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    White Skin Privilege?
    Race; Posted on: 2007-05-03 21:32:59 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    "Maybe 'white skin privilege' as a concept needs a closer look before being embedded in the academic and journalistic book of 'truths' that need no evidence."

    From Resisting Defamation

    The left-wing racialist notion of "white skin privilege" holds that all European Americans have a uniform advantage in all walks of life. It is a notion on the same level as "model minority" which holds that all Asian Americans have a uniform success in life. Both concepts are based on smothering the diversity within their respective communities, and are powered by belief in "white skin privilege" and "yellow skin privilege."

    The two chief advocates of "white skin privilege," as a concept, in the 21st century seem to be Jane Elliott who humiliates little children to promote her hatreds, and Noel Ignatiev who openly promotes genocide against all white people.

    For proof of its absurdity and meanness, just look at who is homeless on our city sidewalks. Or simply note how meanly the members of subordinated European American ethnic groups are treated in today's society when social goods are being distributed. In fact, there are more European Americans living below the poverty line than the total number of African Americans in the USA.

    Maybe "white skin privilege" as a concept needs a closer look before being embedded in the academic and journalistic book of "truths" that need no evidence. Most classroom or training exercises used to demonstrate this "truth" are carefully selected social interactions designed to support the desired outcome. A genuinely broadbased look at American society shows a large diversity in the allocation of "privileges," not a one-way pattern at all. There are just too many homeless and poor European American adults and children to allow the term white skin privilege much credence.

    The killing of 12 European American mine workers in West Virginia during the first week of 2006 offers a complete refutation to the Big Lie of white skin privilege.

    News Source: ResistingDefamation.org


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