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    Audio; Posted on: 2008-10-26 10:31:22 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    If you look more closely… it appears that the image makers and the rule setters in the federal government and in the media are having to scramble in order to maintain what was once an easy operation, all of which was based on political correctness; but not anymore.

    By Frank Roman and A.J. Marsh

    Audio Version

    One thing that troubles so many people today, including the authors of today’s podcast, is the scheme known as Political Correctness. While some average Americans basically understand the boiled down concept behind these two words, more often than not in humorous terms, what we actually have in abundance today as a result of PC is political and social stagnation and decay. The uncomplicated fact is that people are mentally frozen in wretched fear for offending someone of the other “party.” The fearful truth lies in the verifiable fact that PC as a technique was originated by the Frankfurt School Marxists who immigrated to the United States to flee the Nazis at the outbreak of World War II. According to more than a few scholars and researchers, the work of the Frankfurt School was aimed at undermining Western values by influencing popular culture through Cultural Marxism. Patrick J. Buchanan says in his book The Death of the West: "Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism, a regime to punish dissent and to stigmatize social heresy as the Inquisition punished religious heresy. Its trademark is intolerance."(p. 89).

    The Western World could not have come into existence with the kind of Political Correctness we see today. According to personal experiences, not to mention liberal whining from sundry quarters, Political Correctness has not been a major concern or an influence over household discussion until the late 20th Century; whether or not each side of the discussion was being sensitive was never a real concern. In a healthier time the truth was told because it was the truth and this created checks and balances to the benefit of all without all of the political hairsplitting we see today. And benefit we did…for a time. Ultimately these checks and balances helped to ensure the dominance of the Western World upon the Earth's grand landscape.

    In fact it was because of political incorrectness that no one actually cared about offending anyone when it concerned the welfare of their nation, state or neighborhood; and if there was a whiner who could not handle the truth, they were cast aside as the weaklings they are. Political Correctness however destroys these checks and balances because it undermines common sense, instills fear, and elevates the whiners to an undeserved position of authority. For how can anything progress when it is not only fearful of upsetting something or someone else but fails to identify an element in the environment or their surroundings as misguided and therefore detrimental? While it used to be otherwise, our people who are overall good people have become disillusioned, myopic and distracted thanks to political correctness as presented by the media and other culture makers. The PC advocates not only introduced feminism and homosexuality into our schools and universities as workable lifestyles, but they also talked the government into promoting abortion, which is responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of our people. In short order the same government changed the immigration laws to allow tens of millions of Third World hitchhikers into our nation to literally replace all those aborted white babies. In other words, thanks to political correctness we as a whole have lost sight of something greater than our individual selves and instead we have turned toward endless entertainment and have been lured by a false sense of patriotism, even to the point of all but electing a half black half Arab neo-Socialist community organizer for president. Indeed political correctness on the left and the right has made some of us believe that maintaining an economic or political system upon a given piece of real estate is a form of true independence, worthy of sacrificing our sons and daughters over.

    Now having said all that we will not ever effectively defend the nation bequeathed to our posterity in the Constitution against the mestizo gatecrashers, the Muslim jackals, the rising tide of black belligerence and all of their tax moneyed advocates unless we utterly destroy political correctness and the fear it inspires, until we have completely eradicated the insane notion that all European Americans are racists if they want to live in a majority white country as set forth by history; by sanely defending our ethnicity and our self determination. While some wrong-headed souls believe for the sake of “tolerance,” which is the same as intolerance in the world of political correctness, that the White West’s demise is deserved, if not behind schedule, the men and women who are awakening to ugly truths this election season are now seeing that the demonization and reduction of the European American population to minority status can only result in anarchy, fraud, and stupidity greater than America has ever known before. In other words it will be at our own peril if we do not realize that PC enforces the unnatural urge to commit suicide – specifically racial suicide among European Americans—who deem our shrinking demographic replacement as nothing more than the loss of yet another election. That is the ultimate reward for political correctness, the crowning achievement.

    But if we have anything to say about it – and we certainly intend to --as time goes by you will understand that it is not moral to be politically correct or to favor other races and cultures over your own. Members of other races, after all, make it a point to show favoritism towards their own kind regardless of the situation, political correctness be damned. And this is actually a good thing because as time goes by more and more European Americans will see it is not moral to give away what our ancestors struggled and died for. But if you look more closely now it appears that the image makers and the policy setters in the federal government and in the media are scrambling to maintain what was once an easy operation, all of which was based on political correctness, but not anymore. If someone or something is wrong, tell them they are wrong or address the issue…immediately and with the last word. Don't be afraid because your target is of a different race, group, etc, because you can be sure they do not have your best interests or your children’s best interests in mind.

    If you are right in your conviction, then your action will bear no negativity in the end. You might get some backlash of course, but what is life if there is no struggle? And no matter what you must always understand that the laws of Nature have not been repealed, that they rule now, just as they always have ruled. This is to say Nature is not depraved, and that you are not depraved, we are not depraved; when we follow the instincts which Nature has given us. How can anyone gain wisdom or know themselves when political correctness rules their life and you comply with everything?

    Its crunch time now, 2008; and we call on you to say what’s on your mind--political correctness be damned. Do not be afraid because coward's names are not remembered.

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