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    Why We Endorse Chuck Baldwin
    Audio; Posted on: 2008-10-26 18:04:28 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    by John Young

    Audio here

    Welcome to Western Voices, I'm John Young of European Americans United. Back on October 12th, European Americans United held its first national conference. Because of the unique nature of our approach, the highlight of our conference was a brainstorming session; during which conference participants broke up into small groups to put forward ideas for moving our objectives forward. Then, the Board of Directors selected the most workable ideas from those, and presented that list to the assembled membership for a vote, and also to ascertain which members present would take ownership of those ideas to make them a reality.

    Not all of our members could make the conference – due to family commitments, work commitments or for other reasons. What follows is a speech that I delivered at that conference, changed just a little bit to make it suitable as a podcast. I'm delivering this so that all of our membership knows why we support Chuck Baldwin, and the Chuck Baldwin and Derrell Castle ticket, for President of the United States.

    Everybody here already knows the kind of slop that the Republican and Democratic parties have dished up for our consideration. It's the same slop they dish up for every election, just with different name tags. The only difference is that every time the slop becomes more rancid, putrescent and more difficult to swallow without gagging.

    The two representatives of major political parties are, indeed, a sickening sight. They differ only in degree, not in substance, on everything. They are just two different faces representing the same oligarchy. They don't even debate major issues like illegal immigration because the folks pulling their strings have decided that such issues are off the table; and all McCain and Obama are allowed to discuss is the proper orientation of deck chairs on the Titanic while pointedly ignoring the lookout screaming that we need to turn full starboard to avoid a looming iceberg ahead.

    So one obvious reason why we are endorsing Chuck Baldwin for president is that he is addressing issues that are not even on the table for the Democrat and Republican, and he is addressing those issues with positions that we believe advance the best interests of our people.

    Without a doubt, Chuck Baldwin has gone to extreme lengths to distance himself from even the slightest appearance of racial awareness. As an example, he put out an article this summer naming all of the people he admires – about half of whom were not white.

    But that fact gives me an opportunity to point out something. We are a pro-European-American organization. That means that we support candidates, efforts and causes that we consider to be in the best interests of our people as a whole. Rejecting a benefit simply because it fails to single our own people out particularly for advantage would be cutting off our nose to spite our face.

    As an example, here is what Chuck Baldwin says about foreign policy:
    “The United States is properly a free and sovereign republic which should strive to live in peace with all nations, without interfering in their internal affairs, and without permitting their interference in ours. If I were President, I would begin the process of safely extracting our troops from Iraq. ... Neither of the two major parties has any interest in bringing our troops home. ... When I become President empire building and playing policeman of the world will come to an immediate halt and the United States of America will once again begin conducting itself as the Republic it was meant to be.”

    Americans of all races and ethnicities are harmed by the occupation of Iraq. Many thousands have died, and tens of thousands have been permanently crippled or maimed. Even those who do not fight directly are losing their future to the exploding national debt required to fund the occupation, and the resentment of Iraqis and others is so intense that no American anywhere in the world can reasonably feel safe from possible reprisals.

    We support Chuck Baldwin because even though his policies are based upon no ethno-preference for his own Folk, his policies would be good for our Folk. Admittedly, there are a couple of areas where we differ; but in the main, his policies conform more closely to our organizational objectives than any other candidate's.

    According to NumbersUSA, Chuck Baldwin is the only presidential candidate with an “Excellent” rating on all issues pertaining to immigration including no amnesty, border enforcement, repatriation, reduction of both illegal and LEGAL immigration, abolishing birthright citizenship, ending chain immigration and ending the diversity lottery.
    In this respect, a vote for Chuck Baldwin is the ONLY vote that we can cast that will register our position on this all-important issue.

