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    They Know Not What They Do
    Audio; Posted on: 2008-11-01 21:31:53 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. …A murderer is less to be feared." - Cicero, 42 B.C.

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    Unless you live under a bridge and you’re blind deaf and mute, you already know a historic election season has been grinding along for about a year. Actually in just a couple of days following this podcast it will all be over – we hope.

    On one hand we have a white elderly neoconservative Washington hack who exhibits cognitive dissonance grooming a propensity for open borders, free trade and globalism, military adventurism, who believes in racial and cultural equality, allegedly the Constitution and who picked a hottie to be his VP running mate. More significantly, on the other side we have a hyper Marxist mulatto trying to pass himself off as black who exhibits no cognitive dissonance and believes in open borders, free trade, globalism, the Constitution allegedly – with a healthy dose of gun control -- and at least pretends to accept as truth the concept of racial equality. His ridiculous pick for a VP roommate makes for occasional comic relief. Both of these candidates for president, like their respective parties, are essentially one in the same in terms of their staged national policy positions and belief development; they only differ in degree and course of action as they promise to ensure that America blunders into the next age of neo-diplomacy. I doubt we will ever see again a sorrier manifestation of public and private unfaithfulness to the Founding Father’s vision of America.

    Of course, the candidate that seems to have garnered the greatest amount of corporate media exposure is Barack Obama (who did you think I was referring to?). Since the old adage ‘birds of a feather flock together’ has never been disproven it is safe to say said media shares a good deal of the admittedly Marxist proclivities of Mr. Obama. This categorically includes the mind blowing disclosures of his beliefs as presented by independent researchers; who are in turn given either the dynamic silence treatment or get attacked by the media -- aka Joe the Plumber. And since both candidates are unethical open border globalists and race less bureaucrats it’s a safe bet neither one will want to preserve the heritage and legacy of diverse European Americans. We know this because neither one -of late- has mentioned the October 2008 Census Bureau’s projection that our people are destined for a smaller more dangerous demographic reality in less than a generation. (NOTE: But even the neocons are starting to get it: “One may assume the new majority will not be such compassionate overlords as the white majority has been. If this sort of drastic change were legally imposed on any group other than white Americans, it would be called genocide.” – Anne Coulter, FOX News) By imperceptible degrees, over the course of several decades, it has not only been the media that have singlehandedly convinced European Americans that "white racism," and "white racism" alone, is the epitome of subterranean iniquity but churches and schools as well are also responsible. At the same time, non-white activism in defense of non-white interests practically emanates from the legendary Holy Grail as far as they are concerned. So needless to say; while even the most benign form of white racial identity is given the dreaded Nazi treatment, a position we’re sure Mr. Obama and his rival Mr. McCain --not to mention all of the third party candidates would sustain -- they all are in agreement that white American interests simply do not exist. Unless of course we let them get away with it.

    And yet, in spite of Barack Obama’s well documented anti-white inclinations; born on the mean streets of Chicago and nurtured by some of the most transparently pro black, pro Muslim and pro-Marxist supremacists you wouldn’t even want near your kids, a large portion of the diverse European American population is planning to vote for him anyway; especially the younger set. The iPod mob, the X-box activist, the college aged egalitarians, the sex-for-sport-MTV crowd; you know who I’m talking about. You see them every day in all of their duped glory. They are the suckers for the kind of vague idealism drooling from the lips of Barack Obama; it is they who have little to nothing in their heads except for what their televisions and Age of Aquarius holdovers say they should have: lots of emotion and little in the way of rational thought. In their eyes, while charisma is the essence of life it’s also cool, fashionable, elegant and sexy to have a black guy for president to prove they are not racists – which is to say they will never oppose those non-white interests emanating from the Holy Grail I mentioned a few seconds ago (for now? – Ed.). Of course, Obama will also get the Hollywood vote; they who have made “appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.” – Cicero 42 BC. I’m talking about the very actor’s entertainers and moguls who have brainwashed the younger set of European Americans by way of rap, depictions of miscegenation and misogyny; to abandon any and all vestiges of their racial and cultural significance as outlined by history.

