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    A Handful of Hate Or A Fistful of Hope?
    Audio; Posted on: 2008-11-23 18:49:35 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    We are advised to heed the words of William Raspberry, a black columnist for the Washington Post: “It’s always illegitimate for white men to organize as white men.”  How’s that for true hate? Or is it the fear of a white awakening on the part of Mr. Raspberry and his ilk?

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    There’s been a lot of talk lately regarding white America’s response to the election of Barack Hussein Obama as the president elect of the United States. Specifically, most of the talk has been centered on incidents around the country wherein a small subdivision of the Caucasian populace are expressing their contempt for Obama’s win with what some call ‘hate incidents.’  These alleged ‘hate incidents’ have included coarse language on the internet,  black effigies hung from nooses, vehicles and homes vandalized with swastikas or slogans and burnt crosses left on people’s property. There have also been a couple of alleged attempts on the president elect life by so-called “white supremacists;” people who upon further examination couldn’t run a lemonade stand without screwing it up. Although I believe many of the vandal episodes are being perpetrated by victorious Obama smart asses and neo-leftists in order to reflect badly on “whitey” the presumption is that the entire media handling means there’s some pretty angry people out there who don’t want to see America represented by – shall we say -- a “non-traditional” looking president, especially one with a shady background and Marxist inclinations. I just wish these alleged "haters," even though we’re talking about a minuscule number, would re-direct their energies toward more productive activity because although I don’t personally blame them for being angry I can certainly understand. They just need to take a deep breath and organize themselves into a persuasive political force rather than behaving like juvenile delinquents on Halloween night.

    Of course, as most of us already know the true motive of the media and cults like the SPLC for reporting these handfuls of hate, regardless who is perpetrating them, is to accuse ALL white Americans who did not vote for Barack Obama as racists, period. I mean, what more could these cretins ask for than to play angelic heroes by “exposing” hate; thus scaring the hell out of people, increasing the circulation of their publications and allowing truck loads of money to fall into their laps respectively. Since morality has nothing to do with it; and it has long been established that these groups primary mission in life is to rewrite Western history and skew the facts to fit their Frankfurt School doctrine, for the sake of propaganda, a few disaffected types receive wide panic stricken reporting. Therefore the ultimate intention of reporting low class “racism” is to not only inspire white guilt, shame and fear in everyone who rejected Barack Hussein Obama on sensible grounds – even for reasons unrelated to race, but to also make the rest of us believe the Luftwaffe has been reincarnated and is on the horizon right now...!

    While there has been a glut of coverage over anti-Obama election pranks by purportedly hateful white people I am unable to find much in terms of sensible discussions or presentations on television or talk radio by sane rational white folks who have truly valid reasons why they do not want to see BHO as their president. As I said, the media, academics, and political elites insist on talking about “hate” emanating from a handful of cranks and nothing else. They don’t want to engage people, who might have an unassailable point of view; who might actually have opinions based on facts and enlightenment or heaven forbid racial loyalty as the Founding Fathers practiced. And they especially don’t want to hear anyone say the election of Barack Obama was not inevitable or that it was not a product of enlightenment. The gatekeepers of information don’t want to hear that today’s election of Obama is a product of yesterday’s immigration policies, a product of yesterdays television viewing habits, a product of yesterday’s higher learning, yesterdays news, yesterday’s entertainment industry; a degraded culture and an atomized majority population that is shrinking with each passing moment. No, things like that are not what they want coming across the regulated airwaves because, if that were to happen, it might actually put European Americans in a rational position over the howls of racism and hate. So rest assured we will continue to hear about hate incidents such as anti-Obama graffiti or some kind of “neo-Nazi” prank as they lump these crude manifestations together with even a single breath of logical, scholarly opposition. You see, they know there is a strong chance that an Obama presidency may actually usher in a new racial consciousness for white Americans; one that focuses on saving our civilization. In fact they have said as much. The liberals and socialists  who have so much investment --and so much sympathy-- in that smirking know-it-all truly fear a race movement that might actually invigorate millions European Americans, instead of a few dozen --or even a few hundred-- impetuous unthinking white cranks who the media love to portray as the average taxpaying European American.

    And yet, I am thankful to say, that in spite of non-stop politically correct propaganda, which has always been specifically designed to set the limits for acceptable political behavior, cannot and will not stifle the truth. In spite of a handful of cranks and the reporters who love them it appears that more and more European Americans are finally asking themselves if people like Barack Hussein Obama are who they want to reward with the very country their mothers and fathers raised them in and taught them to love. For example, almost a year ago Jeff Davis of alter media told us: “A major news source, the Drudge Report website, is actually using the term European-Americans. For the first time to my knowledge in the history of the mainstream media, (which…, I now consider the Drudge Report to be) white people are being recognized as a separate American ethnicity. Not just as Irish-Americans or WASPs or Christian evangelicals or Joe Six-Pack or people from Heartland America and Flyover country, or any of the usual…code words. We are now recognized as A) White and B) under demographic threat to our very existence.” And then there’s former presidential candidate and nationally renowned author and commentator Pat Buchanan whose book Day of Reckoning says: “Torn asunder by a culture war, America has now begun to break down along class, ethnic and racial lines. European-Americans were 89% (of the nation’s population) when JFK took the oath, (but) are now 66% (of the total population) and sinking. Before 2050, America (will be) a Third World nation…”

