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    French Racism Industrialist Investigated
    Race; Posted on: 2009-01-24 11:39:48 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Money laundering and corruption investigation launched into founder of "racism" shakedown group

    One of the founding members of a French organization committed to "fighting racism" is under investigation by the French government for crimes related to money laundering and corruption, according to reports, among them an in depth article in Liberation, France's leftist daily newspaper.

    Julien Dray, a former Trotskyist who came up with the idea for the SOS Racisme group in the ominous year 1984, is accused of siphoning off as much as the equivalent of $150,000 from SOS Racisme and the Independent and Democratic High School Federation (FIDL). Some of his allegedly ill gotten wealth went into a $40,000 luxury wristwatch, leading to his new nickname of "the apparatchic", a play on the apparatchik bureaucrats of Soviet days. Dray is renowned for his mercenary political behavior; selling out radical Trotskyism to become a cog in the Socialist machine, Dray rose at one point to be the spokesman for the Socialist leader Ségolène Royal, and was slated to become Minister of City and Lodging in "conservative" Nicolas Sarkozy's government. Sarkozy wants to "reach out to the left" and Dray peddles his credentials as a "fighter against racism" to pose as a defender of France's immigrant poor.

    Despite it being officially a "Non Governmental Organization" (NGO), SOS Racisme is closely linked to the Socialist Party, which plays a role similar to the Democrats in the United States. The organization was formed in 1984 when the patriotic Front National emerged from an internal rectification campaign designed to construct a serious, electable organization, which soon began to rob both the Socialists and the Communists (at the time a real player in French politics) of their white, working class base. The goal of SOS Racisme, and the Communist aligned MRAP, was to tie up patriots in court cases brought by the organizations, efforts which have proven expensive for some nationalists but did not slow the advance of the FN. In fact, the transition of the French (and all European) left from support of working class interests to an embrace of new Third World immigrant populations has made the FN France's blue collar voice. In the the presidential elections of 2002, the FN's Jean Marie Le Pen destroyed the Socialists in the first round, going head to head against the conservatives. The FN's success was a massive shock to the French ruling elite, marking a clear dividing line between the opposition, represented by Le Pen's milieu, and the system, a coalition of conservatives, socialists, Islamists along with Trotskyists and other far leftists.

    SOS Racisme claims to speak for France's Third World population and rally it to support the status quo. But the close links both SOS Racisme and the MRAP have with Jewish groups has blunted their appeal among these demographic groups, who are overwhelmingly Muslim. As a result, both are seen as political machine fronts by immigrants and nationalists alike, and are forced to carry out "activism" with weasel court stunts, such as suits against intellectuals and people who write protest letters.
    News Source: Western Voices reader

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