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    The Revolution in Mexico Has Begun
    Immigration; Posted on: 2009-01-24 12:07:35 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Mexico's drugs, violence and corruption and all of its related ramifications will bring the country down through revolution by its people.

    Michael Webster, Investigative Reporter

    According to a spokesperson, a new radical group calling itself the Juárez Citizens Command is threatening to strike back against lawlessness that has gripped Mexico for a long time. The group says that they are going to strike back by killing one criminal a day until order and peace is restored. Similar groups are popping up all across Mexico.

    Over the years, with the help of corrupt Mexican officials and corrupt or myopic American officials, and with American politicians nurturing a lack of foresight and discernment have developed at the very least a narrow view of what's actually happening in Mexico and are now in denial of a failed state. As a result of this corruption the failed state of Mexico has become one of the most dangerous places in the world where violence runs rampant and Citizens wake up to executed headless bodies in their streets. The spokesperson stated.

    Juan Lopez, a shopkeeper in the border town of Nogales, says "The people of Mexico feel that the government is losing the war against the Mexican Drug Cartels bloody violence and that the government is unable to protect us."

    The Mexican border towns are like ghost towns with no tourist and no customers to buy their goods. Tourists, mainly Americans, have stopped shopping in Mexico because of that violence. To make things even more untenable the cartel gangs are demanding protection money from the small Mom and Pop shop owners in Mexico City and throughout the country and it seems the current Calderon government cannot or will not stop it.


    From a reader: Mexico has the potential to be a great nation, but is in the grip of a "comprador" kleptocracy which uses the United States as its "social safety net," siphoning off its poorest and most potentially revolutionary populations through illegal immigration. Awareness of the US corporate role in this problem is absolutely crucial to understanding the dynamics of the illegal immigration issue. It is to be hoped that the people of Mexico take their nation back, a solution to the immigration crisis advocated by the great racialist and environmentalist Edward Abbey.
    News Source: americanchronicle


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