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    American White Nationalism
    Activism; Posted on: 2009-03-29 16:36:40 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    America is part of the West, and as both a political and cultural order, is not "based on a creed" or "derived from a proposition." America is neither a "universal nation" nor an "experiment" concocted by ideologues. America is the unique and irreplaceable product of centuries of specific racial, historical, and cultural identities. America and its cultural and political identity will endure only so long as the identities that created it and sustain it endure, and when they die, America will die. We do not wish this to happen and will work to ensure it does not. --The Editors, The Occidental Quarterly, A Statement of Principles.

    This quote in particular, and the Occidental Quarterly's Statement of Principles in general, go a long way towards capturing the essence of American White Nationalism. White Nationalists believe that western civilization is a product of the peoples who created it, rather than a product of luck or happenstance.

    White Nationalism is linked in the minds of many to white "supremacism". Many modern White Nationalists explicitly deny being white supremacists, arguing that they merely wish for each group of people with shared heritage, including white people, to be allowed to promote and preserve its heritage, and do not desire to oppress or dominate other races as racial supremacists do. Many of their critics charge that White Nationalism is simply white "supremacism" in disguise.

    There is of course an exceptionally easy litmus test for distinguishing between White Nationalists and white supremacists: white supremacists are by definition unable to accept at face value any data that evince non-white superiority (e.g. relatively higher East Asian or Ashkenazi Jewish average IQ, lower East Asian propensity for violent crime, West African dominance in short distance running, etc.).

    Critics of White Nationalism (or, more accurately, those who smear White Nationalism - honest criticism is hard to come by in the mainstream media) often tar all White Nationalists with the same brush, conflating a wide range of thought and opinion with into a single demonized "group," when in fact the lion's share of White Nationalist thought is not currently generated by National Socialists or the likes of the Aryan Nations, but by conservatives.

    The racial left often asserts that racism is a morally bankrupt belief system that bases identity on surface racial differences like skin pigmentation, that "racism is based on skin color." This assertion approaches the status of mantra in the public consciousness. In truth, there is no basis for the idea that White Nationalists elevate surface racial differences beyond their proper domain. Racial realists in general see these surface differences essentially as markers for race, not as the important substance of race. On the other hand, social identity theory tells us that these surface differences are socially very important in and of themselves.

    News Source: EAU member

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