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    UK: Police Dispense with Cowards in Bethnal Green
    Activism; Posted on: 2008-10-07 14:03:00 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Scum Target Children in Hate Campaign

    Violence from the Left

    There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by that nationalists here are not embarrassed about the goings on in the Metropolitan Police Force. “When is it going to stop?” we all ask, and “whatever next!” we keep saying.

    Well good news at last everyone! Here is an eyewitness report from Sunday’s BNP Branch meeting at Bethnal Green where the boys and girls of the Met Police did us proud.

    The meeting was quite large and successful. It had finished and about eight of us were standing outside the hall waiting for our transport home. There were two Police Officers also outside the hall although they were there for a completely different reason.

    All of a sudden about 30 from what we believe to be a Tower Hamlets Anarchist group who had made threats against us on their web site, appeared.

    A young lady who had nothing to do with the meeting was struck in the face by one of these men, while the rest fronted up to the eight BNP supporters.

    On their web site they gave the impression that they were going to cause us great harm. But here they were, 30 of them, eight of us and they did nothing — other than standing there shouting abuse.

    Within seconds, the Police came from nowhere. A WPC jumped on and took down the man responsible for punching the girl, and arrested him.

    Other officers drew out their truncheons and laid into the mob sending them running. After that, the police used pepper spray on the cowards — or so we were told.

    I expect that 30 of these Anarchist fascists against one girl is about right for them. There wasn’t, from what I could see, a ‘real’ man between them; they all looked like they were in serious need of a hearty meal. And a wash.

    News Source: bnp.org.uk


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