    Concerning American sovereignty, Chuck Baldwin had this to say:
    “As President, I would take the preservation of our nation's sovereignty and independence extremely seriously. This means that the burgeoning North American Union is dead on arrival the day I am sworn in as President. ... I oppose all international trade agreements which have the effect of diminishing America's economic self-sufficiency and of exporting jobs, the loss of which impoverishes American families, undermines American communities, and diminishes America's capacity for economic self-reliance, and the provision of national defense. ... We see our country and its workers as much more than bargaining chips for multinational corporations and international banks in their ill-conceived and evil New World Order. At every turn I will stand up for the economic security and well being of the American people and for the independence and sovereignty of our American republic.”

    Isn't it refreshing to hear words like that from a presidential candidate? Clearly, the platform of Chuck Baldwin and the Constitution Party comes the closest of any current candidate to articulating our own organizational objectives. For that reason alone he deserves our support.

    But there are two other aspects of our endorsement that require some examination.

    The first is a classic Big Lie that far too many people believe, and that becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. This lie is that any vote cast for anyone other than a Demopublican is a wasted vote. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    If you look carefully at each of the Republican primaries, you will see that the only reason John McCain is the nominee is because of the votes that were cast for Dr. Ron Paul. The votes for Ron Paul would never have been cast for an establishment figure like McCain. Instead, those votes would otherwise have gone to Mitt Romney, Duncan Hunter or Tom Tancredo. Ron Paul made a very impressive showing in the early primaries, even trouncing media darlings like Giuliani and Huckabee in some states. It is because millions of Americans cared enough about issues like American sovereignty, our corrupt Federal Reserve System, and illegal immigration that John McCain is the nominee rather than Mitt Romney. Those votes for Dr. Paul were not “throwaway votes” -- but actually changed the course of history; and that fact is not lost on Mitt Romney.

    So the simple fact is that principled support of a candidate who is unpopular with the oligarchy can ultimately force issues of importance to European Americans onto the agenda. This is why we see Sarah Palin speaking so directly to a European-American audience when she speaks of hunting and fishing.

    The Republicans, who were trounced back in 1992 due to European-American support for Ross Perot, are starting to get an inkling that alienating European-American voters is a recipe for loss of power. And if there is one thing that politicians want so badly they would sell their own souls to the devil to obtain – it is power. That is why they serve our oligarchs – in exchange for promises of undeserved power and unearned prestige. It is our job to make sure they understand that unless they serve US – the descendants of the founders of this republic – their precious special interest money won't help them. Casting principled votes for candidates like Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin will ultimately make that a reality.

    Today, all Republicrat presidential candidates appear before a foreign lobby – like AIPAC – and make a revolting display of declaring a greater loyalty to Israel's best interests than America's. They do this because of AIPAC's power to block their path to power. In order to make sure that the future holds a day when candidates must appear before EAU to have a realistic chance of election, they have to learn that ethnically-aware European-Americans will vote – as a block – for third party candidates who better represent our views and thereby exercise the ability to block their path to power.

    But there is a second factor. As I have said before, in order to change the system, you must engage the system. You can't just sit outside the walls hurling insults. You have to walk through the gate and claim your place at the political table. Any involvement with the support of a political candidate whose name is on the ballot in your state gives you experience with mainstream political activism, contacts with people of like mind that you may be able to recruit later, and access – however limited – to put forth at least a subset of our agenda without the barriers of dynamic silence.

    Remember: our enemies gained their power through gradualism, and WE also seek power, for the noble ends of advancing our people, through gradualism. It is better to advance even a small sliver of our agenda than to advance none of it.

    But our involvement in mainstream politics also has our enemies on edge. I was reading a leaked foreign intelligence report regarding EAU a couple of weeks ago; and it mentioned that the old paradigms for measuring strength and presence that had worked well for past pro-European-American organizations weren't working for EAU. With members of our organization joining Ron Paul Meetup groups, sitting in on sessions of the Free State Project and running for political office without calling attention to all of their views, the intelligence gatherers were utterly stymied. One day we're sending a letter to a traitorous politician or a foreign embassy protesting an unethical act, and the next day we're protesting a travesty of justice complete with signs. A week later we're sending out a thousand regular letters to registered voters.

