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    Getting The "Steele Shaft"
    Audio; Posted on: 2009-02-16 19:01:14 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Black on black 'leadership:' if all the Republicans can serve us up is a heaping helping of steaming leftist excrement such as Michael Steele's positions on NAFTA, GATT, gun control, Affirmative Action and other issues; it's time to stick a fork in them: they're done.

    By Frank Roman and John Young

    Audio Version

    The Republican leadership has done it again. That is, they have managed to select a party standard-bearer of uncertain ideological qualifications whose positions are so difficult to distinguish from those of the opposition party as to be pointless. We are speaking, of course, of Michael Steele (pictured right) whose sole positive qualification, in the eyes of Republican leadership, seems to be that he’s black. In a transparent game of identity-politics one-upmanship, the Republicrats were unsatisfied with the results of "seeing the Democrat's black and raising them a woman" -- a woman, who, incidentally, couldn't name ANY Supreme Court case other than Roe v Wade -- and have now gone all the way by electing an African-American to lead their party. Now, in the world where identity politics is the name of the game, they can jump up and down like an eager five year old yelling "me too!"

    This little game that the Republican Party is playing evinces both contempt for voters [of all races] and a profound misunderstanding of the politics of race along with finally tipping their empty hands for all to see. It kind of makes me wonder if the Democrats will now feel compelled to replace Howard Dean with a left-handed Ethiopian Jewish lesbian amputee -- during a full moon no less. Indeed this is the same Michael Steele who in a TIME magazine interview during the post-election period, praised Obama's election as America's first black President.

    He also made clear that as RNC chairman, he would move to temper the party's rigidity and truculence. Which is to say he has every intention of further eroding the Republican Party leadership in to a softer even less traditional vehicle by which to ignore white Americans, whom he has referred to as “white bread.” Further he recently said to his new subjects: “If you don't want to drill down and build coalitions in minority communities, then you have to give that seat to someone who does."

    He can say that all day and it still won’t help.

    African-Americans are not politically stupid. As a racial political entity that relies on the aid of the media and our federal dollars, they have successfully allied themselves with the Saul Alinsky left ever since the Sixties, a formula that is all but unstoppable. Whether this is wise in the long run is, in our opinion, debatable. But, as a voting bloc, they have demonstrated time and again that they will vote AGAINST black candidates if those candidates aren't pandering leftists; and they will actively criticize and scorn blacks such as Clarence Thomas who leave the racial reservation. Just a whiff of alleged conservatism -- or even neo-conservatism -- sends blacks into a screaming frenzy laced with charges of racism no matter who they smell it from. When given the choice to elect either a black candidate with less than liberal leanings or a white full-fledged red diaper liberal, they are smart enough to look beyond race and vote for the white candidate if that candidate serves what they consider to be their racial interests. A great example of this was demonstrated in 2000 when black Republican Jack E. Robinson III challenged the white leftist Democrat Ted Kennedy for the Senate. According to exit polls, Jack E. Robinson received only 12% of the African-American vote!  Likewise, whenever given the choice between a leftist in Republican clothing and a leftist in Democrat clothing, blacks will vote in a 90% block for the leftist in Democrat clothing. They demonstrated this decisively in the most recent election between two leftists and in Clinton's second election. What this means is that putting the very left-leaning neo-con version of Barry Obama, Michael Steele, in charge of the Republican Party won't buy more than a handful of African-American votes for Republicans; just like running the amnesty monger John McCain didn't buy the Hispanic vote for Republicans--which is to say the marginalization of white Buchanan voters will only get more of the same. Indeed, if the RNC wanted to “go black” with at least a modicum of political honesty they could have at least called out Walter Williams or even Jesse Lee Peterson to man the helm! Barring color games, what about nominating TX Republican Ron Paul? Of course they didn’t because the neo-cons are only interested in the simulation of traditional American conservatism…and they know it. But so do we.

