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    A Symbolic Vote for Chuck
    Activism; Posted on: 2008-10-29 11:34:14 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Why We Endorse Chuck

    A Wasted Vote?

    by Paul Gottfried

    Despite my desire to see John McCain and his brand of neocon-Republicanism soundly defeated, I canít stand the idea of awarding my vote to his leftist, black nationalist adversary Barack Obama. Iíll therefore do in this presidential race what Iíve done in every other presidential contest since 1988 (when I allowed myself to be talked into voting for George I), that is, cast my ballot for neither national party. In all likelihood Iíll vote for Chuck Baldwin and not Bob Barr, since Barr is already saddled with the Albatross program of the Libertarian Party, including its immigration expansionism and openness to gay marriage.

    Baldwin, by contrast is running on a traditional American rightwing platform (yes I am on the right), taking a position against ďabortion rightsĒ and the invasion from across our Southern border. I am also in agreement with the Baldwin-Ron Paul approach to terrorism. Instead of invading countries and then trying to bring their bombed-out territories and populations into some hallucinatory League of Democracies, Baldwin and Paul have called for having Congress pass, in the manner of Thomas Jefferson dealing with the Barbary Pirates, letters of marque and reprisal. These would be aimed at allowing the president to take punitive action against individual terrorists who threaten us with harm or else have committed violent acts against us, without requiring wholesale invasion of one country by another.

    I am fully aware that Baldwin, who is a dignified, grammatical speaker as well as a pious Evangelical Christian, cannot possibly win the presidential race. But I am not voting for him because I think he could ever win this squalid, media-rigged contest. I am supporting Baldwin because he is someone whose views I agree with and whose person and demeanor I respect. And I see in Baldwin a presidential candidate who would be suited for a less degenerate society than our own. He is the closest approximation to the kind of American leaders of an earlier generation whom I could admire, and since neither presidential frontrunner is a figure I would ever want to see in the presidency, I shall endorse my ideal instead of an odious caricature.

    News Source: takimag


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