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    1984 And Beyond
    Audio; Posted on: 2009-01-17 18:18:24 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Acknowledging and upholding the fact that America is a traditionally white country borne of the finest elements from Europe, is deeply troubling to the government media and educational system. So the evidence and words of this reality is endlessly undermined, managed or point-blank sent down the memory hole.

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    I know that many of our listeners have read George Orwell’s novel 1984. My first read was back in middle school and I remember how the vivid imagery and tone worked on my imagination. In fact I still experience the same thing whenever I even hear the book’s title 1984. Indeed your host has read it no less than four times. I guess there is something captivating yet depressing about this book, the lessons of which are so obvious some folks can’t even see them. But let’s get to an obvious point here: the similarities between our present age and that of Orwell's 1984 are very creepy. So much so, that reading the news headlines or watching the boob tube in 2008/2009 makes it seem menacingly familiar. Mr. Orwell was definitely on to something.

    George Orwell's book 1984 is the storyline of a futuristic society where the individual person no longer exists. It’s a place of dreary regimentation, where misinformation is used to exert power over the masses, and where everlasting war continues to be waged in order to keep the bored masses “united.” 

    Orwell describes a society where lies are the truth and the truth is a lie; where morality is subjective and immorality is moral. Due to a well placed fear in the population’s psyche and heavy-handed propaganda of its leaders, it’s a dismal industrialized place where history is always being revised in order to maintain whatever the government is doing or wants to do; where Big Brother observes your every move, right down to your facial expression and whatever threat level even that might indicate at any moment.

    And yet in the middle of this autocratic paradise, where fear and obedience govern each person’s life, there is only one man--Winston Smith--who dares to question Big Brother, who tries to the best of his ability to forge a life for himself regardless of the consequences. When he is locked up in the Ministry of Love, where he is nakedly exposed to the horrific punishment of those who lie in wait in Room 101 he still manages to hang onto one solid thought: that if there is any hope at all for the nation he stubbornly loves, that hope lies with his fellow citizens; the ordinary masses, the great unwashed. Maybe the day will come, he thought, when they would finally shake off their fear; and by their sheer weight of force and their numbers—wipe out the gigantic mirage of tyrannical state supremacy.

    What’s that you say, Roman, a mirage of state supremacy? You got it.

    As our Founding Fathers emphatically have stated over and over again the state has no power except what we give it. The success of those who assume state power, Big Brother, is directly related to our eagerness to give up our own power. The main role of our alleged leaders, the central reason for them to even get up in the morning, is to instill in us, the taxpayers, the implication that the almighty benevolent state is absolutely critical to our lives, for without it we the people will suffer like abandoned children at a dark truck stop.

    The method of directing our country is changing, and changing fast – at least compared to the early part of the 20th century. Clearly, the media and their allies in the universities, who actually lead and direct some of the more gutless peons in DC, all take part in governing and managing the affairs of our country away from the precepts set forth by our European Founding Fathers. Like 1984’s Big Brother-like system today’s media controls the behavior of politicians and citizens alike; politicians fear losing the next election by the media threatening them with being depicted as unelectable, and fear of public humiliation for us everyday citizens by depicting us as politically incorrect, subversive and even dangerous. I mean think about it: by combining short term and long term planning they do all of this and more by way of state education funded by unwilling taxpayers, the management and direction of the media, the twisting of facts and history, creating inhibition to act, fear of authority; all these things are tools of the state—Big Brother--in its continuous mission to sustain its control over people – especially our people. Whereas in the novel 1984 the population was controlled through fear and ongoing deprivation disguised as goodwill, in 2009 the population is being manipulated through fear of deprivation; the loss of ongoing comfort and entertainment (based in fiat currency). But in both cases there is an overt and an unspoken dominion of the need to conform to the rest of the population that is doing what it’s told; trading freedom for security. And if these things don’t work, well there's always Room 101, 1984’s ultimate punishment, or something akin to Ruby Ridge and Waco for the system to fall back on.

    NOTE: Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth.  -George Washington

    Obviously our main concern in the grand scheme of destiny for our country is the future of European Americans; and we can say with confidence: in consideration of this equation all else will follow. All people of good will should take heed of the recent reports that our community of European persuasion is destined to be the new minority in a non-white America in about a generation (2042). What should have been front page news since August 2008, and it would have been if the particulars of this demographic disaster were different, remains obscured in the hysterical wake of the talking head’s post election analysis of Barack Obama. Naturally, Barack Obama’s messianic ascension into the White House along with the “war” between Israel and Hamas in Gaza serves as even more perfect excuses not to cover this story. Third World immigration, inept self serving policy makers and government officials, tolerance indoctrination, and a media that condemns even the most benign manifestation of European based racial solidarity all contribute to an overall air of spiteful universal impatience with us.

