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    U.S. Census Bureau Presents Diversity Propaganda As Impartial Information
    Race; Posted on: 2008-09-19 23:32:46 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Americans have a right to expect the Census Bureau to be more than a diversity propaganda operation.

    By  Brenda Walker

    The Census Bureau may look like the gold standard of government bean-counters, immersed as it is in the logic of numbers. But the agency also has a propaganda wing tucked among the spreadsheets, pimping the idea that America’s multiculturalization and its massive population growth promises a fine future for the country

    It's bad enough when institutions from La Raza  to the Department of Health and Human Services push the agenda of a bilingual and Hispanic America. Concerned citizens would prefer that the Census let the numbers stand on their own.

    But no such luck.

    In some instances, the statistics are presented in ways that are outright misleading and slant toward values that many citizens reject, for example social engineering that promotes diversity and radical population growth.

    The home of diversity promotion on the Census.gov website is located on the  Newsroom page.

    But the multicultural sweet spot is found in the Facts for Features collection. Here many items are timed for calendar events of various seriousness, e.g. Irish-American Heritage Month in March, Back To School in the fall—and even  Single Americans Week (Sept 21-27)!

    What's objectionable in these statistics-filled lists is the relentlessly positive view of continuing growth and never-ending diversity. The Census must assume that its audience is mostly MainStream Media hacks, looking to pad their open-borders fluff with a few facts.

    The Census’ bias is unmistakable.


    News Source: vdare


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