    By working within the system instead of standing outside the walls, we become nearly impossible to differentiate. Certain observers can't make heads or tails of us, and they are extremely worried. And they should be. Because we pose a substantial risk to the continuation of the existing power structure. As we involve ourselves within the system, the techniques used by our enemies in the past become less effective so that the only way we can be rooted out is through overtly totalitarian methods. This would seriously diminish the remaining credibility of the existing power structure.

    And that power structure is starting to crumble. You can only build so many stories of a skyscraper on quicksand before it starts to tilt and ultimately falls to the ground. And the one aspect of the status quo that puts us at a distinct advantage is economics.

    Our oligarchs are running two Ponzi schemes simultaneously. The first schemes are socialist programs like welfare, Social Security and Medicare coupled with constant inflation that cuts the value of our savings in half every 8 years.

    Because of this we need a constantly expanding pool of taxpayers to prevent collapse. This means a geometrically expanding population that would ultimately fill all available space until we were all standing on top of each other. That's why there is so much pressure to admit the highly prolific illegal immigrants – they are needed to prop up that system. Programs like Social Security would work just fine if we didn't have unremitting inflation, of course. But politicians just can't resist inflation because it lets them spend without taxing – at least for a while.

    The second scheme is global corporatism. The goal of the global corporatist is to sell some product for the highest amount possible, while paying the labor that produces it the lowest possible wage. Ultimately, if corrupt politicians allow the pool of true wealth-holders to get too small while allowing too great a disparity in wealth, we end up with a situation where people who work for a living can't afford to buy the products they produce, and so a recession results.

    This is what caused the Great Depression. Keynesian economic principles were introduced to patch this problem through various sorts of direct and indirect income redistribution which worked pretty well up through the mid-1960's when it finally broke down again. Keynesian economics can work for a long time but not forever. It is, after all, unjust as it uses the government as an intermediary for theft. What Keynesianism does reveal is that corporatism and socialism rely upon each other for mutual survival; and that the true free market path lies in a third way.

    But the real breaking point for global corporatism came with the ability to outsource labor. Here corporations like Nike realized the potential to keep selling shoes for $100/pair while having them made by 13-year-old Vietnamese girls making 20 cents a day while enduring sexual abuse and beatings from their bosses. This boosts profits in the short-run, but in the long run as more and more wealth and income winds up offshore, the only way to apply Keynesian principles is through deficit spending financed through foreign countries. While foreign countries are generally happy to buy our debt, they can only buy so much of it because they need that money to finance their own infrastructure and advanced manufacturing facilities.

    So our government turns to policies that artificially enhance incomes through the acquisition of personal debt for houses, cars, and personal goods and services. This artificially increases demand and ultimately pushes the prices so high that even with leverage, there aren't enough people left in the country with incomes high enough to afford the payments required to buy things. When this is combined with the taxes necessary to fund socialist programs and just a little nudge that is just a hint of things to come from oil prices ... recession and maybe even depression is the inevitable result.

    And THIS is where our third-party support will pay off. People will listen to the McCains and Obamas of the world, and do just what the talking heads on TV tell them to do, only as long as they can afford to pay their cable TV bill, only as long as they can put food on the table, only as long as the evidence of the literal bankruptcy of our situation isn't apparent to them PERSONALLY. But as it becomes an intensely personal experience – that personal experience of reality will override the sweet nothings of the politicians; and they will grasp for our message like a lifeline.

    But others with a very different agenda are planning on this very thing as well. That is the whole premise behind the Frankfurt School strategy that has been assaulting this country for generations – breaking down the bonds of loyalty to family, nation, religion and race so that when the next big depression comes people will voluntarily choose communism without need of a fight. And they have a big head start on us through a variety of front organizations like the various “human rights” councils, radical groups like the Black Liberation Theologians and even rag-tag outfits like “Anti-Racist Action” -- not to mention explicit card-carrying communists like Madeleine Albright in positions of authority.

    If you recall, a few weeks ago I spoke with you via a podcast on strategy and secession; and I mentioned that we need to be positioning ourselves within secessionist organizations. I wasn't kidding. As the economy falters and living standards fall, these organizations will gain power and credibility. Likewise, third parties of all sorts – including the Constitution Party, Green Party and Libertarian Party, will gain power and credibility as people abandon the Republicrats.