    Acknowledging and wishing to uphold the fact that America is a traditionally white country borne of the finest elements from Europe is deeply troubling to the government, the media and educational system. In fact according to Thomas Jefferson it was our people and our people alone who developed “a wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor (the) bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government.” And so in true Orwellian doublespeak the evidence and words of this reality is continuously undermined, managed, or flatly sent down the memory hole. In order to maintain political correctness, tolerance, multiculturalism, and especially moral relativism as it relates to accepting the parameters of acceptable activism; activism that does not include the long term welfare and survival of European Americans. Western Voices World News and countless other patriotic publications have presented irrefutable evidence that this is the case. Never forget: the control of information is the state’s most fearsome weapon.

    But with the arrival of the internet, a technological breakthrough that will stand alone for decades to come, that is all changing now.

    The masters of fear and deprivation in Orwell’s 1984 would have never tolerated the internet, and I daresay even in this age of gluttony and commercialism there are those who want it crushed. They want it crushed because domestic and international alliances working on behalf of European derived people are being forged in the blink of an eye. They want it crushed because national boundaries are gradually being rediscovered; giving way to pan European principles based on the very real diversity of our people; the desire to preserve all of our people’s culture and genetics in the face of corporate globalism and Third World invasions. Historic bonds are finally connecting with us in the present and we are shaping the future. The internet and the subsequent awareness of our people’s identity coupled with the importance of that identity it is now creating, is the only weapon that can finally take down the Marxist illusions that grip our people by the short hairs.  Big Brother, the System, the Party, Oceania – or whatever you want to call it -- believes a homogeneous white population is somehow detrimental and needs to be "improved" with desegregation, miscegenation and open borders. This belies an acute condition that ought to be eradicated from ever seeing the light of day again in the public or private sector of our nation.  Thankfully though, fear mongering and Big Brother-isms are becoming more or less debatable now. Slowly, inexorably, the aim of all anti-racist penalties-- which is the indoctrination of the person being punished to accept their own demise or submission to political correctness-- is being taken apart now like a cheap toy by the internet. Outdated concepts like fairness and truth on behalf of our own are being reborn. Deception on behalf of "the other" is being discovered under millions of slimy flat rocks and duly disposed of.

    While no particular ethnicity has a lock on virtue we are nevertheless justified to work on our own behalf, remember that if you remember nothing else.

    In 1984, the drones (or ‘proles’ as they were called) were conquered with total impunity because of the state’s control of information. But not anymore. By comparison, the internet in 2009 forms an end run around “official” (Newspeak) information sources. Instead, we now find sources that are chock full of alternative information, the real deal, and opinions that more often than not pull no punches. And really, Big Brother, whether or not he crouches in the cellars of Brussels, Washington DC, Tel Aviv or Beijing can just forget about suppressing the majority of this material. As racially aware European derived people have greater access to unrestricted information while forming alliances with people from all over the earth--it becomes more and more complicated for state bureaucrats and other oxygen thieves—like the anti Defamation League-- to suppress the activity of our people. They are losing control of the propaganda so vital to maintaining power over our people; power that favors the Third World with whom they want to repopulate Europe and America. And really, if things continue as they are now it may be sooner than later when the walking dead consumers of worthless credit-based trinkets awaken to the impotence of the state’s fearful edicts and the media’s obfuscation we all have been taking in with our mother’s milk.

    For example, in spite of Barack Obama’s media supported ascension into the White House, there is already a growing negative awareness of the man in a sizable portion of our people’s population, in fact there always has been; and its building up like the energy created between shifting, tectonic plates deep below the earth’s surface. Coupled with several forms of impending legislation the 111th Congress and president Obama plan to ram down our collective throats, such as illegal Mexican immigration "reform" and ADL sponsored hate speech laws, both of which are explicitly aimed at (Christian) European Americans, the pressure has no choice but to increase. It has to go somewhere. And we have to be there in advance of it; to harness that energy by educating and connecting with others of like mind and race right now -- before the collective seismic shift occurs. In other words, as we cultivate the evolution of racial awareness in a growing number of our people it only stands to reason that a physical focus intended for that consciousness becomes unavoidable.

    Make no mistake; the internet is a world-shattering, illusion crippling, organizational tool like no other, invariably creating the face to face and mind to mind contact needed for organized action. Use it now and let’s make sure the book 1984 remains a work of fiction instead of a dreadful prophecy.

    Thanks for listening

    News Source: author


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