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    Menorah, Star & Crescent Added to "Christmas" Display
    Political Correctness; Posted on: 2008-12-14 14:50:05 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Merry whatever

    Each Christmas season brings new attempts to dilute America's cultural foundations, as part of a larger attempt to marginalize European American people by forging a politically correct narrative holding that America should not have been, is not now, and never again will ever be a "white nation." Expressions of the Christian religion, the historical faith of European Americans, are attacked as part of this agenda.

    In the New York State village of Armonk, home to IBM, officials have put up a Jewish candelabra ("menorah") and a Muslim star and crescent alongside a Christmas tree to show how committed to "inclusive" politically correct doctrine local leaders are. The "national" "Christmas" display in Washington, DC has long featured Jewish symbology, and Muslim iconography has been present for a decade. Similar displays are becoming common nationwide as efforts to portray America's government enforced "multiculturalism" as workable pick up steam.

    The Armonk village fathers (parents?) are excited to be catching up with the times. "We've decided to go in the direction of being all-inclusive," supervisor Reese Berman told AP. The addition of the Muslim symbols was a response to a demand from a local Muslim quoted by AP: "I said 'Oh, there's a menorah and a Christmas tree and where is my crescent?'"

    Christmas, of course, is neither an Islamic nor a Jewish holiday, though Jews have recently elevated Hanukkah, formerly a minor Jewish observance, to a place of great importance, and have managed to have it twinned with Christmas in the media and government schools. Eid al Adha is an Islamic holiday that, because it is calculated on a lunar cycle, occasionally falls in December, and has been utilized by Muslims for the real purpose of such holiday displays: public recognition of their religion as (at least, and for now) the equal of the Christian faith. Muslim public displays are part of a larger, aggressive effort to solidify Muslim influence. Much of Europe, once occupied by force of arms by Muslims, is thought of as "lost land," now being regained as a result of immigration, incursions reinforced by publicly broadcast calls to prayer from mosques, opening of Muslim schools, establishment of "no go" zones for "outsiders," especially police, and the establishment of Sharia courts to enforce Islamic laws and codes.

    Muslims (and their multiculturalist allies) have not been shy about using "hate laws" to squelch dissent to their agenda. World famous French nationalist, animal rights activist and actress Brigitte Bardot was sentenced to a fine of 15,000 Euros for daring to question Muslim "holiday" practices. At Eid al Adha (also called Aid el Kebir), Muslims traditionally sacrifice vast numbers of sheep, slitting the animals' throats in messy, noisy and, for the animals, painful celebration of an Islamic version of an Old Testament legend. In December of 2006, Bardot, 73, sent a letter to Nicolas Sarkozy, then Interior Minister, and now President, asking that health and safety laws be enforced and that sacrificial animals be stunned before being slaughtered. (Jewish kosher and Muslim halal customs demand that animals be conscious at the time of their death, practices long abandoned with the awareness of the importance of the humane treatment of animals in the West). Instead of action being taken on behalf of the animals, "special interest" groups like the MRAP, the French equivalent of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and which was founded by Stalinists in the postwar period, brought charges against Bardot, making complaints of the kind these groups dislike illegal.

    But while candelabras and stars and crescents are specifically religious symbols, the Christmas tree, dating from pre-Christian times, is not. Catholic League president Bill Donahue expressed concern, saying that the double standard in Armonk "shows tremendous sympathy for Jews and Muslims at the expense of the majority Christians." In fact, like the "H bomb" ("hate"), the word "inclusiveness" is loaded politically correct shorthand for white dispossession and is a word that has little or no literal meaning when it involves whites positively. Briarcliff Manor, a village close to Armonk, decided to have no display at all in 2006 to avoid installing a a Nativity creche a Christian offered to donate to go alongside the Jewish candelabra. In 2007, Briarcliff Manor put the secular Christmas tree back and switched out the candelabra for a giant dreidel, a spinning top, claiming that it is a "secular" Jewish symbol of the season.

    This argument about the "non-religious" nature of dreidels has led to their inclusion in many secular government schools as part of "winter holiday" lessons. And, like heaven, monotheism, angels, Messiahs, circumcision, prophets, Adam and Eve and so many other aspects of the Jewish religion and practice, dreidels were co-opted by European Jews from the customs of neighboring, in this case German, "gentiles."

    However, some knowledgeable Christian parents have objected to the use of dreidels in schools on the grounds that dreidels are related to Kabbalah, Jewish "number magick" that has become well known recently because of its fad status with Hollywood stars like Madonna, Demi Moore, and Britney Spears. Kabbalah, a superstitious derivation from Greek Neoplatonism and other Classical thought*, assigns number values to Hebrew letters. The number value of the dreidel letters is 358, the same value as "mashiach" (Messiah). For some mystical Jews, the act of spinning dreidels brings the coming of "mashiach" closer. For Christians, of course, the Messiah (Christ) is Jesus, regarded by Jews as a false prophet, and so Christian children "summoning" the Jewish "mashiach" with dreidels is at best a religious act and at worst blasphemy. (Many may have noticed that the name "Jesus" without the "Christ" appellation has become increasingly common in the media, a backhanded statement of Jewish theology that would be as consistent as routinely using the name Siddhartha Gautama instead of Buddha, since "only" 350 million people consider him to have been the Buddha, as Buddhism claims. Of course, the blackout of the "Christ" word is just another attack on Christian expression).

    Despite the fact that Christmas displays are regularly challenged by "secular" and "atheist" groups on "separation of church and state" grounds, these same groups apparently have no problems about separation of synagogue, or mosque, and state.

    * Alphabet numerology is called isopsephy and gematria. While Jewish use of numerology is still mainly religious, original European mystical use evolved philosophical angles and then scientific purposes, much as alchemy laid the groundwork for chemistry and astrology formed the basis of astronomy. The word isopsephy means "equal pebble," a reference to the Classical Greek use of pebbles to teach mathematics and, as the word gematria suggests, geometry. The word for pebbles in Latin is "calculi," which gives us "calculate" and "calculus."
    News Source: Western Voices correspondents


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