    Barack Hussein Obama will also get much of Washington DC’s support, which is one and the same with Hollywood in my book, because they both couch everything they do with emotional drivel, and the vagueness of “change” fits perfectly into their public diatribes and private deceptions. And let’s not forget the upper middle class golf-on-Sunday-elitist-wannabes –the  Republicrats-- whose degree of removal from non-whites is proportional to their feelings of racial equality. And then there is the percentage of irritatingly uneducated poor working class whites whose sole motivation during this election is the undisguised acquisition of free stuff over freedom, getting one over on the man. Academics, environmentalists, and all other patchouli-smelling practitioners of certified victim hood will climb aboard the Obama train because it’s cool, fashionable, elegant and sexy to support a non-white progressive who they know in their heart of hearts is really a Marxist and the Constitution be damned, right?

    Clearly, they know not what they do.

    Blacks of course have been voting early for Obama in droves, and if I were a betting man I’d say estimates are as high as nine to one in his favor. The reporting of this phenomenon has been pretty much out in the open on all of the major media outlets; and I have personally received reports from a major city depicting an early voting line stretched out over a block, and everyone in line was black. Despite the fact that not one of the network empty suits has even half an onion to unambiguously say blacks are voting for Obama because of his race, most are quick to imply that white Americans who have not or will not vote for Barack Obama are racists; never mind his transparent Marxism or black liberation theology. Now if Barack Obama loses this race we can almost be certain there will be hell unleashed by the black population. Jesse Jackson himself, alongside numerous pro black pundits and other emotive figureheads, has warned that if Barack Obama is not elected President of the United States as he deserves to be, regardless of the results, he wants his people topledge to join nationwide pro-democracy protests starting on November 5th … where fraud occurred or in Washington, D.C.” Now you know as well as I do there will be nothing peaceful about such an event and you are hereby advised to stay out of large cities on November 4th.

    Indeed the New Black Panther Party, in spite of its open disdain for Barack Obama has this to say: "I'm about the total destruction of white people. I'm about the total liberation of black people. I hate white people. I hate my enemy.” And then there’s the Black Hebrew Israelite movement which offers this bleak forecast for the future of the white race: "Every white person who doesn't get killed by Christ when he returns is going into slavery!"

    Race matters, and an Obama loss will be all they’ll need to rampage.

    Remember the Rodney King riots? Remember the Chicago riots just a few years ago? After all, look at how “peaceful” Juneteenth is every year…and they’re supposed to be there to party! Racial politics will be front and center for decades to come if Barack Obama wins or loses; and in my opinion --in certain situations-- it will be much, much worse than isolated rioting. Among the first casualties of this potential violence will be the white anti racist younger set who thought it would be cool, fashionable, elegant and sexy to support a progressive who they know in their heart of hearts is really a Marxist and the Constitution be damned, right? I could be wrong and I hope I am but can you imagine what could potentially go off as these dopes heed Jackson’s call with their “equals?”?  A perfect storm of current events with anti white overtones offers continuous hay for non-white activists with an anti white media encouraging hate: a lame economy, the unending immigration debate, a politician on the brink to become the nation's first black president, increasing globalization – it’s all coming together and unfortunately our elders allowed it to happen.  

    And so as this agonizingly long election winds down; as the pundits and puppy dogs argue over the definition of tax cuts, the war in Iraq, Sarah Palin’s wardrobe budget and Reverend Wright’s racism, just remember this election is not about us, except for our votes of course. How do we know? When all is said and done, after all of the ballots have been counted and the confetti  swept up just know that neither one of these candidates has had --or ever will have-- the interests and preservation of European Americans in mind. The most loyal tolerant and, unfortunately, deluded segment of the population this nation has ever had has been kicked to the curb in terms of not addressing specific issues of concern to our people, such as our impending demographic decline. They are instead more concerned with keeping their corporate clients happy and they will tell us anything to get elected.

    And once they are in office engage them with all the tenacity and resource you can muster.

    But -- no matter how this presidential appointment turns out the ethnic ramifications which are aimed directly at European Americans will resonate for decades to come, either overtly or just below the surface. Consumerism, entertainment and the pursuit of money will be the only glue that prevents our once fine civilization from imploding into madness. But it cannot and will not sustain us. Therefore, it will be up to you to sanely yet forcefully enlighten our people. Tell them that while presidential candidates, the media, the churches and universities offer unattainable racial equality, which doesn’t even exist among species in the wild, the Constitution as written by our forbears, and by extension EAU, offers our people, and our people alone, the vocation to work toward real change, freedom and a sustainable future – as it was meant to be.

    Join us now.

    Thanks for listening and please take care.

    News Source: author


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