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    Moorish Christmas
    Race; Posted on: 2008-12-06 15:29:13 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Darkening Europe faces dark holiday

    by Andrew Redmond for Western Voices

    For the first time since AD 1492, Spain is officially celebrating a Muslim state holiday. Melilla, an outpost on the coast of North Africa established by the newly victorious white Spaniards in 1497 to give strategic depth to coastal defenses on their own southern flank, has announced that it will officially honor the Muslim holiday of Aid el Kebir, also known as Eid al-Adha.

    Spain suffered seven centuries of brutal imperialist domination by Moorish Muslims, whose occupation was only ended after a long race war that ended with the Reconquista (Reconquest) of 1492. Islam also repeatedly invaded and occupied vast areas of Europe over the course of hundreds of years. The invasions continue today as immigration, and Muslims, who still claim their "lost lands" for Islam, have built mosques, declared whole areas "no go zones" for police, and have established their own parallel legal systems. But while in ages past rulers of white Europe generally fought back against Islam, today the corrupted, morally and politically bankrupt European ruling class is doing little to oppose the new invasion, and in many places even welcomes and accomodates it.

    In Spain, even as rulers have now openly recognized the holiday of the oppressors of their ancestors, they ruthlessly censor open Christian expression. Crucifixes are now banned in the school system Catholics founded, local symbols celebrating the national liberation struggle have been changed to celebrate the Moorish occupation, and the famous Moros y Cristianos festivals commemorating the Reconquista, have been hassled for being "insensitive" to the Jews and Muslims who allegedly suffered the blind hatred of the Inquisition. A whole narrative, the Black Legend, grew up to paint the white Spaniards as historical villains.

    The threat Third World immigration poses to all of Europe is seen again far to the north, where Muslim "youths" threaten a traditional holiday celebration which references the Spanish occupation of the Netherlands. Sinterklaas, St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children known to English speakers as Santa Claus, parades on his feast day each December 7 on his white horse accompanied by his black servants, the Zwarte Pieten (black Peters), who dispense sweets to the crowds and threaten bad children with being taken to Spain as punishment. But this harmless custom has fallen foul of the sour politically correct posse, who object to the "blackface" antics of the Zwarte Pieten. Much worse are the hordes of Muslim "youths" who jeer, pelt the parades with eggs and rocks, pick pockets and steal the children's sweets. The cops are shackled by fears of being called "racist" by their own brass if they arrest anyone, and so officials have had to enlist "real" Zwarte Pieten: Muslim guards who protect the parades. Chairman Van der Kroon of Amsterdam Sinterklaas Central, "the Moroccan Piet screams in Arabic to those young blokes that they must piss off" when tumult erupts, and riot squads are deployed when the parade reaches a "difficult" (immigrant) area. The Sinterklaas parade in The Hague was already "completely ruined" by Muslim violence.
    News Source: Western Voices


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