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    A Question for George Tenet
    News/Comment; Posted on: 2007-05-02 21:43:47 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Iím pretty sure freedom and democracy had little to do with the invasion or occupation of Iraq. Our most reliable regional allies are despots, dictatorships, or militaristic socialist states, as Iraq had once been.

    by Karen Kwiatkowski

    I watched Sunday night as George Tenet promoted his new book on 60 Minutes. Tenet protested his innocence, and maintained his steadfast lack of complicity in Bushís road to war in Iraq.

    I was amazed at the sophisticated and hard-hitting questions thrown Tenetís way by CBS, now four long years after the invasion of Iraq. Well over three thousand American soldiers, Marines, and contractors are dead, tens of thousands more damaged beyond all recognition. Untold hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are dead, maimed, and traumatized. Millions of Iraqis live as impoverished tenants in their own country or refugees elsewhere, and this number grows daily on both sides.

    How nice it must be for everyone involved. A clean studio, the sober semblance of mainstream media curiosity, just the right note of moral outrage, and a former Bush insider spilling the beans Ė what more could CBS or any of the rest of us ask for?

    Each new day seems to bring us one more whining Washingtonian. As an insider witness to the moral depravity that led to the lie-based invasion and the illegal and murderous occupation, I have a simple question for George Tenet.

    I wonít ask him about his performance as Central Intelligence Puppy Dog. Heís presumably explained that in his book.


    News Source: Lew Rockwell


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