    You got that right, Pat. 2007-12-01> Chances are good many students were not taught that in 1790 Congress passed the Naturalization Act, which used openly racial measures limiting citizenship only to persons of European extraction. This law was useful until 1952 believe it or not! But in order to guarantee national identity, it was decreed in the 1920s the immigration laws were to be reinforced with the National Origins Quota Act which severely limited the percentage of immigrants from any one country to the percentage of the U.S. population already here – thus ensuring that the racial character of the U.S. would not be affected by reckless immigration. Hence in spite of a few historical oversights, it was still a controllable state of affairs because there were still far too many European Americans who understood what would come to pass if things got out of hand. That is, pending its repeal in 1965 by the supremacists who felt America had remained predominately white long enough. Until then there was no reason at all to promote non-white diversity -- and no one did, except for a few university Marxists, gutless government officials and unscrupulous businesses. We were secure and distinctive as a people, as a homeland, until powerful self interest groups changed healthy and legal immigration into the multicultural mess we have today. And unfortunately, our parents and grandparents let them.

    You see cranks and misfits with too much time on their hands don’t stop to consider things like this. They just act upon impulse for the rush and fail to consider that they are bonafide gift horses the media and alleged civil rights groups know them to be, especially with Barack Obama in the White House. However, this is not to say we cannot react to certain warnings in an appropriate manner either --especially if we continue our outreach in an effective manner. Consider the following statement and you be the judge how to handle it: "Now white America, I wish to give you this warning just one more time. If you support the candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama and he becomes president, black America at the opportune time will rise up and trash you all the way back to the plantations of Mississippi. Many black Americans have a reputation for biting the hand that feeds them. And even more black Americans have a hatred for hearing the truth about themselves and their own social responsibility. They are experts at trashing. Receive this warning: do not support Barak Hussein Obama, you white folks, if you wish not to be turned into white trash a few years from now." Those were the words of James David Manning, a black man working on behalf of his peoplea modern day Marcus Garvey-- who is chief pastor at the ATLAH World Missionary Church on 123rd Street in New York City. Is Pastor Manning right? I think he knows what he’s talking about. Clearly he’s familiar with the character and proclivities of the people he lives and works with, don’t you think? It sounds to me like he is urging white Americans to organize and be proactive in order to resist what’s coming.

    On the other end of the spectrum we are advised to heed the words of William Raspberry, a black columnist for the Washington Post: “It’s always illegitimate for white men to organize as white men.” How’s that for true hate? Or is it fear of a white awakening on the part of Mr. Raspberry and his ilk?

    So -- acting like juvenile delinquents on Halloween night because you don’t like Barack Obama in the White House is not the way organize, nor are issuing threats or promoting violence whether your online or on the street (except for self defense which ought to be ruthless and immediate Ed.). Our enemies do not fear the inane behavior of cranks because it’s controllable, reportable and easy to perpetuate through labeling. What they do not wish to see is the undermining of their egalitarian fantasy world brick by brick, person by person, one by one. You see they know it can be done. Therefore, perhaps in the not too distant future (and with a few exceptions of course – Ed.), I’d like to see our nation revise its citizenship laws to read similar to how they read prior to 1965 --like they do now in the African nation of Liberia – that’s right, Liberia.

    Under the heading of Liberian Citizenship article 27 states:

    a) All persons who, on the coming into force of this Constitution were lawfully citizens of Liberia shall continue to be Liberian citizens.

    b) In order to preserve, foster and maintain the positive Liberian culture, values and character, only persons who are Negroes or of Negro descent shall qualify by birth or by naturalization to be citizens of Liberia.

    c) The Legislature shall, adhering to the above standard, prescribe such other qualification criteria for and the procedures by which naturalization may be obtained.

    This can only mean that even Barack Obama would not qualify to be a citizen of Liberia, let alone how immensely dangerous it would be for him to run for president there, especially since he can’t find his birth certificate and is more Caucasian and Arabic than he is African. And a level headed European American activist and thinker knows that what Liberia is doing is a good thing, as long as Liberia does not descend into the multicultural mess we and much of the West is experiencing today. Conversely, America was founded as white nation just as Japan developed into a Japanese nation and Israel was founded as a Jewish nation; and their leaders reflect their people for better or for worse. As defined by the media Liberia Japan and Israel are flat out racists, are they not? So why should we, the sons and daughters of Europe who are Americans, accept someone like Barack Obama, whom Pastor Manning refers to as a “mac daddy” to be our president? I mean really now, our Founding Fathers wouldn’t have argued that we needed to adapt to the cultures of the Indians, would they? Did the citizenship laws that once steered our nation for over 150 years suddenly become obsolete and now we know better because diversity extending from the White House to the outhouse is now a blessing? Self-serving organizations, from the bigots over at Southern Poverty Law Center to the neocons at Fox News only true goal is Soviet-style POWER to impose a leveling slavery on us all rather than promote the true well-being of those they claim to serve.

    So forget handing over your pointed head on a silver platter to these cretins; letting them take one-way pot shots at all of us by acting like an unthinking fool because Obama grates on your nerves. Vandalism, death threats and violence will get us nothing but even more alienated white Americans. Again, defend yourself and our people vigorously and without remorse, either through the written word or out in the parking lot. But remember there is no future participating in handfuls of hate. Victory lies with a fistful of hope. A more valid responsibility is for us is to impart the right kind of racial and cultural information to ethical resourceful people who will in turn further impart that information to other ethical and resourceful people. But we must act quickly because time is short, very short, and I hope you will see your way to join us soon. Very soon.

    Thanks for listening.

    News Source: author


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