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    The New Nationalism
    Audio; Posted on: 2008-09-13 15:47:53 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    “As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence.” – Benjamin Franklin

    By J.R. (Britain)
    and Frank Roman (USA)

    Audio Version
    The modern movement to preserve and defend European racial and cultural society has arguably existed since the turbulent 60's in the United States of America and Western Europe. In the US, it was cultivated in various forms from intuitive reactions among far-sighted people because of the civil rights movement, which wasn’t always as civil as it purported to be. During this time traditional norms were being torn apart in the name of progress along with the landmark 1965 immigration act (perhaps the first US anti-European act of the 20th century) passed by the treasonous Johnson administration via Ted Kennedy and Emmanuel Cellar; molding the direction of the future by effectively reducing the influx of Europeans. Back then of course the media weren’t publishing articles on the long term implications of this traitorous development like they should have been. Quite understandably, as even then the racial composition of America was around 90% white, European Americans as well as their cousins across the Atlantic enjoyed a cultural establishment that was oriented to their interests. Society was still relatively self-confident and optimistic, and very few were successfully warning their kinsmen about the sinister clouds rising in the distance.

    White nationalist groups of the 1970s attracted a cadre of far sighted intellectuals whose invaluable writings are still referred to in the present day. Unfortunately these organizations also attracted the socially discontented and more than a few dangerous misfits. However, in the ensuing years right up to the nineties as immigration began to radically alter the racial landscape and political correctness shut down any move toward common sense, patriotic groups finally realised they had to change their profile as they required support in response to the degenerating scene. Cult-like image of nationalists as social outcasts, or dare I utter the term of the opposition --haters-- scared off ordinary folks and kept them from learning anything other than what the media wanted them to know; and prevented them from joining outright. So people who could have been vital for an effective group to attain momentum and respectability were literally driven off. There was also a tendency of groups to display excessive symbolism and revel in esoteric or outdated customs at public events, some of which was instigated by Marxist moles and government agents who had infiltrated these groups.

    Then the nineties brought a revolutionary technological boon as a consolation for the slide. The advent of the World Wide Web in 1995 was a major boost to pro-Euro activists and fuelled its tremendous expansion. For the first time, it brought together patriots from around the world and was effective in reaching out to a receptive audience in a large country such as the United States, straddling multiple time zones. The rapid exchange of knowledge and ideas possible in cyberspace ushered in a new consciousness among European derived people by making an end run around a hostile vindictive system. For example, people were now able to discover key political and social information they hadn’t been taught – and why - in their universities and schools. They are able to uncover news, trends and analysis their predecessors had missed. But a certain negative legacy of nationalist groups still lingers on, thanks in large part to the exploitation of a few misguided individuals, and by several organizations whose self anointed piety is nothing more than anti-Western hate. Due to long experience and observation some made key reforms to their public image by starting from scratch and sought only those members whose ideals corresponded with their rules and regulations; rules and regulations that rejected outright the mistakes and poor judgment of the past.

    The western world has reached a state where our nations are being transformed beyond recognition, and not for the better. France and Britain for example are literally on the very edge of becoming Third World reflections of the invader Muslim and African populations. Our own United States is now slated for a non-white majority / white minority in 32 years or less due in large part to Mexican border jumpers and their tendency for prolific breeding. In fact this past Thursday – on 911-- I saw presidential candidate John McCain dance around this very development posited to him on a Fox News interview. And despite the manifestations of contempt displayed both subtlety and obviously against indigenous whites in many countries by their own governments, corporate media, universities and Frankfurt School disciples disguised as civil rights groups, there is still a large sleeping mass of white people who are oblivious to it. Nevertheless, the evidence of this is everywhere for those willing to open their eyes – from over representation of ethnic minorities on the back of cereal boxes to the pages of consumer catalogs, interracial placements in advertisements, affirmative action, and unwanted mass immigration. And on top of that we have lost some of our brethren who have defected to the multicultural ethos. Examples are deranged white liberals in policy making positions operating with salacious insolence; and our own people that have chosen non-white partners and sired children. They have literally capitulated by succumbing to progressive indoctrination, peer pressure and a naive personal indifference to the welfare of their own extended family that can only be described as a mental illness.

