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    Nick Griffin Update
    Activism; Posted on: 2008-08-13 16:12:25 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party, blogs on the RWB, garlic and the need for a horse's skull

    This coming weekend, the British National Party will hold its annual Red, White and Blue (RWB) family festival, which an observer from European Americans United attended in 2007. We encourage our readers and friends to attend this important event, which looks to be the best yet.

    By Nick Griffin

    My apologies to everyone whoís missed my blog in recent months. As former regulars will know, my entries tend to be long, and I just havenít had the time to sit down and get them done.

    Of all the things which I would have covered but missed, the one that most needs belated recognition is the moving humanist funeral held for Bill Walker, father of John and Rob Walker and, like those two, a BNP stalwart. This was well attended not just by our people but also by Billís former comrades from the Forces, including a standard party from the Royal Air Force Association.

    It was an honour to know him, and a privilege to be a pall bearer for the last journey of a man who took Lancashire decency, commonsense and true grit to every corner of the globe during his time as a gunner on Merchant Marine ships throughout World War Two.

    Bill survived being torpedoed and sunk five times, both by the Germans and by the Japanese, several times being picked up from a life-raft containing more dead men than survivors. For the rabid leftists fuming over this site, your crew were merrily allied to Hitler in 1941 when Bill was clinging to a sunken shipís hatch in the cold, oily waves of the North Atlantic. Now thatís a REAL Ďanti-Nazií, and he gave the BNP £1,000 for the Welsh Assembly elections last year alone, as well as standing up for the party in the local club whenever the question of politics came up.

    Picked up the 18 pint polypin of beer for the prize for the RWB Folk Song competition. The micro-brewery near Oswestry is part way through another mash and it smells wonderful. Itís such a shame that the spite of the Powers That Be means that people will have to bring their own, generally canned and mass produced capitalist beer to the weekend, instead of being allowed to help support our traditions by buying barrels of real ale from a small independent brewery.

    I was on site delivering a vanload of catering equipment and assorted decorations yesterday. Thereís a great build-up team there, with most of the real heavy work already done. Iím pleased to be able to report that the North West (my region for next yearís European elections) is playing a huge part in this. The team is led by Burnleyís Dave Shapcott, fed by a catering duo from Liverpool, and includes our regional secretary as well as activists from the Wirral and other NW units. Several East Midlanders and BNP locals are also there, with Wendy Russell on a seemingly never-ending round of van pick-ups and deliveries.

    The weather forecast remains unsettled, although the promise last night was of a dry day for Friday. If that will stretch through Saturday so the later arrivals can get their tents set up in the dry then, by the standards of this summer, weíd have nothing to grumble about.

    I do urge anyone thinking of being put off by a bit of rain to grow a backbone and bring an umbrella though. The second RWB ever, held here in mid-Wales back in 2001, was hit by the worst summer storm in more than thirty years. It rained non-stop for two days, and back then we only had one large marquee, but the rain-soaked spirit was amazing. Everyone was brought together by the slight adversity and we had one of the best RWB times ever. Nowadays weíre far better equipped, so come along for a ball come rain or shine!

    Despite the rotten summer so far Iíve just harvested a record amount of garlic. Itís mainly due, I reckon, to the fact that itís in one of the raised beds I built last year. Without that the bulbs would probably have rotted away. The huge, albeit mild, Isle of Wight-supplied elephant garlic is particularly good. John Ryde from Leicestershire gave me a bulb grown from a greengrocerís clove the other week. I shall take a bulb of the elephant garlic with me to the RWB so anyone wanting to try it next year can have a couple of cloves. Perhaps we could have a competition in future years for the largest bulb?

    Now a strange request, related by tenuous link to thoughts of the moon and standing stones - can anyone bring to the Red-White-and-Blue a clean horseís skull, preferably complete with jaw? The Morris dance team want to be accompanied by a Mari Llwyd, the ghastly grey clad Ďhorseí from the Welsh folk tradition, but so far weíve drawn a complete blank in trying to find a skull. Please bring one along if you can help, but no killing poor Dobbin just to please me!

    Also, we need half-a-dozen old black or dark suit jackets in various sizes. Anyone who fancies a go Morris Dancing should bring their own (bearing in mind it will never be any use as a normal suit jacket once itís been converted for Morris purposes), but if anyone else can bring any dark suit jackets to donate that would be much appreciated. Please bring all such offerings to the Traditional Food Hall (and come and meet the Czechs, who are the latest addition to the fun there and who will be cooking their national dish goulash).

    Complete blog post, with photos
    News Source: bnp.org.uk

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