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    America's Terror Pals
    Globalism; Posted on: 2008-07-21 15:47:34 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    US urged al Qaeda to move on Kosovo, says terrorist

    A renowned Jihad veteran currently fighting extradition from Bosnia where he has citizenship, says that the United States was demanding in 1995 that his Bosnian Muslim El-Mujaheed unit move to Kosovo where the US was expecting new Balkan fighting to be started soon.

    "Believe me, it would never come to this circus if we in 1995 accepted American demands to move to Kosovo," says Al Husein Imad, known as Abu Hamza.

    Abu Hamza says that the American demands to move to Kosovo did not come directly but rather through a Turkish source.

    "Americans did not then directly negotiate," says Abu Hamza "they did that through the Turkish cultural attaché Muvekir. Muvekir in 1995 at a meeting in a restaurant in Zenica suggested that the entire brigade El-Mujaheed move to Kosovo because there will break out a war between Serbs and Albanians. We did not agree to that and we became the cannon meat."

    El-Mujaheed units were made up of foreign Jihad fighters whose atrocities against Bosnian Serbs have been described by Western analysts as "monstrosities". Two of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were members of this elite Islamic fighting unit.

    Croatian investigative journalist Domagoj Margetic notes that the entire Bosnian El Mujaheed unit, indeed, did not move to Kosovo but, according to his investigation, Abu Hamza was in Kosovo and worked on the logistics on transferring Bosnian El Mujaheed fighters to the newly formed Kosovo Albanian military unit known as Abu Bekir Sidik.

    Based in the Kosovo city of Donji Prekaz, the Abu Bekir Sidik unit was part of the Kosovo Liberation Army force whose members dominate Kosovo's political scene now. The Abu Bekir Sidik unit also received a feed from al-Qaeda training camps in Albania.

    In his book My Jihad, an American convert to Islam, Aukai Collins, details his journey to the terror camps in Albania and Kosovo.

    In Kosovo, Abu Hamza was joined by Abdulah Duhajman, an associate of al-Qaeda's second in command Alman al-Zawahiri, who guided Kosovo Albanian Abu Bekir Sidik commander Ekrem Avdija known as Abu Suheib.

    Both Abu Hamza and Abdulah Duhajman were sent to Kosovo by Abu Maali, commander of Bosnia's El Mujaheed unit.

    In 1998, Serbian police arrested a 30-year old Kosovo Albanian by name of Spend Kopriva who identified himself as a "sharia-jihad political commissar" and a member of the military unit Abu Bekir Sidik.

    "That [Abu Bekir Sidik] unit was a branch of the KLA," described Kopriva to the Serbian independent newspaper Danas. "We were really a part of the KLA. All of us were [Islamic] believers and that's why we named our unit Abu Bekir Sidik. I was arrested on August 5 1998, on the border with Macedonia, at the border crossing Deneral Jankovic together with my friend Ekrem Avdiju."

    KLA or the Kosovo Liberation Army is the official Kosovo Albanian military wing of the political movement that sought to remove all Serbs from the Kosovo province and claim it as Albanian. United States and several other nations have recognized their illegal declaration of independence.

    "The core of the [Abu Bekir Sidik] unit was made up from Albanians from the Drenica region, patriots, men who loved their families and freedom more than their lives. We also had thirteen foreigners, since all of us Muslims have the obligation to assist each other; at least that is what our holy book Qur'an says," says Kopriva.

    Abu Hamza came to the former Yugoslavia in 1984 from Middle East. He studied medicine at the University of Belgrade, and 3 years later he moved to Rijeka in Croatia. Abu Hamza is wanted in Syria on terrorism charges and is fighting an extradition from Bosnia to that country. He never got any university degree.

    News Source: SERBIANNA

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