    Whereas back in the seventies or even early eighties, level-headed white nationalist sentiments could almost be regarded as an alternative viewpoint in the right setting, the situation now means accepting it is essential to securing our children’s physical posterity. It has become a case of living or dying. In fact the only things worse than so-called diversity actually being successful would be its failure because then there would be NO diversity. So -- what style of nationalism should we aspire to? Well, that’s easy. One that is down to earth and sensible, without compromising on quality or bedrock principles. It should avoid macho posturing, corruption, or attachment to esoteric symbolism. And while discretion is the greater part of valor no one should pretend to be something they are not either. White Nationalists should walk the walk, but be especially vigilant in talking the talk. The key is to be above criticism by choosing anything you say carefully so that any statement that you do make is factual and cannot be argued. Insulting other ethnics’ reflects poorly so keeping our dialogue restricted to irrefutable statements of proven fact is the best way to go. Bear in mind however that requires research and education on our part, and should always be encouraged -- never avoided. However the new white nationalism should not try to justify itself on a primary platform of preserving culture and tradition only because that’s the line of nonsense most politicians want you to believe; that a Third World uneducated stowaway with the right paperwork, a marginal level of English who swears an oath will become just as American as the previous centuries’ early immigrants from Europe. As a side note, I’d like to see every white nation on earth adopt immigration policies that are exactly like México’s which are among the toughest laws in the world.

    While unique culture and traditions are important for any race of people, preserving who we are biologically absolutely must take priority before that because race is who we are. Just ask an Oriental or a black American. Culture and tradition naturally arise from a united people with a shared history and genetic predisposition although the taste and manner for traditions can change over time. Genetic preservation and integrity on the other hand is paramount because it determines everything else and it simply works better. Those white people widely recognised as being attractive and/or intelligent should be encouraged through a kind of benevolent ad campaign to choose a suitable mate and bear children, thereby perpetuating the traits that many of our people (and even other races) cherish. This can be done civilly and peacefully without upsetting anyone else and I personally believe it will be accepted by more people than we think. We should also emphasise that true white nationalists believe in a compassionate and benevolent stance towards the genuinely misfortunate who cannot help themselves. However, that does not mean helping others to our detriment.
    Adhering to a nationalist perspective doesn’t have to perform with a paranoid religious fanaticism, or by completely ignoring and excluding everything that is non-European in origin. The cultural expressions, nuances and music of non-Europeans can be accepted in moderation so long as we abide by the fundamental rules that preserve our local and national identities. Any nationalist society would also welcome visitors around the world to visit for a holiday, though obviously not to settle. White nationalists should not subscribe to overly simplistic colour based nationalism, remembering that skin colour is just one racial attribute, although the “liars with loud voices” would like us all to believe it is the ONLY attribute. Apart from awareness of what out groups are doing we must look into ourselves to understand why we’re heading on our current downward path. It’s no use habitually blaming the government or authority figures, either. Facing harsh reality there are inherent characteristics we ourselves possess that are contributing to our plight. While self-loathing, apathy, disunity, and a naive optimism in the system are foremost of these maladies, I would personally say that loss of identity is our number one problem. That and the fact we as a people allowed our media and institutions to be overrun by Frankfurt School reality benders following the Second World War, who have done nothing but exploit our weaknesses and smother our American identity. For example, the distressing, burgeoning trend of white interracial couples is partly due to the fact that sixty plus years of brainwashing has turned our genetically borne in-group altruism against us. Additionally, peer pressure and a fashion-based consumer environment have led many into the shallow end of the gene pool. Fashion -- and an insane desire to reflect what they have learned about the joys of diversity -- is killing us.

    Moving forward, nationalism needs to be concerned about the quality of relations between white people as well as spreading awareness of the impending demographic danger ahead. And that means improving the quality of those relations. A little more empathy within our own ranks would go a long way toward healing disagreements. Now, I can’t speak for every nation in Europe, North America and elsewhere in this respect since there is variability in levels of happiness and social harmony. But I’m sure you agree there is a common thread to many problems. In Britain (and England in particular) there has been much publicity by the media of a ‘Broken Society’ – one of aggressive youths, dysfunctional families, anti-social behaviour, and a ‘bystander’ culture. Debate carries on about the underlying factors which have acerbated these ills. Many agree anyway that the growth of multiculturalism is partly responsible for the loss of civic pride and responsibility, with many withdrawing into themselves out of resignation. Yet ethnic minorities can’t be blamed for all the negativity. Millions of British white teenagers are aggressive and disrespectful, seldom exhibiting goodwill or concern for their own kin and nation. Longstanding class divisions and petty snobbery also persist in many quarters. To put it in a nutshell, whites are not friendly and caring enough amongst themselves, and less so than they were thirty years or more ago. We also bear a racial trait to regard each other as strangers in comparison to other racial groups like blacks, who are usually more familiar with each other when persons amongst them meet for the first time.

