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    Right Wing Extremist?
    Freedom; Posted on: 2009-01-14 12:42:02 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Report your neighbors

    S. Sanders for Western Voices

    An ominous advertisement has appeared on various forums and blogs in the United Kingdom, calling on readers to report people to the police who they suspect hold legal, if politically incorrect, opinions. The paid ads, which are generated automatically, read "Right Wing Extremist Suspect it? Report it. Your call could be vital to us."

    When clicked, the ad takes the viewer to a special section on an "Anti-Terrorist Hotline" at the internet site of the Metropolitan Police Service, "the Met," which is London's police department.

    Simon Darby, Deputy Chairman of the British National Party (BNP) said that the "ad has been placed by the Metropolitan Police and has been programmed to appear on right of center websites. If you click on it you can see that it is not some sort of surreal art form mocking the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, but that it is actually genuine." The phrase "Right Wing Extremist," like "racist," "fascist" and similar buzzwords, is politically correct agenda shorthand for any nationalist ideas expressed by white people, and is otherwise meaningless. In fact, in traditional, if outmoded terms, the BNP, which defends, for example, the socialized healthcare system of the UK against Labour cuts and supports economic protectionism against globalization, is anything but "right wing."

    The "Anti-Terrorist Hotline" is part of the heavily-funded anti-terrorism program which the government has had to implement as part of the costs associated with transforming the United Kingdom through Third World immigration. The UK's open borders policy has been in effect for the past four decades, and has resulted in not only terrorism from new arrivals, but also in "home grown" terrorism from people born in the UK to immigrant families. The terrorist threat comes mainly from Islamists like the ones who carried out the "7/7" terrorist attacks on the London public transit system on July 7, 2005. The jihadi attack claimed the lives of 52 innocent people plus the four bombers, and were followed by an abortive set of attacks two weeks later. The carnage led to an outcry for stronger protection, but Britain's corrupt ruling elite is fearful of being called "racist" and so is willing to waste resources on ads such as the "Right Wing Extremist" stunt to project an image not only of even-handedness, but also to associate nationalist dissent with criminality and violence in the public mind.

    An absurd Catch 22 is invented, wherein nationalists who engage the "democratic process" through letters to editors or politicians, or running for office are subjected to harassment and blacklisting and deemed an insidious threat, while those who do not become tainted with charges of cultishness or even terrorist plotting. The tiny number of mentally unbalanced people who are attracted to nationalism because they identify with "mainstream" media attempts to portray nationalists as dangerous and/or violent are used to stereotype all nationalists, and nationalism itself, as devoid of legitimacy or any rights that must be respected.

    In one particularly noxious case in 2006, French star Brigitte Bardot did exactly what we are all told to do in a "democratic" system: she wrote a letter to "her" political representative, Interior Minister (now French President) Nicolas Sarkozy. As a lifelong animal rights activist, Bardot asked that French laws on the humane treatment of animals be applied equally to Muslims. Her letter was a protest against the barbaric mass public slaughter of fully conscious sheep as part of the Muslim Eid el Kebir holiday, in violation of civilized standards of the treatment of animals. As a result of her letter, Bardot was sued in civil court by a "Non-Governmental Organization" (NGO) called the "Movement Against Racism" (MRAP), which uses the legal system to hassle dissenters. Bardot's "engagement with democracy" cost her a fine of 15,000! The fine, as well as the court case itself, is a mark of shame for a nation that presumes to uphold Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, as France does.

    In discussing the Met's "Right Wing Extremist" stunt, Simon Darby also points out that "perhaps it is a clever recruitment ad!" On the orders of the Labour government, for whom the BNP is a serious rival for the support of Labour's traditional white working class base, Britain's political police have attempted to recruit BNP members to spy on the party, as if the BNP, a legal political party, is a criminal or terrorist organization. Such efforts on the part of Labour are reminiscent of the antics of the corrupt US President Richard Nixon, who used operatives to spy on and disrupt the Democrats and also ordered the Internal Revenue Service to carry out harassing measures against his political opponents.

    Programming the ad to appear on "right of center websites" could also be a psychological tactic to demoralize political dissidents by telling them that "the police are watching." In Red China, the government's 50,000 strong Internet Affairs Bureau uses a moving graphic of eyes that randomly appear on people's browsers to remind them that their internet sessions are monitored by the thought police, who also require bloggers to register with them. Ironically, in 2006, Liu Zhengrong, one of the unit's bureaucrats said that Chinese internet policing efforts "basically have identical legislative objectives and principles" as those in the West. Just as China's one party government fears unrestricted access to information on the internet, so too the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in the United States bemoans that the internet allows people to express themselves in a manner the ADL dislikes, "without fear of repercussions." Zionist hate groups have led efforts to have the internet censored across the Western world, and the ADL recently won the right to police YouTube, the video sharing service, to help block content the ADL disapproves of.

    The Met ad comes at an important time. The British National Party which, like any expression of nationalism among whites is smeared as "Right Wing Extremist" continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, winning a seat on the important London Assembly in 2008 and poised for another breakthrough in May 2009, with a seat in the European Parliament. In nearly all European nations, nationalists have continued to go from strength to strength as evidence of the incompetence and venality of the ruling parties grows each day.

