true. With all of their disrespectful chatter about equality and insisting that European Americans (especially) knuckle under to the idea of racial ambivalence we may well be approaching critical mass in the next few years. At least I hope so. Oh yes, sometimes these hypocrites will throw a lazy left hook in the direction of some non-white racist loudmouth. That’s because in front of the cameras they can't publicly stomach that kind of group cohesion because it superficially means that miscegenation and multiculturalism (which lies under their corporate sponsor’s banner of tolerance) is supposed to be off limits to those who understand that it means a long slow death to their people – as in European American people. And God knows we can’t have a favored group that has been the recipient of neocon affirmative action, multiple apologies for slavery, and the neocon beneficiaries of the civil rights movement promoting that kind of ideology in such an ungrateful manner, now can we? Additionally, it is and always has been people like those I’ve mentioned today who have helped criminalize any manifestation of even the remotest form of European American promotion. At any rate there is a black messiah in the White House. And yet the children who were spoiled by their Great White Father on their TV screens are now grown and they are kicking out the walls for more.

    But that’s okay. Even now we and our kinsmen around the world are helping to awaken thousands of our people to the subconscious realities we’ve discussed today. And as the economy continues its supersonic nose dive as a direct result of Barack Mugabe’s Affirmative Action election, the day draws nigh when a new party will emerge from the ashes; a party that will have no choice not only to support and defend the descendants of the builders and framers of this nation, but to also hunt down the traitors and international criminals who have brought us to where we are today. Which is to say, let’s continue to work for the era when the neocons really have something to complain about.

    Thanks for listening.

    News Source: author


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