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  • 19

    We Can Take It!
    Freedom; Posted on: 2008-11-21 13:41:57 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    First Attacks on BNP Terror Targets

    by Simon Darby
    BNP Deputy Chairman

    Things are still moving very fast indeed as this situation rapidly swings to our advantage. I am going to try and acquaint you with a few of today's developments.

    Today Arthur Kemp and Simon Bennett were doorstepped by journalists working for the News of the World. Several police forces are now dealing with cases of harassment of BNP members and they seem to be taking their obligations very seriously. It would appear that thousands of our people are being telephoned and harassed and threatened in an organised manner possibly from a trades union call centre.

    Fake letters are now being sent to our members using details concerning their interests and hobbies. Spoof emails are being circulated to our members in an attempt to demoralise them with black propaganda. If you are affected by any of this or feel victimised or threatened the police want you to report these crimes to them as a matter of urgency.

    BBC Question Time from Glasgow was almost surreal last night with everyone condemning and vilifying the BNP with almost an religious fervour. My original statement about those responsible not being able to sleep at night was used as some excuse to justify what amounted to a political exorcism. Yet those viewing must have been totally perplexed as to just why it was that not one single supportive voice, let alone a BNP representative, was allowed within half a mile of the studio.

    I have spoken to a number of journalists today who have expressed a deep unease about the nature of this witch hunt. Whether or not this was a genuine concern or was motivated by how badly this stunt is beginning to backfire I do not know. One thing I do know however, is that the BNP has just been awarded an estimated £10 to £30 million publicity bonanza and whilst the media can have their fun and games with us now, there will be a price to pay. If you want the music you have to pay the fiddler and that particular musician will be extracting his performance royalties in full on June 4th 2009. [European parliamentary elections].

    As the British people are treated to a ringside seat observing the ugly descent of a once free, democratic society into something resembling a Zimbabwean/East Germanic hybrid the consequences of trying to effectively put a political rival out of business with the full and eager complicity of most of the media will be profound.

    I have spoken to Nick several times today, and no matter what they throw at us he, like the rest of us, can take it. Labour, the trades unions and the most of the media are trying to remove the letters B,N & P from the ballot papers of both the forthcoming European and General elections. In so doing they have completely miscalculated what kind of people we are and more importantly in trying to tell the British public what they can and cannot think they are evoking something instinctively defensive that is totally out of their control.

    Finally, I'll be raising my glass tonight to a certain Dr Andrew Emerson who I was speaking to in Blackpool just last weekend. Dr Emerson had the following printed in today's Daily Mail:

    A former member of the Labour Party said he was 'delighted' to have been named as a BNP member by the list.

    Dr Andrew Emerson joined the BNP in January 2005 after being an active member of the Labour Party for more than 20 years.
    Dr Emerson, 52, a published author with a PHD in philosophy, said: 'I was deeply concerned about their utter failure to properly control mass immigration and properly control our borders.

    'And I was also very concerned about their failure to deport the estimated one million illegal immigrants living and working in our country.'

    News Source: Simon Darby


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