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    The Vlaams Belang Standard
    Freedom; Posted on: 2008-11-12 12:07:33 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Why waste our time with these endless refutations?

    A Blueprint for the Suppression of Dissent in Europe

    by Baron Bodissey

    This post grew out of an email exchange with several interested parties, some of whom are concerned about the recent accusations against Vlaams Belang.

    I say “recent”, and not “new”, because none of the material is current, and all of it has been seen before and discredited. But the hard in Belgium is relentless, and has suckered parts of the American blogosphere into swallowing these stories hook, line, and sinker.

    Vlaams Belang is being held to a ridiculously high standard of evidence that no other mainstream European political party has to meet. No other party — not the Socialists, the Christian Democrats, the Communists — has to publicly refute and disprove every bizarre lunatic accusation made by dishonest shills with a partisan axe to grind.

    Other parties can ignore wild-eyed accusations from the fringe. But let someone allege a VB Nazi salute or a VB neo-Nazi book fair, and Vlaams Belang is presumed guilty until it proves itself innocent — which it never really can.

    Then the next day there is another bogus accusation, and the whole farce begins all over again.

    So when one of these Yelloman or EXPO* types issues yet another VB smear, we are “troubled” and “concerned” and hope that Vlaams Belang will “refute these accusations”.


    Why waste our time with these endless refutations? They suck up thousands of man-hours, achieving nothing. So far all we have seen is the same spurious junk recycled and repackaged for next round of “revelations”.

    Once again, no other European party is forced to dance the “We’re-not-Nazis” two-step every day of the week. Only Vlaams Belang.

    The hard left has orchestrated this little game, and we are suckers for falling into their trap. They have us right where they want us — chasing all these Nazi spectres down dark allies to try to make them disappear. Every day the leftists release another one from their patented Nazi Spectre Generator™, and off we go a-haring.

    For the sake of people I care about, I will do what I can to aid the process of refutation. But I think it’s a mug’s game.

    In my opinion, Vlaams Belang proved its bonafides face-down and surrounded by jackboots in Schuman Square on September 11th, 2007.

    That was good enough for me. We could see quite clearly who the real “Nazis” were in that charming tableau.


    From a reader: * In Europe these self appointed "watchdogs" play a similar role to the SPLC in the United States: targeting, stereotyping, defining and labeling people and groups they consider to be "politically incorrect" and declaring certain ideas and opinions out of bounds.

    Sadly, despite their ideological (and financial) agenda, these groups and their "expertise" are often taken seriously by media, police and government, leading to such disgusting displays as that shown in the photo above, when Vlaams Belang supporters, and even democratically elected officials, where physically attacked by riot cops acting on the orders of the VB's political rivals, who use "watchdog" propaganda to marginalize the VB.

    These "watchdogs," who dehumanize and slander dissidents, attempt to force dissidents out of their jobs, and even push for criminal charges for speech and thought crimes, often with government help. Additionally, they provide free publicity (and, in fact, often other aid) to the most obnoxious and irrelevant "prowhite" groups and figures in an attempt to bolster the idea that any form of prowhite dissent is "hateful."

    The "watchdogs" also add to a climate of hatred and fear that legitimizes the terror and violence of elements even further on the fringe against people deemed to have no rights because of beliefs held to be politically incorrect. A long list of savage acts of terrorism against politically incorrect people is the result: young children were threatened by self-righteous terrorists in England because of the heretical political views of their parents. Recent events in Cologne and the Memphis area were disrupted by terrorists, with the collusion of government officials. An assassination attempt was made against Nick Griffin of the British National Party while visiting Sweden. "Controversial" Netherlands figure Geert Wilders now has round the clock police protection after being targeted by a terror cell and having murder incitements made against him and his supporters on a regular basis. Rikke Hvilshoj, a Danish nationalist and government minister, had to be rescued from her burning home, along with her husband and two young children, after a terrorist bomb attack. Perhaps the worst recent events were the murders of Netherlanders Pym Fortuyn, a populist politician, and Theo Van Gogh, a politically incorrect media figure. Both were slaughtered after sustained attacks from "watchdogs" and "mainstream" politicians.

    Numerous dissidents, particularly organized around the immigration enforcement issue, have been savagely attacked by these kinds of groups, which often recruit gang members, especially in the United States. Political meetings often have to be organized secretly in order to prevent terrorist and other threats against attendees or venues. At least one "antifascist" group brags about a terrorist tactic designed to basically make the First Amendment too expensive for those they hate: threaten an event, especially if it is held on a campus, forcing the targeted victims to have to pay out large sums for additional police protection. Such tactics would make "watchdogs" engaging in them liable to prosecution under RICO conspiracy law if the groups involved weren't protected by special interests. Indeed, in the rare cases where a small number of arrests are made, it is not uncommon for charges to be minimal or even dropped.

    Part of the logic of these kinds of groups, and those who empower such groups, is to prevent dissidents from attracting ordinary people and to associate them with "violence" and extremism in the popular mind.
    News Source: Gates of Vienna


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