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    Time to Ditch the Pseudo Conservatives
    Audio; Posted on: 2007-05-12 21:42:33 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    A free press is one of our most precious rights and a selective press one of our most dangerous realities. – Charlie Daniels

    By Frank Roman and W. P. Rayburn    

    audio version                                  

    FRAUDS AND SCOUNDRELS are in every level of the mainstream media. I am not talking about your typical left wing liberal cranks such as Katie Couric, Allan Combs, Micheal Moore or Al Franken, icons of mainstream media punditry. Their agenda is pretty obvious. I am specifically addressing the supposed “conservative” media. I am referring to frauds such as the Bill O’ Reilly/ Rush Limbaugh /Sean Hannity/ Neil Boortz know it all types. These men and other personalities of their genre are more dangerous to white conservatives than a standing army. They are more dangerous than a thousand mouth frothing, mustached feminist liberal journalists. They are truly, a Trojan horse, sent furtively by our enemies to destroy or co-opt what are the rudiments of growing, positive sentiment toward racial and national preservation of European Americans. The media are no dummies.

    They have developed the art of molding mass opinion for the better part of the last century. In America after World War II when European Americans were sold a bill of goods about that war the elitist cultural Marxists achieved preeminence in the media. The media, from the 1960’s to the present, engaged in nothing less than a full frontal assault on middle class America; our traditions and way of life which were born at this nation’s origin became subjects of ridicule. But to their dismay the American people were not fresh out of serfdom like the earlier Russian victims of these kindred Marxists. The American people still had a tradition of freedom, open discourse and somewhat of a free press. So in order to subvert America by spinning its history and skewing its people’s perception of the world around them, it was going to take cunning. And cunning is what the media have become.

    So what do you do when you are an anti-white, Marxist media conglomerate, and you sense growing opposition to your attempts at cultural subversion? Well, you sure as hell don’t let any real white conservatives have a voice. Instead you take a lesson from old V.I. Lenin’s playbook by implementing the following ideology:  “In order to defeat the opposition, you must BE the opposition.”


    Essentially the enemy of white America has become the voice of white America. Since the mid 80’s so called conservative talk radio has proliferated. Conservative talking heads like Rush Limbaugh became wildly popular among white Americans. It seemed, at long last, we had a voice. Limbaugh and his ilk became national sensations and developed large, nationwide followings through their combination of political analysis, the news of the day, and vitriolic attacks against the Democratic Party. As a matter of truth attacking the Democratic Party is their stock in trade and it would be no different if the so-called democrats had the upper hand. As it stands, the phenomenon of conservative talk radio (and now television via Fox News) which started two decades ago with Limbaugh and has morphed into the Hannitys, the O’Reillys, the Savages and various other “spokespersons” for conservatives. A veritable industry has evolved out of the disenchantment of white Americans with the left wing control of our major institutions, and their myriad anti American, anti individual, and ultimately anti-white agendas. Many of us have been suckered in by these phonies, duped if you will. Many still are being duped by these frauds. For those of you in the latter category, it is you who need to carefully examine what you see and hear. At first glance, these so called conservative personalities are very appealing as they appear to say many of the things we believe in our hearts to be true. They make us laugh as they mock silly left wing politicians, policies, and pundits. Many of us have at one time or another come to genuinely love these people, as they seem to be the only group in America allegedly speaking for us. But as time went by and upon detailed analysis, I personally had to admit that these so called conservatives are not really what they seem. They are: Controlled Opposition. Yes, controlled opposition. Psyops. Misinformation. Whatever term we choose isn’t really relevant. All, one in the same, are integral functions of age old statecraft: To identify your strongest opposition and to annihilate or neuter that opposition. What is relevant is that we understand (1)what these mainstream media “conservatives” are,(2) who they really represent, (3) how and why they mislead their followers, and (4) what, if anything, can we do about it.