    Moreover, whites often pursue an individualist approach in how they interact with society. This would not be a concern in a homogeneous environment, but -- it does not lend itself to long term survival in a multicultural setting. A lesson or two could be learnt from the collectivist practices of other races. To overcome these hang-ups, part of the goal of a new nationalism should be to engender a considerate and sociable society, which would be a noble and sensible ideal anyway -- even if white people were not threatened with racial marginalization in less than 35 years.  We also suspect many would-be nationalists would likely be campaigners for social reform anyway even if there wasn’t a nationalist movement. After all, who else do you see --as a majority-- trying to preserve the environment, protect animal species diversity, feed the poor, and guard what’s left of traditional European and American derived culture? So in order to spiritually and morally uplift ourselves, every individual needs to engage in activity that strengthens bonds with their fellow kind. Try to expand your social circle even if not on the initial basis of mutual political or racial beliefs. It might be easier anyway to form early friendships on the grounds of some other shared interest or hobby which is how close relations are formed in the first place. Gradually as new social networks coalesce, leading individuals within these groups can influence and educate the others on racial issues and the importance of group solidarity...just as blacks, Hispanics and other federally implemented favoured groups are doing at our expense.

    This is the type of real world activism that will enhance everything achieved on a parallel basis in cyberspace. Undoubtedly, the internet has served as an extraordinarily useful tool to disseminate ideas, educate, and facilitate communication, but it is not the ‘be all and end all’ of communication methods like many people have hopelessly mired themselves for far too long. While the web is now widely accessible to a vast number of households, many people still only go online for trivial entertainment and may not be seeking nationalist topics for answers to societal problems. It is therefore up to you to steer them in that direction. Right now they only consider what they see on television as an authority to be trusted which of course is a major cause of our loss of people hood and the expansion of in-group spiritual nausea. Take at a look at the current US presidential campaign for an example of this phenomenon. Despite numerous web sites and blogs alerting the public that John McCain’s’ or Barack Obama’s policies on immigration and identity do not benefit Europe’s sons and daughters who comprise American citizenry, millions are duped by the verbal promises and charisma of both men in their showcase televised appearances. Especially Barack Obama, a radical cultural Marxist from the mean streets of Chicago now poised to assume the highest elected office in the world. His persona and glib tongue at public events, not to mention his anti traditional boosters in the media, has managed to disguise the factual evidence on the net showing him to be comfortable with various characters hostile to traditional American identity, including a veritable association with an unrepentant former terrorist. And lest we forget, John McCain’s National Director of Hispanic Outreach is none other than Dr. Juan Hernandez, notorious for his open border attitude --and interests-- that are so clearly ethnocentric and not in the concern of European Americans. To date no one has drilled McCain him on this issue; and so far this so-called presidential “contest” between an open Marxist and a neoconservative is still a dead heat for whatever its worth.

    So as we can see, the internet has finite limits on which it can reach and influence due in part to multiple distractions and outright lies. On the other hand, cultivating real world relationships and affirming common aims infuses emotion and camaraderie into what we’re striving for, which is not only honourable but is just as ethical. Real world relationships creates a soothing type of unity and shared consciousness that is the basis of a national psyche no matter where and among whom it takes place. Admittedly it is not easy to initiate a conversation with others on a contentious and often passionate subject. For example, you may not be able to discuss it at the workplace where most of your day is spent. And so, if you’re not fortunate to be plugged into a large network of family and friends then you are further restricted to whom you can not only confide but also teach. Nevertheless, the fact is many of our people have had a gut full in which everything works against them. Thanks in large part to a broad ideology called the New Right many white people in many European nations are finally asking questions in relation to why so many policies in their government continues to marginalize them, continues to coddle non-white criminals, continues to allow public debauchery and continues to keep their borders wide open to the Third World. Here in the United States the same thing is slowly beginning to build thanks in large measure to what we have left of the first amendment. In light of this when you do have the opportunity to inform the unenlightened at a convenient moment then you really should articulate yourself calmly and intelligently. A good paradigm would be, the next time somebody says something akin to ‘racial diversity is our strength’ you can ask them if racial sameness within the historical framework of nationhood -- is a weakness. Try that in your next sensitivity class.

    Time is not on our side and hard facts must be solemnly acknowledged. Since most people want to believe in something they see as positive to them, all of us who understand what our people are facing in the next generation must appeal to the apparent self-interest of those to whom we are trying to reach. “As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence.” –Benjamin Franklin

    We must love our own kind, for better or for worse, and connect with them.

    Thanks for listening
    News Source: authors

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