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    European Patriots: Oppose Turkey's Entry into the EU
    Activism; Posted on: 2008-10-30 12:15:09 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    BNP Leader in Prague

    by BNP News

    All European patriots must stand together to oppose the entry of Turkey into the EU because it will bring all sorts of problems on a scale which will dwarf that of the already existing problems in Europe, BNP leader Nick Griffin has said.

    Speaking before a crowd of Czech nationalists on Wenceslas Square in Prague, marking the 90th anniversary of the Czech liberation from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Mr Griffin said that the introduction of millions of Muslims in Turkey into the EU would particularly affect those Eastern European countries who have till now been unmarked by multiculturalism and Islamism.

    “It will drive down wages, living standards and increase taxes,” he said, telling the crowd that his father had fought in World War II in the Royal Air Force, and that some of his father’s best comrades were Czechs who fought alongside Britain.

    Photo: Nick Griffin with Czech nationalist leader Petra Edelmannova in Prague

    “The totalitarianism against which we fight now is the creeping tyranny of federal Europe. This is why we urgently need representation in the European parliament to sound the alarm about fraud, corruption and power grabs by the ruling elite, who seek a union of North Africa and Europe into Eurabia,” he said.

    Other speakers at the rally included Czech National Party (CNP) leader Dr. Petra Edelmannova and Marc Abramson from the Swedish National Democrats. In the crowd were several BNP members who proudly carried British flags alongside the Czech national flag.

    At the end of the rally, the local mayor, who had previously been taken to court by the CNP and was itching for revenge, arrived with a large crowd of police and announced the peaceful rally was now banned. As the meeting had already ended, this had no effect on proceedings except to excite the already plentiful media, resulting in a large amount of instant TV coverage.

    Nick Griffin reports from Prague.


    Nick Griffin speaks in Hungary on European tour
    News Source: BNP News

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