    Imagine for a second if a real white conservative was given a nationally syndicated voice. What do you think would happen?  Within 24 hours there would be a revolution in the hearts and minds of millions of our people, that’s what would happen, and after that who knows? If a Political Cesspool or a Frank Roman Radio broadcast or an Edgar J. Steele were simulcast throughout the nation on FM radio or cable television for an extended period of time the middle class European American mainstream response would be monumental. And of course hundreds of federally funded civil rights groups and their corporate sugar daddies world wide would howl like a wolf caught in a snare. The controlled media would then pull out all their stops to demonize us and try to lay waste to whatever we said. Otherwise, they’ll be out of a job. Since our anti-white media can’t allow this to happen, they spawned Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage and others like them to act like pressure relief valves for the disenchanted masses.

    Like I said controlled opposition, controlled neo conservative opposition.

    The aforementioned phonies are owned and controlled by the same mainstream media companies that have been culturally and politically subverting our people for years. And once you understand the major media are owned by a few trans national companies, who, along with our government, fight for a borderless America, low wages, main stream homosexuality, higher taxes, and push consumption like it was a new religion you’ll see that whether they are from the left or the right their programming – they don’t call it programming for nothing -- all have the same goals in mind. I mean really, if the sole object and only legitimate end of government (and their corporate vote buyers) was to protect the citizen in the enjoyment of life, liberty, and property, do you actually believe they’d be satisfied with that?

    No, when the government assumes other functions based on usurpation, micro regulation and oppression it is there when they assume their power through wealth and exploitation. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to come across as some maize munching anarchist. The opportunity to make a profit – or not -- in a free market of goods and services is a fine thing provided it doesn’t come at a cost to our people and our people only, I might add. Therefore, it is for profit alone the predominant agenda of the elites in America is anti-white, anti-nationalist, pro-globalism, pro-corporation, pro-big government, and unabashedly politically correct, among other anathema. Oh sure, we hear how these neocons rail against political correctness, but it is anything but thoughtful of the values and attitudes of average white Americans. Any viewpoint that challenges the malignant status quo of these corporate hacks is simply not allowed. As employees in the charge of the elites who control the government and media, the mainstream “conservatives” are nothing more than paid cheerleaders for the anti-white establishment. As a matter of fact try this little experiment: place a call into any one of these televised ‘conservative’ programs or radio talk shows and tell them you are a racially aware European American man or woman. Tell them you abhor the current immigration crisis from Mexico not so much because they depress wages, but because you studied census projections that indicate we will be a minority in the United States in less than 60 years; that European Americans are not having babies above the replacement level if we are to survive as a race, as a distinct genotype. Now this is a sensible and honest position to take, especially since the evidence of this is facts even these media personalities would have no trouble at all finding out for themselves. Nevertheless, even if they are aware of this situation to our people, you had better be ready to be called a ‘nazi,’ a ‘bigot,’ a ‘hater;’ a dangerous and demented heathen worthy of prison if not death. Go ahead and try it and let me know how it went.

    How can this be, you say? After all, it seems counterintuitive to listen to these people and say they are at odds with white America. Well, that’s the whole point of misinformation through controlled opposition. The idea is, if you want to control the opposition, make the opposition believe you are one of them. Remember now, the enemies of white America are masters of deception. Such a strategy to control your opposition is actually an ingenious way of keeping conservative whites from ever finding the real voices of conservatism. Once you have your opposition believing in you, you can mold their opinions in ways most advantageous to your agenda.

    So how is it that so many get suckered by these pseudo-conservatives? To be frank, it is because they are good, damn good. The overall strategy goes something like this. Reel in a large segment of the opposition as this will keep them away from potential true conservatives, establish yourself as a credible authority, deftly touch on the issues of import to the opposition, and then ever so gently mislead, obfuscate and drive the opposition into positions that are counter to their interests, or at least non-threatening to those in power (i.e. Vote Republican.) As you can see there can be a two fold benefit to this strategy. One, keep the opposition – us -- away from those who truly may represent their interests, and two, like the proverbial pied piper, mislead the opposition into oblivion. Their strategy to access a large number of the opposition (conservative whites) through the mass media is not hard when you have deep pockets and can syndicate nationwide. Next, you put on a personality that speaks to the hearts of the opposition. The Limbaughs and the Hannitys have mastered this art. Think about it: When you first listen to these guys they seem legitimate, don’t they? They speak our language. Family values: Check. Tough on immigration: Check. Poke fun at the most absurd of the liberals: Check. Support a strong national defense: Check. Anti-affirmative action: Check. You get the picture. For the non-discerning listener the positions advocated are right on target with white conservatives. In other words, the bait works, and the masses are persuaded that they now have a voice. Our people who are otherwise good people have become disillusioned and myopic. They have lost sight of something greater than their individual selves, the survival of their very blood, and instead they have turned toward endless distraction and have been lured by a false sense of patriotism; having been made to believe that maintaining an economic or political system is a form of true “nationalism.”

