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    Blacks Heckle Obama
    Race; Posted on: 2008-09-20 15:16:13 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Blast Obama's stance on "gay marriage," abortion

    "Get Me More White People"

    A group of approximately ten black males disrupted an appearance from Barack Hussein Obama at the University of Miami on Friday, drawing attention to the small but significant number of black social conservatives who are fearful of Obama's leftist agenda.

    As Obama nattered on about the economy, the group rose in the bleachers and began chanting "Barack Go Home!" while hoisting signs announcing their group as "BLACKS AGAINST OBAMA." Other signs said Obama had been endorsed by "the KKK" (a reference to Senator Robert Byrd, a former Klansman), that "Jesse Jackson Hates Obama," and that Obama supports abortion and "gay marriage."

    Obama had to interrupt his speech to tell the group to calm down, and after a while the pro-Obama crowd began to heckle the protestors. After about five minutes, the Blacks Against Obama group was escorted out by (apparently) Secret Service personnel. Obama gave a triumphant "See you later, guys," as his loyalists hooted. The funniest scene was provided by the group of white middle aged women placed strategically behind Obama, who look confused and fearful when the Blacks Against Obama contingent began to protest.

    The Obama campaign has been caught in the past purposely putting whites in key places to make it look as if he has wide white support, and to play down the fact that he enjoys a lead of approximately 90% among black voters, something that makes whites hoping for a "postracial" Obama presidency nervous. Obama's attempts to appeal to middle America have not only angered many long-time supporters, who were thrown overboard when their extremism was revealed, but many ordinary black people, who consider Barack to be an "Oreo," a black person who acts white.

    This kind of resentment was echoed by race pimp Jesse Jackson, who said in 2007 that Obama was "acting like he's white." In 2008, Jackson was caught on tape saying that he wanted to castrate Obama for "talking down to black people." At issue in the latter outburst was Obama's Father's Day speech where he implored black fathers to support their children. Obama himself is the child of a single (white) teenage mother who was abandoned by her (black) "baby daddy," and the married Jackson was not only born illegitimately, but fathered an illegitimate child on a subordinate. (His Rainbow/PUSH Coalition paid various related expenses for him.) With black out of wedlock pregnancies in the majority, some prominent blacks have spoken out about the issue, however others view such discussion as pandering to white Middle America, which is often burdened with the social and fincancial costs of the problem. As such, many blacks saw Obama's speech as an attempt to appeal to white blue collar voters at the expense of blacks, which it probably was.

    Other blacks have expressed concern about Obama's social liberalism. As an open borders advocate, Obama's immigration stance bothers conscious blacks who are often at the sharp end of confrontations with illegal aliens over jobs and other scarce social resources. Jesse Lee Peterson, a leader of black border control supporters, has been forthright in questioning Obama's agenda. On other questions, a black Harlem preacher called the Honorable James David Manning regularly issues video sermons castigating Obama as a phony who is dangerous to America. Obama has been heckled before by blacks claiming that he has "sold out to the white man."

    Interestingly, in the other direction, many "conservative" blacks, who have made careers out of agreeing with whites over such questions as welfare and affirmative action, have chosen race above politics. Once scorned by many blacks as "Uncle Toms," former Secretary of State Colin Powell, radio host Armstrong Williams, and former Congressman J.C. Watts have endorsed Obama.

    The Blacks Against Obama group appear to be affiliated with "Michael Defeat Satan," [sic] a religious organization that may have some connection to the Yahweh Ben Yahweh black supremacy cult. Led by "Michael The Black Man," "Michael Defeat Satan" teach that Obama is the feared "Beast of Revelation," the bogey-being of the New Testament. The views of "Michael Defeat Satan" are highly heterodox, but so is much of black religion in America... not least Obama's own Trinity United Church of Christ, which teaches "Black Liberation Theology," a hybrid of Marxism and black supremacy. The specific problems for Michael Defeats Satan seem to be Obama's support for federal child support payments and his support for "gay marriage" and abortion.

    While the "mainstream" media have spun the Obama phenomenon as a signal for a "postracial America," the election has injected race into the national discourse like never before, cleaving the Democrats along racial and gender lines and exposing the fragile ruling special interest coalition as weak and impermanent. The vast majority of blacks are voting for Obama solely because he is seen as black. So are many whites, ravished by guilt and living in areas with low black populations. On the other hand, the decision of the John McCain campaign to select a white working mother, Sarah Palin, as his running mate, has largely snuffed out the political correctness value of Obama among whites, especially women, adding a new twist in a struggle that has deepened America's racial divisions.
    News Source: Western Voices correspondent

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