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    The Infamous 2001 Obama 'Redistribution of Wealth' Interview
    Freedom; Posted on: 2008-10-28 21:34:45 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    There is an entire legal movement that is referring to the Constitution as a charter of negative rights.  To them, negative rights are that the government can't do enough. 

    It's negative because the government is limited.  Why change the name?  Why doesn't Obama say the Bill of Rights is too limiting?  We have to open up the Bill of Rights because people don't want the Bill of Rights messed with.  But if you call the Constitution a charter of negative rights and you have your buddy Bill Ayers working up a curricula for high schools and colleges where kids are being taught that the Constitution is a charter of negative rights, they're going to make the assumption the Constitution is oppressive, that the Constitution limits them.



    What Obama wants to do is an Anti-Bill of Rights.  That's what he wants.  When he says, there's nothing in there, the state or federal government, what they can do to you, there's nothing in the Constitution what they can do to you.  Well, he says what's in there is what they can't do to you, but there's nothing in there about what they can do on your behalf.  So to him the Constitution is very limiting.  He wants an Anti-Bill of Rights.  

    The things Obama wants to introduce, he wants to take from individual rights.  Killing babies would be an Anti-Bill of Rights idea.  The Fairness Doctrine takes away free speech.  It is an Anti-Bill of Rights item.  Why name something fair that's anti-free speech?  You take away an individual's right to bear arms, is Anti-Bill of Rights, but to Obama that's a positive right, a positive right granted to the government.  He wants the government to have sole power via the courts or however he can bring about to limit your freedom, whereas the Constitution's purpose is to limit government's freedom.  A government entity looking at an individual's private information is Anti-Bill of Rights.  A charter of negative rights is demeaning and a deliberate attempt to destroy the Bill of Rights.  That's what Obama wants.  That's how he plans to get around his redistribution scheme, or plans to implement it.


    Our Position on Freedom

    "Posterity, you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in heaven that ever I took half the pains to preserve it." John AdamsMinuteman

    All across the Western world we see threats to our traditional, hard-won freedoms—especially freedom of speech. Whether on college campuses with political correctness or thanks to the vast spying efforts of the US government, our freedoms are being undermined. We call for a return to the vision of the Founding Fathers: a vision that values the rights of people to dissent. We also value the original Bill of Rights, including man’s inalienable rights to keep and bear arms and to be secure in his home and possessions.

    News Source: EAU correspondent


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