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    We As A People And Our Kids
    Audio; Posted on: 2009-03-01 07:55:10 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    A program that will benefit and preserve our people as not only individuals but as a nation won't come overnight; however it has to be undertaken now.

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    How many times in the last several weeks have you heard Barry Obama and his disciples refer to their fascist bottomless pit stimulus package in the following terms: "There�s no limit to what we as a people can do."

    Indeed I've heard this and other similar clichés more times than I can count, not only in the last few weeks but in the past several decades dripping from the mouths of multiple DC hacks, corporate media pimps, and even prime time evangelists. And I always have to ask myself: which "we as a people" are they talking about? And even more important, which "we as a people" are they NOT talking about? The word �people� is synonymous with nation, which is defined as �racially homogeneous groups of people, larger than a single tribe or community, who share a common language, institutions, religion, and historical experience.�  Well now, in light of the fact that European Americans are allowing themselves to be aborted, sterilized and otherwise replaced by the rest of the world�s teeming masses, who bear absolutely no commitment to the historical make-up of our nation and people, it seems the talking heads are either lying about who �we as a people� actually are; or they do know and don�t care � as long they can in stay in power.

    As many of my listeners know by now the truth about people hood or nation hood in today�s America depends more on the meaning of reality than on the meaning of people hood and nation hood. Especially when the sociopathic anti-racists that haunt our media and universities say race is "only skin deep" many of us know they are lying, as any experienced forensic expert will tell you.

    I mean, it wasn�t all that long ago when our people understood the reality of race and nation hood when it was explicitly taught in our schools and universities. They also used to understand what it meant to be a European American in terms of unspoken knowledge; just as they knew what nationhood meant to the Japanese, Chinese, Indian or African; knowledge that was verified through their eyes and minds because of their surroundings and plain old common sense. And truth be told our enemies have always understood the very same things. It�s just that they no longer want the Caucasian masses to get comfortable again with such a politically incorrect idea, as it might get in the way of their celestial crack at remaking our country into the Marxist, multicultural mock-up they took in with their mother�s milk -- which happens to include miscegenation, cultural relativism, and Third World colonization. And of course, like I�ve said a million times already, much of this national suicide is funded with your tax dollars. Bottom line: Whenever someone says �there�s no telling what we as a people can do� what they are actually saying is there�s no telling what level of nirvana �you the blended racial masses inhabiting this geographic location� can achieve as long those �dodgy, pseudo-intellectual white nationalists� stay out of the way by acknowledging their obvious shame.

    It�s all about controlling the only part of society which poses the greatest threat to our enemies� self serving ends. And how do they wield such control? I think we already know. For one thing we already know that most people would rather be lined up and shot than suffer the accusation of racist, neo-Nazi, bigot, and other playground slurs. For another we know it was our enemies who put this racial conditioning in place themselves, knowing all too well that today�s institutions will consequently vilify, denigrate and utterly destroy any European American who attempts to take a similar position on their own behalf �you know, like non-white groups do today. In other words, the real haters operate in the court of prearranged public opinion and they rigged the jury a long time ago. One condition for mass acceptance of multiculturalism is that it must first be made into an image of sweetness and light; an image that came about almost immediately if you think about it, thanks in large part to the manipulators who sunk their claws into our media and entertainment industries. No one seems to notice that an America for European immigrants has been slickly reversed in the process, which is to say fewer European Americans and their influence is now not only fashionable but politically desirable.

    A program that will benefit and preserve a people as individuals and as a nation won't come overnight but it has to be undertaken now. And while I�m thinking about it, proper child rearing with an emphasis on racial and cultural identity, and familial integrity is the single best long term solution we European Americans have at our disposal to counter �we as a people�s� dispossession. It�s never too late for action and there�s no reason whatsoever you can�t be a part of this long term solution. While it is fundamentally important to organize for the short term--prepare for the worst and hope for the best -- it is just as important to home school the kids with an eye on the future. There are several good reasons why it appears that more and more European American parents, as a whole or whether they�re aware of it or not, choose home schooling instead of sending them off to multi-culti Marxist pig pens disguised as schools. At least until age 10 or 12, students who spend more time with other children their age than with their parents tend to rely on other children for their values; values they�ve learned from today�s anti-white educators not to mention a hostile media. They are predisposed to have a lower sense of self-worth and optimism. They have less respect for their parents and even learn to have misgivings about their own peers. This is one of the most important, and unrecognized, reasons for the present racial dysfunction of most adolescent behavior. As a side note, it would also be helpful if the parents in question are responsible enough to act like adults instead of vapid consumers, following the latest fads.

    Also, a 1960 study for the Smithsonian Institution by Harold McCurdy concluded that genius, true genius, is more likely to develop among children who spend more time with their parents and other adults, spend less time with their peers, and have freedom to work out their fantasies. McCurdy also suggested the public school system tends to do the reverse and restrict the development of geniuses. In other words, the state would rather our children learn to be good little workers, takes orders and bows to authority. This may be why Stephen Arons wondered in his 1983 book Compelling Belief:

    �Why is it that millions of children who are [�] push outs and dropouts amount to business as usual in the public schools, while one family educating a child at home becomes a major threat to universal public education and the survival of democracy?�

    Again, the state would rather our children learn to be good little workers, takes orders and bows to authority. In fact whether we are acting implicitly or explicitly the finest benefit of home schooling is knowing your European American child is able to succeed in life by, among other things carrying your legacy and our people�s birthright forward, and you know you had more than a little bit to do with his or her achievements. That�s why, right out of the gate, EAU knew how important it was to develop its own home school program. This program in CD format is the first edition of EAU's home school curriculum for grades 1-6; and contains all curriculum materials (e.g. books, primers except for specifically recommended science kits that will need to be purchased for grades 5 and 6). The style of this syllabus begins with a Charlotte Mason "learning through reading" approach in the earlier grades but gradually blends with the Classical model so that by the end of 6th grade, your child is ready for Latin exams. Can public schools say that?  Curriculum materials have been purposely selected to carry both implicit and explicit values that are attuned with our Statement of Ethics and the well-being of our Folk.

    For a second time this is the single best long term strategy European Americans have at their disposal to directly and effectively reclaim our nation, �we as a people,� whether we as parents live to see it or not. Of course, if you don�t have any children, now may be the appointed time to break the ice with that special someone who cranks your tractor. So, the next time you hear or see some tooth whitened hair plug wearing gaffe machine talking about �what we as a people can do� to set our nation right, remember that it doesn�t have to be like diversity enriched dead broke and violent California, which is where we�re headed. In the present tense as well as the not too distant future our people, we European Americans, must be ready and willing to dedicate our lives and posterity to a cause greater than ourselves. Oh, and before anyone claims that I am off the hook with this monumentally important task because my own son is already grown � well, I am about to become a grandfather. So --here we go again!

    Thanks for listening.

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