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    Principles of the Pro-White Movement
    Race; Posted on: 2009-03-30 13:09:44 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    The inherent value of racial autonomy, the preciousness of Western civilization, the distrust and misery bred by racial diversity, and its negative economic impact—together these form a compelling justification for preserving white societies.

    by Ian Jobling

    The state of the white race in the West confronts us with a horror unprecedented in the annals of human history. Demographers predict whites will be a minority in the United States in 40 years and in Western Europe shortly after. Since the West condones interracial breeding, there is a serious prospect that the white race as we know it will disappear in the next two or three centuries.

    An even more urgent threat is that whites will lose political control over their ancestral homelands and be put at the mercy of alien races who are unfriendly to our people.

    Because culture is rooted in biology, the subjugation or extinction of the white race may well mean the death of Western culture and its fundamental ideals of individualism, pluralism, tolerance, and the rule of law. If the white West is not preserved, it is quite possible that what we today call the Third World will become the whole world, and the light of humanity and progress will be extinguished.

    This prospect, while fearsome enough, does not express the full horror of our plight. What gives the situation of whites its uniquely dreadful and grotesque cast is that it is taboo for us to voice any desire for our continued existence. Our current cultural establishment labels “racism” and “hatred” any word of complaint that whites may breathe about their impending subjugation and obliteration. These labels are a slander wicked almost beyond imagining. Indeed, the hatred is on the side of the people who express indifference towards or even eagerness for the destruction of a people.

    The pro-white movement is committed to the preservation of the white race and its unique culture. Pro-whites, as the movement’s adherents call themselves, frankly admit that they prefer their own people to others and see no evil in doing so. Pro-whites resemble the Jewish activists who attempted to awake a callous and bigoted world to the prospect of the Holocaust during the Nazi period or Spartans trying to preserve their society from Persian rule.

    In furtherance of our goal of racial preservation, the pro-white movement will spread awareness of the threats to the white race and the reasons for preserving it. We will seek to overcome the slanders against our race and our movement that have made it disreputable for whites to defend themselves against extinction. Finally, we will do all in our power to restore to America a government that respects the white race and promotes its interests.


    News Source: white america


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