    Ever since George Bush I made his fateful New World Order speech, patriotic Americans, otherwise known as “extremists” who have been proven right time and time again, are justifiably suspicious of the Republicans. And once George Bush II committed American troops to the sands in Iraq pursuing Weapons of Mass Destruction that never existed, and called for the citizenship of millions of Third World mestizos, the Republicans have lost what little political capital they had gained with Newt Gingrich's pathetic Contract with America. In fact, ever since then Republicans have become so much like Democrats that you have to put an R or a D after a politician's name to tell the difference. This blob-like slouch into leftism culminated most recently in the election between John McCain and Barack Obama in which *every issue of substance and importance* to the American people was off-limits. On ALL of the major issues there was little difference between the Republican nominee and a Democratic nominee whose voting record was so liberal he was even further to the left than Bernie Sanders, an openly-admitted socialist. Both candidates favored amnesty for illegal immigrants. Both candidates favored limiting our God-given right of self-defense. Both candidates favored the job-destroying North American Free Trade Agreement and both candidates favored the economy and sovereignty-destroying General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. Both candidates had identical positions on unwavering support for the Israeli ethno-state in which inter-ethnic marriage is illegal. Both candidates favored programs that explicitly discriminate against European-Americans in hiring, government contracts, and educational opportunities.Indeed both candidates favor demonizing even the most reasonable expression of European American protection.

    We should stop to point out, here, that the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and its accompanying World Trade Organization courts and tribunals are no small matter. It is because of this treaty, ratified by a traitorous Senate and signed by a traitorous President that our Congress today cannot and WILL NOT compose a stimulus plan that stipulates the purchase of American goods. It would be illegal for your Congress to put forth a "Buy American" plan in the face of an economic meltdown because of this appalling globalist contract. Yet, on this point, both candidates agreed to support the treaty and it never came up in the campaign except to endorse it.Thus, we were left with a campaign which more closely resembled a beauty contest or a talent show than a deliberation of issues. This fact above all others was not lost on the real conservatives who make up the core of the Republican base; many of whom, such as myself, voted for Third Party candidates or didn't even both to show up at the polls. Accordingly, what the election of Michael Steele reveals, then, is a Republican Party that can no longer tell you, like your mother, that you cannot judge a book by its cover. Rather, the Republicrats are desperately trying to glue the covers together so you can't look inside. They’re  trying to distract us with Michael Steele’s mug shot on the cover. They want us to do ANYTHING but look inside and judge them, but most especially him, on the issues and merits; because, on the issues and merits, they all stand ready to drop their conservative laundry like a hooker having a bad night -- and Steele is one of them.

    If all the Republicans can serve us up is a heaping helping of steaming leftist excrement such as Michael Steele's positions on NAFTA, GATT, gun control, Affirmative Action and other issues; it's time to stick a fork in them: they're done. And again, Michael Steele supports these nation killing hateful objectives. As opposed to today, the core philosophy that guided Republicans for generations was NOT political expediency like simply winning elections, but rather a deeply held philosophy of the importance of ideas epitomized in Richard Weaver's "Ideas Have Consequences." (The consequences of this revolution, Weaver contends, were the gradual erosion of the notions of distinction and hierarchy, and the subsequent enfeebling of the Western mind's capacity to reason. These effects in turn produced all manner of societal ills, decimating Western art, education and morality.) They understood that there were rights and wrongs and -- while they have been misguided at times on certain issues—history shows they implicitly and even explicitly supported the European-American fabric of the United States, at least until the rot set in.
    So, what happened to the Republicrats? Well, many things happened. For one, they were infiltrated by so-called neo-conservatives who are nothing more than hard-core Red Diaper Baby communists and egalitarians with a strong line on defense when it comes to Israel right or wrong. For another, they were addicted to the praise lavished upon them by enemies in the media whenever they would compromise a real-world principle in favor of leftist deliriums. In other words the alien media created the problem by demonizing their traditional positions and then created the solution by hypocritically sucking up when they toed the Marxist line. But most of all, the former conservatives-now- neoconservatives were compromised by the terrible power of unlimited taxpayer’s money and a strong helping of politically correct indoctrination to garnish their bottomless troughs.

    It is really no mistake that in the last 60 years there has been no debate on the most important and pivotal issues facing our country and our people. Witness for example their absolute refusal to condemn the Federal Reserve (except for Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich recently); or their thunderous silence over the approaching minority status of white Americans on or around 2042. That's because a mere handful of people who all go to the same country clubs, the same international seminars, and the same bath houses, provide the lion's share of funding for Democrats and Republicans alike. And we all know the Golden Rule of Politics: he who has the gold, makes the rules. Not only that, he who has the gold can also elect a black RINO (Republican-In-Name-Only) like Mike Steele to head the RNC. This is why, when the talking heads on TV congratulated Americans during the inauguration for the "peaceful transfer of power" their regurgitated chatter was so laughable. Why?  Because power, actual power, never did change hands; there really was no transfer of power. That’s why it was so peaceful!