    I can't tell you whether it will take 6 months or 6 years for the wheels to finally come off this Ponzi-scheme system – but I CAN tell you that they will come off. We need to make positive change through these third parties that we can ultimately turn to serve our own interests through being the people who step up to the plate to undertake the hard jobs.

    These parties and candidacies like those of Chuck Baldwin will serve as a vehicle to turn what would have been a communist takeover into a new chance for the advancement of our people.

    So we support Chuck Baldwin for a number of reasons.
    Our support for Chuck Baldwin, and the way that echoes across a growing ethnically-conscious European-American community will likely change the outcome of the upcoming presidential election. Some states will be swayed by just a couple of thousand votes; and even if most people with favorable European-American sentiments are afraid to join organizations like ours, they read our websites and will react appropriately. By influencing the upcoming election through principled support of a candidate whose positions are predominantly consonant with our objectives, we force politicians to increasingly consider OUR interests and values.

    The era of the third-party is coming in this country, as the faith of the masses in the Republicrats fades in the face of personal hardships brought about through diversity and crony-based economics. We need to be involved – first through involvement with candidates of existing parties and then, if we are unable to garner sufficient influence within those parties, through establishing parties of our own.

    Supporting first Ron Paul and now Chuck Baldwin sets us on that path.

    Our involvement in mainstream political methods and movements that aren't typically associated with pro-European-American politics serves to confound our enemies and their intelligence gathering efforts. It largely immunizes us to the methods used to silence us in the past. At the same time it forces our enemies to expend exponentially greater time, effort, money and personnel in such mis-placed projects. Anything they do beyond that will be to our advantage as it will bring their true totalitarian spirit into the foreground and push them into a downward spiral of de-legitimization.

    At the same time, involvement in mainstream political methods brings our membership into intimate contact with people who already share a portion of our agenda; and would thus be more easily convinced to reach for our entire agenda, so recruiting has the potential to spread like wildfire once we reach a certain critical mass. It also brings us into contact with the general public in a very time-honored, normal, acceptable and non-threatening way.

    So endorsing Chuck Baldwin is much bigger than the candidate and his issues – though his positions on issues of interest to European Americans are the best of any of the candidate's. It's part of an overall strategy to bypass and reverse dynamic silence while using our enemies' natural tendencies against them. This is a stepping stone to bringing our advocacy into the living rooms and doorsteps of our people in a fashion that won't frighten or repel.

    And this is why we are here today: to engage in the practical work necessary to apply our will effectively in the quest to secure a bright future for our people. And while theorizing is all well and good, the bottom line is that our aim must be to acquire the power and influence necessary to effect our goals. We'll never do that by standing outside the gates and hurling insults, mud or anonymously distributed fliers at the guards. Instead, we must be inside the gates. That's where we are, and our enemies are very worried about that.

    And, as I said, they should be concerned. They should be concerned because their own rule is predicated on lies, so they built their house on quicksand. But our house is built upon the rock of truth. Truth about race. Truth about freedom. Truth about monetary policy. Truth about foreign policy. All the oligarchy has is lies, distraction tactics, intimidation and leverage. They can't stand forever.

    The time comes when their mirrors and illusions will fail, and our people will have a chance to see the truth. WE must be there to give it to them.

    The time comes when their petty games of trying to run an economy on shuffling paper and suing each other will fall like a deck of cards. WE must be there with realistic solutions.

    The time comes when we will need to stand ready to seize the day so that the eternal enemies of freedom do not gain the initiative and plunge our people into the eternal darkness of extinction.

    So before that time comes -- and it is given to no man to know that time with precision -- we must commit to ourselves and to each other that we will do what needs to be done so that we are in the right place, at the right time, with the right objectives to bring a bright new future for generations who will look back upon us with the certain knowledge of the righteousness of our cause.

    This has been John Young with European Americans United. Thank you for joining me again today.
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