    They have been bushwhacked by the electric deceivers who intermingle their legitimate conservative positions with positions that are contrary to the interests of white conservatives, like “free trade,” the marginalization of European Culture and the inane “War on Terror.” Imagine for a moment if one of them went on a national broadcast and pounded home the very same message I suggested to you a few moments ago; that it is they who abhor the current immigration crisis from Mexico not so much because the Mexicans depress wages, or are introducing crime and disease but because census projections indicate that we European Americans are not having babies above the replacement level if we are to survive as a race, as a distinct genotype. Rest assured they’d be kicked off the air by the next morning.

    Fox Snooze is notorious for celebrating the diversity of their pundits. From Juan Williams to Michelle Malkin, to that underweight vulgar hag, Ann Coulter, you will find on Fox an endless procession of angry female and non-white “conservatives.” Now there is nothing inherently wrong with minorities supporting true conservative positions, but what neoconservative programming does is reinforce the idea that if you are an outspoken, racially conscious white man or woman, you are not allowed to express your racial views in public like your non-white counterparts do. In other words, we must have minorities carry our water for us because our skin color is just not politically correct enough. It’s insidious, yes, but is it not true? We all know that people like Martha Zoller and Micheal Savage are the same creature, only with varying degrees of intensity. All are there just to deaden us, and to maintain the status quo. And what is the status quo?

    They are viciously ‘anti racist’ except when it comes to non-white interests, they dare not oppose the funding of non-white pressure groups. They condone miscegenation. They insinuate every culture civilization and race on the face of the planet are all equal. They say that if millions of Mexicans have the right paperwork and learn rudimentary English they will become Americans equivalent to the European people who built America. They misled us into believing that Republicans are the polar opposite of the Democrats. They ultimately condone homosexuality. They say since free trade is good for corporate America it must be good for the rest of us; that consuming is the epitome of ‘freedom’ and must be defended unto death if need be.

    That’s about all there is to it folks, even though I and others more articulate (than myself) could go on for hours about this subject. If you weren’t already aware of this, I’m sorry to be the one to break the news to you. I felt equally as bad when I first had to accept the fact that I was being duped by these phonies. But I got to the point where I knew something just wasn’t right with these guys. Maybe now you are wondering who you CAN trust to speak for you. Well, if you are reading this, you are probably already where you need to be: The revolutionary “New Media”: The Internet. The miracle of the internet has enabled the “politically incorrect” white conservative to have a real voice. Take your pick of a multitude of websites (many are overtly pro-white god forbid) or simply stay right here at Western Voices World News. For one whole week, abstain from all mainstream media: Radio, Print and Television. Flush Rush and get online. Any radio programs you listen to should be from the internet. All news you read or watch should be from websites that you have determined are in alignment with your heartfelt views. Give it one week. After one week of REAL free speech, go back to your old mainstream sources. The hollowness of the mainstream frauds and shills will send tingles down your spine. Try it, you won’t be disappointed. If this works for you (and it will) pass this broadcast along to a friend who may need it. And when you settle on a site (or several), make sure to support them with your kind words and donations and activism when possible. Remember, most of the “New Media” are completely self supporting. They do it because they care, and they do an incredible job to speak out for us all. As more and more of our people are forced to deal with the facts behind the lies, committed people like those of us in European Americans United must be organized to offer sober, efficient and candid alternatives to people whose combined social power has the hidden force within it needed to save our people, your people. We seek to answer the question of what a people -- our people -- need to survive, and to help to come up with strategies and tactics to achieve those needed changes as part of a program. Won't you consider contributing your talents to this great and worthy project? Join the information revolution, get busy, and let us forever say goodbye to those who would mislead us. 

    Thanks for your time.

    From the email bag: EAU responds






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