    We’ll talk about Michael Steele a little more in just a moment but let’s go with this first:

    You see, the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate sectors get what they pay for in Congress. An analysis of those who voted for or against the big bailout plan shows that, on average, members of Congress who voted for the bailout received 51% more money from those sectors than members who voted against it. In fact, these international swindlers spread an astonishing $68 Million just to members of the House in 2008, plus $22 Million to John McCain and another $25 Million to Barack Obama. And that's just last year.


    As near as we can tell these are among the real secrets that Michael Steele is supposed to distract us from noticing; by having us look at the cover of the Republican book with Steele’s mug on the cover rather than within the pages of what has become of the Republican Party. The secret is that the Republican Party, just like the Democratic Party, is owned -- lock, stock and barrel -- by just a handful of wealthy special interests that all adhere to political correctness and the blue blooded psychosis of racial equality. Like the so-called “white extremists”  have been saying for decades those interests are asserting their power and authority on both major parties on the most important issues facing the country so that, for all practical purposes, the American people have no choice but to open up, say "ah," and accept their poison.
    But this can be considered a good thing. There’s an old European proverb dating from at least the 1650's that notes it is always darkest before the dawn, you’ve heard it before; and this low point for the Republican Party, with its slavish election of Michael Steele to lead them, marks a sea-change that will inevitably lead to a brighter day –as long as the sick lame and lazy among our people stay out of the way and WE keep our eyes on our objectives. I mean think about it. In the summer of 2007 the American people dealt the Masters of Deceit an unexpected front kick to the groin by rising up in overwhelming numbers to defeat an amnesty bill they thought was a shoe-in. The District of Corruption (DC) thought it was a shoe-in because they had already bought everyone who needed to be bought, and had been softening up the American public with non-stop mestizo sob-stories and emotion-laden programming showing the faces of Third World children redolent of fly blown villages. They even employed focus-group-tested language such as "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" to dress up their traitorous legislation, but it didn't work. Talk radio, short wave, Internet forums, Numbers USA and groups like EAU mobilized millions of Americans to act -- and enough Congressmen feared their constituents enough that they rebelled against their masters. What they continue to forget or disregard is that the genie is out of the bottle now. With organic resistance popping up all over and forming into impromptu coalitions using the Internet for organization; as more and more of our people awaken to what is going on, the days of the Masters of Deceit will be numbered.

    And our people WILL awaken.
    For decades the powers behind the scenes, the purveyors of Dynamic Silence, were content to erode American sovereignty and compromise our rights while selling the interests of European-Americans down the river through ostensibly European-American front-men who were bought and paid for. Trust is always highest WITHIN a given ethnic group, so these were the perfect salesmen for suicidal poison. But now that both the Democrats and Republicans are being fronted by non-Europeans, the embedded trust of the European-American populace will be much lower. Just look at the difficulties Barack Obama has been having just during his first two weeks in office. Why? Because a growing number of European-Americans especially are casting an appropriately critical eye on his cabinet nominees and bailout proposals laden with enough socialist pork that Leon Trotsky is grinning silently in his grave. Make no mistake; Bailout Part II (Bleedout Part II) won't fix our economy. Things will just keep getting worse for a European-American middle class squeezed between the globalist elite and welfare classes while paying the freight for both. A lot of us are not stupid. Many of us realized long ago that the Republican Party needed an enema, and we're going to be the one's gleefully doing the administration. That's because no matter how much the Republicrat leadership try to appeal to African-Americans or Latinos, middle-class European-Americans have been and always will be the base of the Republican Party without whom it cannot survive; and it is our belief this realization is gaining traction in spite of the media’s influence. The election of Michael Steele marks the beginning of both a strengthening of third parties, the political awakening of European-Americans AND the entry of more European-Americans into politics under the banner of existing parties. Many of these new entrants will be explicitly pro-European-American, and many will not. But, more and more, they will carry with them the knowledge of what is broken. They will have no choice but to fix it, and fix it they will.