    The ruling elites have responded with increasing desperation. In Austria, nationalist Jorg Haider was killed in a mysterious single car accident just days after nationalists won enough votes to determine the makeup of the next government. Haider's death was greeted with an outpouring of grief, which was met with a comprehensive character assassination of Haider's memory in the mass media.

    Across the Western world, nationalists are subjected to regular physical violence abetted by the powers that be, hatebaiting in the media, discrimination against members and nuisance harassment suits in the courts.

    One attempt to decapitate the BNP on the eve of the successes it now enjoys came with the prosecutions of BNP Chairman Nick Griffin in 2005 and 2006 on "hate speech" charges. Griffin was set up by the government broadcasting entity, the BBC, who secretly tape recorded Griffin's speeches at private meetings in 2004, where he warned of the very scenario that came true with the 7/7 attacks. Griffin prevailed in court, dealing a heavy defeat to the Labour regime, which is closely connected with "Non-Governmental Organization" efforts to derail the BNP.

    At the end of 2008, just as the BNP membership renewals were expected for the important 2009 European Parliament campaign, a list purporting to contain the names of over 12,000 BNP members was "leaked" online. The clear intent was to demoralize and sideline the party at a vital point in its evolution, and a co-ordinated campaign of terrorist threats and intimidation swiftly followed. Members, often elderly or disabled or with children in the home were subjected to telephone threats. A car was bombed next to the home of one person whose name was on the list, and an elderly couple received fake "anthrax" powder in a Christmas card. Terrorists also used online mapping technology to post the location of dissidents' homes, and the list was also reportedly handed out at mosques, a frightening development considering that mosques in the UK have been linked to terrorist plotting. The government also became somewhat complicit in the leak, which is likely connected to groups or people closely aligned with it. The Labour government's Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, whose office oversees the police as well as anti-terrorism efforts, smirked at the concerns, saying that "I wonder why BNP members are ashamed of their details getting out in public." And despite the fact that a black police association functions with the full support of the government, membership of the BNP was allegedly illegal for police or prison guards, and "disciplinary proceedings" were launched against various law enforcement personnel whose details appeared on the list. (The illegality of this double standard was defeated when it came to the armed forces, whose leadership admitted that BNP membership was allowed).

    In the end, the effort to terrorize the BNP backfired. In keeping with the British national character, which sympathizes with the "underdog," the vast majority of BNP members renewed, with many increasing their financial and activism pledges.

    Muslims are the largest and most threatening immigrant demographic in the UK and Europe as a whole, and the threat of terrorist violence in the UK primarily comes from Islamists. Large numbers of these Muslims take advantage of their connections in their home nations for financing and training. Within the UK itself, Islam provides a cohesive ideology which sees successful efforts by them to increase their power and influence through the construction of new mosques, public "calls to prayer," open veiling of women, and representation within various government bodies.

    Islamic power has also been extended in paralegal and illegal areas. "Unofficial" polygamy is now widespread, in keeping with Muslim customs, as is the genital mutilation of women and so-called "honor killings" of Muslim women. Additionally, some neighborhoods are now essentially "no go" areas for police, where Muslim gangs keep order and have been known to carry out attacks against "un-Islamic" symbols such as pubs and churches. A trend has also been growing of Muslim gangsters "grooming" white girls for prostitution, as well as the rape of white women whose clothing is seen as "provocative" to Muslim males. Rape is also a tragic aspect of Muslim conquest, practiced throughout the history of the religion. Western liberal efforts at "tolerance" and "diversity" often are greeted with Muslim contempt as signs of weakness.

    Much of this has been facilitated by people paid to defend Britain and her historical values. One of the worst such people has been the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, who declared that sharia law should be allowed in the United Kingdom. Williams is a government employee as the "spiritual leader" of the Church of England, which is the official state religion, and so his statements carry a great deal of influence on government policy, while demoralizing his flock. In fact, the disconnect between the politically correct church hierarchy and Christians in the pews, as well as the growing and fertile Muslim population, has led to projections that weekly Muslim attendance at mosques will outstrip Catholic church attendance in a decade. (For the first time since the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, practicing Catholics outnumber practicing Church of England members, a result of the "liberal," politically correct stance of C of E leaders. The trend is identical in other Western nations, where "mainline" denominations are declining rapidly).

    The leftist makeup of the Church of England hierarchy is reflected in the declaration of the Bishop of Oxford in favor of a controversial plan to allow a local mosque to broadcast calls to prayer five times daily on an outdoor sound system, part of the Muslim strategy to increase their public presence. One churchman who knows the dangers of Muslim power on the streets of the UK is Dr. Michael Nazir Ali, a Christian from Pakistan who now serves as Bishop of Rochester. Dr. Nazir Ali received death threats after warning about Muslim "no go" areas and public calls to prayer, and was simultaneously blasted by white liberal church officials.

    In the final analysis, attempts like the Met's to link democratic nationalism with terrorism are signs of the weakness of a governing elite increasingly out of its depth to grapple with the problems it has created.
    News Source: Western Voices


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