    Of course, European Americans United has every intention of being there. One way that we demonstrated our willingness to take the fight to the enemy was the Send It Now promotion, whereby we asked our members and supporters to send a letter (composed by the EAU BoD) to their state and local politicians, the media, and whoever else needed a wakeup call which addressed the Republican Party’s loss of the White House, the House and the Senate. The basic thrust of the communiqué was their "inclusive" posture which has been tried with John McCain who pandered endlessly to Mexican pressure groups, African-American pressure groups, Israeli lobbies and practically anyone who was not a European-American. We pointed out to them that this election marked the final breaking point where Republicans, if they pay attention, should have learned by now that it is entirely probable to alienate the Republican base sufficiently that it will vote for third-parties. Hell, they’ll even vote for a black Alinsky democrat rather than support the undermining of conservative principles by sell outs, that’s pretty bad! Essentially, we let them know that it was pandering, rather than failure to pander, which cost Republicans the election. Unfortunately, however, right on the heels of this promotion the RNC, in typical black pandering mode, called out Mike Steele to run the show. Nevertheless, we think the approach we took was worthwhile. Even if you think the bad guys are pre-disposed to ignore reason, you must present it nevertheless. Not just for the people to whom you are making the immediate demand, but to all those who will SEE the demand.  We know for a fact the letter was sent out far and wide. But the information gatekeepers and those who fear them kept it on the down low.

    Although we hoped for the best, we knew the RNC would most likely ignore us and the participants knew that as well. After all EAU is not EF Hutton where the world listens when we have something to say, let’s be realistic here. And we certainly didn’t expect to see the leftist Steele pop up like a jack-in-the-box minstrel the Republicrats think he is. But by doing what we did, we essentially primed people to be thinking along the lines of getting their feet wet on a local level. In fact, just yesterday (02062009) I heard a conservative caller on a nationally syndicated talk radio program announce that he has every intention of running for office in his location -- in spite of the fact that he’s broke!
    Of course, some of our friends and allies noted what had taken place on the heels of our public letter and were rightfully concerned if we had done the right thing. Well, of course we did. In fact, because third parties always show such a dismal performance at the polls it is generally agreed upon that a third party rebellion will be spawned from WITHIN the Republican Party with all of the assets and personnel needed, so as far as we are concerned our public letter to the RNC actually augmented this reality.

    Like Edmund Burke said: No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.

    By failing to look deeper than the obvious we ignore the fact that our enemies work through hidden and overt leverage and can only pay so much attention to what’s going on around them while most of their efforts are focused at the national level. That’s why we think the approach we took was worthwhile in spite of Mike Steele's contemptible ascension into Republicrat heaven. (Franks a poet and don’t know it! –Ed.) We’ve already been seeing intelligent and well-spoken individuals like John Ubele running openly for office. Yes, he was defeated, but as a first-time candidate on a third-party ticket who was out-spent 40:1, the nearly 2,000 votes he received were nothing to sneeze at. Meanwhile, EAU members, including some members of our board, actively participated in the Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin campaigns and other conventional operations. This sort of effort has now spread to other pro-European-American organizations and will grow like wildfire over the next few years. But we are mindful of the fact that Americans had three distinct chances to return the nation of our fathers back on the right track: And that was with Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin. Three chances, lost. Things do look pretty dark right now, but there’s no point in getting bummed out about it. We outnumber our enemy by thousands-to-one and the Masters of Deceit, the purveyors of Dynamic Silence, only rule through our sanction, our implied consent, and that has to stop, understand? All we need to do is buckle down and ACT and victory will be ours. Will the survival of our race and nation as it was meant to be, be automatic? No. Will it be easy? Afraid not. Will it be fraught with peril with a few casualties along the way? Yes. But will the cause be as righteous as the shot heard round the world? Definitely, yes. So I want you to start thinking, right now, about what YOU can do. There is no such thing as a contribution of effort that is too small. If everyone who listened to this podcast just did whatever could be done, wherever he was, with whatever he had in the next couple of years -- the world would change overnight. Unlike the pretentious Obamabots WE are the agent of change, YOU are the agent of change -- now make it so. Make it happen. If you run short of ideas, just keep listening or drop us a line because we'll have plenty for you in the weeks and months ahead. That’s what we do and we want you on board.

    On behalf of the Board of Directors and especially my friend John Young who contributed so much to today’s broadcast, this is Frank Roman.

    Thanks for listening.

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